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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Infinity Sword - Vanilla (WIP)
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Selling weapons 1 scrap each 2016년 2월 4일 오후 5시 37분 
thanks, ill look into it :)
DEvasto  [작성자] 2016년 2월 4일 오후 5시 22분 
Also, if you're still not sure, the BSA can be found in your Data folder along with the .esp, though you'll need a specialized program to open it and extract the contents. I personally use FO3Archive, but if you installed the CK there's one just called Archive that's located in the root Skyrim directory (steam/steamapps/common/skyrim).
DEvasto  [작성자] 2016년 2월 4일 오후 5시 17분 
There's two scripts for Silmeri, one is the resistance script which applies the resistances and stuff, that's on the sword itself (at least it should be). The second is labeled "silmeripascript" which handles the power attack stuff. That script is attached to a quest (named something like "SilmeriPAQST" or similar). The quest handles actually firing the script so it'll check the player's actions.
Selling weapons 1 scrap each 2016년 2월 4일 오후 2시 41분 
found a script for infinity 2 but its basicily the same
Selling weapons 1 scrap each 2016년 2월 4일 오후 2시 40분 
i found a script, but it doesnt show anything and its called SilmeriResistanceScript
Selling weapons 1 scrap each 2016년 2월 4일 오후 2시 37분 
the problem is when i go to the weapon there isnt any script to it so that confused me
Selling weapons 1 scrap each 2016년 2월 4일 오후 2시 30분 
so you made a script that cast spells on power attaks, i knew it had to do somethin with the script, but where would the BSA be?
DEvasto  [작성자] 2016년 2월 4일 오후 1시 37분 
It's a bit advanced how the power attack effects were accomplished, if that's what you're asking. If you wanna know, there's a quest that has a couple scripts on it (one for the 1-hander, another for the 2-hander) that watch for power attacks, then cast different spells depending on the direction of the power attack. Hence, standing or forward-moving power attacks yield explosions, while sideways attacks launche fireballs. I included the script sources in the .BSA so you can take a look at how the script is set up, if you so desire.
Selling weapons 1 scrap each 2016년 2월 3일 오후 5시 08분 
Hey, i was wondering how you made the explosions. I'm not that familiar with creation kit, and i looked at frostmourne and i didnt see anything that looked like a way for the frost explosion. I was just wonderin' and i probably sound like an idiot asking you this. lol
Zero 2016년 1월 17일 오전 8시 10분 
item id?
thanatos133 2016년 1월 14일 오후 11시 06분 
Found it. For some reason it wasnt activated in my data files.
DEvasto  [작성자] 2016년 1월 14일 오후 10시 07분 
Unless I goofed somehow, it should be directly to your right when facing the door he enters from. Check around that area too if you don't see it, in case it fell over. Double check as well to make sure the mod's active, since that for sure would make it not show up.
thanatos133 2016년 1월 14일 오후 9시 29분 
Where exactly in the area you meet the Thalmor is the Sword? I cant seem to find it anywhere
DEvasto  [작성자] 2015년 11월 6일 오후 3시 41분 
Plugging "help infinity", sans quotes, into the console is the best way to get the ID for the sword. I don't usually provide the ID directly since the first two digits aren't static, they change depending on where the mod is in the load order, and the only other way to find out what those first two digits are is to use a mod organization program like Wrye Bash or Mod Organizer. The help command is the quickest approach.

You could also get into Labyrinthian through its back door, which would put you close to where the sword is now, but it requires some creative jumping.
tigahhz 2015년 11월 6일 오후 3시 10분 
or is there any way of obtaining it without going to the labirynth?
tigahhz 2015년 11월 6일 오후 3시 09분 
What is the ID?
DEvasto  [작성자] 2015년 10월 25일 오후 8시 23분 
No problem, enjoy burning things. :D
The Breadman 2015년 10월 25일 오후 6시 18분 
Thank you, all is sorted now, and now I have this amazing sword back to me. Thanks again for the help. :D
DEvasto  [작성자] 2015년 10월 25일 오후 1시 11분 
I'd say so. I dunno what would've happened to cause that, it sounds like the mod got disabled somehow (though if that happened you would've gotten the "Content is missing from this save" message) but unsubbing and resubbing should hopefully sort things out. Be sure to visit the Data Files section of the vanilla launcher to make sure.
The Breadman 2015년 10월 25일 오후 12시 25분 
I got this mod some time ago, and I love it, but after it's update, I can't find it in my inventory and I can't find it even when using console commands. Would it make sense to just unsubscribe and then subscribe again, or am I just doing something wrong?
Kykuru 2015년 10월 10일 오후 2시 20분 
Thank you so much, it's an AWESOME mod!
DEvasto  [작성자] 2015년 10월 10일 오전 11시 39분 
I dunno if I'll remove it entirely since...well, if you got hit by a sword with an edge like molten lava, you probably wouldn't be all "This is fine". I'll probably reduce the duration and maybe even add a percentage chance for it to occur, or possibly even tie it to the sword being powered up, we'll see.
Kykuru 2015년 10월 9일 오후 9시 01분 
Can you please remove the fear on hit? It really makes everything easy to kill, thanks for reading
DEvasto  [작성자] 2015년 10월 7일 오후 9시 07분 
Haha, that must've been a surprise. Glad you like the new look. :3
WolfeSpeider 2015년 10월 7일 오후 6시 52분 
Holy shit, I love this new design. Was unaware of the redesign until I pulled it out to kill a bunny. Fantastic work!
DEvasto  [작성자] 2015년 9월 28일 오전 8시 33분 
Haha, glad you like it. :3

If I do do anything with Silmeri, it'd be minor. The original Infinity Sword used a pretty old model, so it desperately needed some help, but Silmeri's newer so it doesn't have nearly as many issues. Hope you enjoy 2.0
Ya dingus!(for your health) 2015년 9월 27일 오후 9시 15분 
Very interesting update/redesign.. I like the molten crusty look.. makes i feel more like a sword forged from the core of the earth. Haven't gotten to test it out, but it looks really good!!! :)

Just don't touch my Silmeri.. it's perfect lol.
ஜ ¥øĸο-Ani ஜ (Hayate) 2015년 9월 9일 오후 7시 22분 
Yes, these things are not to be rushed and im curious to see the animation you come up with for that masterpiece, I'll look forward do it DEvasto :D
DEvasto  [작성자] 2015년 9월 9일 오후 7시 12분 
I'll keep it in mind. I'm not in any hurry to smack together the Infinity Sword's questline though, since at the mo I'm reworking the sword's effects a bit for the upcoming update. I don't imagine I'd need to dissect Wyrmstooth, since my concept for the sword's quest won't need a whole new worldspace.
ஜ ¥øĸο-Ani ஜ (Hayate) 2015년 9월 9일 오후 7시 05분 
Ah, also designs are good for me too! If you accept me think of me as an intern ^.^
ஜ ¥øĸο-Ani ஜ (Hayate) 2015년 9월 9일 오후 7시 04분 
And I love making quests, really I just get into the entire thing, I have alot of time to spare considering my hours....I have like 7 hours of my day I have literally NOTHING to do!!! And I can do more then just dialogue, I really am good at with lore and the such, I feel you could use Wyrmstooth if you got permission from the owner of it (You can use it as a base just cant directly modify it) and considering the landscape theres some heavy lore oppurtinities. Hope you consider me ;3
DEvasto  [작성자] 2015년 9월 9일 오후 6시 58분 
Thanks. :3 I do already have a quest idea in mind, but making it's rather daunting to say the least. Making the locations is one thing, then there's the whole intricate mess Skyrim quests are.
ஜ ¥øĸο-Ani ஜ (Hayate) 2015년 9월 9일 오후 6시 48분 
WOWZA NICE WORK DUDE, And as for quest ideas if you want to friend me im great at thinking up things like that, I could work on their dialogue if you want. (Just a suggestion not trying to be weird O.o)
DEvasto  [작성자] 2015년 9월 9일 오후 6시 25분 
How it was supposed to be was the central gem and the "pools" in the crossguard would've flowed outward, as you rightly figured, but while I did work out a way to do so with the gem (a method I implemented on Silmeri), the crossguard pools were a conundrum. But, it's moot now since I've recently redesigned the sword's appearance. So, for your delectation, this is what it'll look like in the upcoming update:
ஜ ¥øĸο-Ani ஜ (Hayate) 2015년 9월 9일 오후 4시 57분 
And I LOVE the texture you used for the center blade I think if you made more of those alot of people would like it, it reminds me of matte.
ஜ ¥øĸο-Ani ஜ (Hayate) 2015년 9월 9일 오후 4시 47분 
Ah thanks, and as for the hilt animation what are you trying to make it look like? Flowing outward? and the center circle piece is rather straight-forward I feel you can just make it as the guard is part of the blade or lengthen the area of affect from the sword blade and modify it to where it fits the guard.
DEvasto  [작성자] 2015년 9월 9일 오전 9시 31분 
It's an animation replacer mod called YY Mystic Knight, which is on the Nexus
ஜ ¥øĸο-Ani ஜ (Hayate) 2015년 9월 8일 오후 4시 33분 
Is it a mod that you got that picture of her holding the sword like that? Or did you just fiddle with the animation?
DEvasto  [작성자] 2015년 8월 9일 오후 3시 36분 
Move either left or right while performing a power attack, explosions generally occur while standing or moving foward/backwards.
^8I^7S^6|^9|^5N^4T^3e^2N^1s^0e 2015년 8월 9일 오후 12시 59분 
^8I^7S^6|^9|^5N^4T^3e^2N^1s^0e 2015년 8월 9일 오후 12시 58분 
How to you go the long range fireball?
i keep doing the fire surroundingme
Selling weapons 1 scrap each 2015년 8월 3일 오전 9시 03분 
Selling weapons 1 scrap each 2015년 8월 3일 오전 9시 03분 
ill try it tho
Selling weapons 1 scrap each 2015년 8월 3일 오전 9시 03분 
K but for some reason if i put a space in anything with the help it doesnt work xD *whispers somehow* BETHESDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DEvasto  [작성자] 2015년 8월 3일 오전 7시 00분 
If ya want the ID, type:

help "infinity sword"

into the console, it should bring up the IDs for both versions of the sword.
Selling weapons 1 scrap each 2015년 8월 2일 오후 9시 30분 
can somebody just tell me the ID or name whatever so i could spawn it in? i only got skyrim on PC for mods and cheats :D plz tell me (unless its in the description and im just stupid that i didnt see it)
DEvasto  [작성자] 2015년 8월 1일 오후 7시 17분 
Aighty, good luck. Lemme know if ya have any questions.
Fennikk 2015년 8월 1일 오후 5시 27분 
y'know what?, ill do that right now!
Fennikk 2015년 8월 1일 오후 5시 20분 
ok well, keep up the good work, i'm a noob to modding so i have not figured out nexus yet, but i will some other time.
DEvasto  [작성자] 2015년 8월 1일 오후 5시 13분 
Glad you're enjoying it. :3 I do have a smaller 1-handed version of the sword as an optional file on the Nexus version of the mod, so if you want you can grab it from there. I'll likely add that change to the upcoming update so poking at the Nexu won't be necessary at that point.