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The Infinity Sword - Vanilla (WIP)
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DEvasto  [autor] 18 Lip - 15:35 
Yeah, as it is right now it's not ideal, IMO it looks a lot better using an ENB with a strong bloom, but I think the planned changes will spice it up well enough. Glad you enjoy the sword regardless. :3
WolfeSpeider 18 Lip - 15:30 
That actually sounds amazing. I just tend to notice little things in animation like that (it was a reoccurring issue when I was making a game in Game Maker; if I wanted lava flowing, I would have to find the best spot to smooth it out to make it look seamless). Otherwise, the sword is the tits.
DEvasto  [autor] 18 Lip - 15:17 
I do have plans to rework the textures (even the model a little), but I'm not sure when I'll get around to it. I have a concept that, rather than the way the edges are now, the blade is normal in the middle, but starts cracking away towards the edges before totally giving way to molten metal.
WolfeSpeider 18 Lip - 15:07 
I still love this thing, but are there plans to tweek the animations running up the blade? While it looks awesome, I feel it would look better if the gradient was a bit more seemless, and not just a constant repeat; give it kind of a flowing lava effect, in a sense.
=Idiot=Firecracker 20 Cze - 12:39 
srry i thought i had nmm i have mod orgenizor instead
=Idiot=Firecracker 20 Cze - 12:38 
DEvasto  [autor] 20 Cze - 12:34 
Try goin' through the vanilla launcher and activate it in the Data Files section, if it isn't active in there already.
=Idiot=Firecracker 20 Cze - 12:33 
o it is not active and nmm is not letting me activate it
DEvasto  [autor] 20 Cze - 12:32 
Well, if the sword isn't coming up there then it's not active, for whatever reason. As far as Steam Workshop mods go, one has to pop open the vanilla launcher so the subscribed mods can download, and opening the Data Files menu will automatically activate it. I don't use NMM so I dunno how one would manage Workshop mods with it.

That said, the mod is already on the Nexus:
=Idiot=Firecracker 20 Cze - 12:28 
i just tryed help infinity and nothing came up or anything related to that
=Idiot=Firecracker 20 Cze - 12:27 
and can you upload it to the nexus it would be easyer for me to see if it is active
DEvasto  [autor] 20 Cze - 12:26 
If that's the case then the terrain ate it or something. Either way the help command should get ya on the right track.
=Idiot=Firecracker 20 Cze - 12:24 
it is active i checked in nmm
DEvasto  [autor] 20 Cze - 12:23 
Plug this into the console, including the quotes:

help "infinity"

That should bring up the IDs for the sword. Provided, of course, that the mod's active, which it might not be if it's not showing up in Labyrinthian. The other possibility is it fell through the floor, but if you use the help command and nothing Infinity Sword related comes up, then it's most likely inactive.
=Idiot=Firecracker 20 Cze - 11:01 
hey DEvasto i got my game to work but i cant find your sword anywere in the game even where you said you put it can you give me the console command
WolfeSpeider 18 Cze - 9:20 
Thank you so much for making this; it's all I've been using since I found it.
Blaze The Phoenix 3 Maj - 16:19 
is there a console command for this weapon?
DEvasto  [autor] 3 Maj - 13:31 
I replied on the other one, but I'll say the same here. There are plans, but I'm not quite skilled enough yet to make the armor as I'm envisioning it.
doomshark1 3 Maj - 0:13 
@DEvasto : are there any plans on making a matching armor set that goes with the blade?

(i posted the same thing on the other version that way you would see it)
=Idiot=Firecracker 2 Maj - 12:51 
ok i will try that
DEvasto  [autor] 2 Maj - 8:12 
That means you have either a load order conflict, or a mod you're using is missing a master file, maybe even both.

To sort it out, I'd suggest using LOOT, which can sort your mods into a proper load order to minimize such conflicts. For the latter, you may want to pick up Wrye Bash and use it to see what master files your mods use, and eliminate any that are missing masters. Those missing masters will be highlighted red.
=Idiot=Firecracker 2 Maj - 0:53 
now my skyrim cant load past the Bethesda logo any help would be nice
=Idiot=Firecracker 1 Maj - 15:47 
that is why cuz that is what i did thanks for the help

DEvasto  [autor] 1 Maj - 7:07 
Possibly. In order for the mods to download & activate you have to open up the default Skyrim launcher and pay a visit to the Data Files section, so if you didn't have the game on PC at the time of subscribing they wouldn't have been downloaded.
=Idiot=Firecracker 1 Maj - 1:25 
would it have something to do with me subing to 213 mods before having it on this pc
DEvasto  [autor] 30 Kwi - 21:52 
They might not be downloading correctly, or something. Could be glitches arising from the removal of the paid mod stuff. Alternately, you're hitting the mod limit (which is 255 mods) but at 213 you'd have to get 42 more before you hit that.
=Idiot=Firecracker 30 Kwi - 19:15 
i have 213
=Idiot=Firecracker 30 Kwi - 19:15 
and is anyone having trouble with steam workshop mods none of my mods are loading in to the game
=Idiot=Firecracker 30 Kwi - 19:14 
DEvasto  [autor] 30 Kwi - 12:54 
It is, yeah; I believe with an ebony ingot and fire salts.
=Idiot=Firecracker 29 Kwi - 19:49 
is it upgradeable useing the grindstone
godsglorygirl 21 Lut - 12:55 
To get the sword (normally) you go inot labarinthia and its behind the waterfall in the Dragon Priests room. To get the sword (consle commands) simply type "help Infinity"
and there you go.
DEvasto  [autor] 3 Lut - 22:00 
At some point, yeah. I do intend for the sword to "shapeshift" into different weapon types, a bow included, but that's somewhere in the future. The Nexus version of Artifacts of Ultima has a couple bows in it too. (AoU's gotten too big for the Workshop unfortunately.)
Cookie 3 Lut - 17:20 
Definitly going to subscribe! Do you plan on making bows in future? (Not to op lol) If ou do then I would really apprectiate it! :D :D :D
Myth34 8 Sty - 1:56 
DEvasto, that is exactly the quality I was referring to. Thanks for the nod with explaining to jp what I meant. I haven't visited steam in a bit to correct the reference. But ya, I'd LOVE to get my hands on that and a decent quality version of Brinsingr and Zarrock. Those would rock. Thanks for the recongnition of my post.
james01 7 Sty - 22:58 
what is the id???
DEvasto  [autor] 7 Sty - 15:58 
To get and use the sword? No, the suggested level for the quest involving Morokei is 24, but that's just the suggested level, not a strict requirement. I assume you're referring to my character who what demoed the sword in the vid, that's just the level she was at at the time.
jp911fire 7 Sty - 15:54 
jp911fire 7 Sty - 15:54 
are we really supose to be 50 O_O?
DEvasto  [autor] 7 Sty - 15:41 
He hangs out at the end of Labyrinthian, which you can only get into by doing the College of Winterhold questline
jp911fire 7 Sty - 15:40 
i just have a question where exaccly this morokei is
DEvasto  [autor] 7 Sty - 15:33 
It's no biggie.
jp911fire 7 Sty - 15:32 
my bad lol
jp911fire 7 Sty - 15:32 
DEvasto  [autor] 7 Sty - 15:26 
He's referring to a movie called Eragon, rather than swords wielded by Aragorn. There does seem to be a fair lack of swords from Eragon that're of Isilmeri quality, which is a shame because while I've never seen the movie it would be cool to bust out something like this:
jp911fire 7 Sty - 14:38 
there is a pack whit all the lotr weapon go check it out
jp911fire 7 Sty - 14:38 
dude myth
Myth34 26 Gru, 2014 - 14:48 
Dude, any chance you can do the Eragon swords? No one has done them justice who've tried yet. I think you could!

Sorry, posted this on your other sword mods too. =o
DEvasto  [autor] 23 Gru, 2014 - 9:13 
Sure, they are compatible with each other so havin' this as well as the dawnguard version shouldn't cause problems.
BenNJere 23 Gru, 2014 - 6:08 
can I subscribe to this AND the Dawnguard version cause I'm a power hungry overkiller that wants to dual wield this blade