The Infinity Sword - Vanilla (WIP)
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DEvasto  [作成者] 11月17日 16時07分 
I prefer to have it so you can see the sword directly, plus a chest would kind of mess the look of the Forge, especially if I put it on the rock the sword sits on. Would be kind of iffy just seeing a chest sitting there on a rock in the lava. Doesn't mean though I won't put things in chests if I feel it'd work, one of the swords I added to the Nexus version of Artifacts of Ultima is in a chest after all.

Anyhow, I'm using the YY Mystic Knight animation replacer, hence the way my character holds the sword. The mod's only on the Nexus tho.
Starwarsfan1011 11月17日 12時15分 
and what is the mod that makes you hold it all awsome like
Starwarsfan1011 11月17日 12時10分 
in the one that is in the Aetherium Forge why not just put it in a chest in the Aetherium Forge so if the sword is not there their is a chest
DEvasto  [作成者] 11月17日 11時42分 
Because I felt it'd be a decent place for it and wanted to put it behind a quest of some sort, so it could be worked towards rather than just taking it out of a chest plopped in the middle of Whiterun.
Starwarsfan1011 11月17日 10時18分 
why in the Labyrinthian
Starwarsfan1011 10月26日 11時52分 
i got the id and put it in but it did not work

DumbLeDork 10月24日 20時08分 
ugh now i have to find another sword that shoots stuff
DumbLeDork 10月24日 20時05分 
this is confusing
[TeamAztech] i_bongo 10月23日 16時38分 
how do i spawn?
DEvasto  [作成者] 10月19日 9時10分 
Hm. If the mod's active the sword's IDs should show up when you enter the command. If they're not, either the mod is actually inactive for whatever reason, or you're mistyping the command in some way, like running Infinity Sword together into one word or something like that.
Starwarsfan1011 10月19日 6時26分 
nope doesn't work and i have the mod active
DEvasto  [作成者] 10月18日 21時33分 
Try putting infinity sword into quotes, so it'll look like this: help "infinity sword"

If it doesn't show up even with that, chances are the mod's not active.
Starwarsfan1011 10月18日 9時59分 
i put in help infinity sword in the console and it wont work
[TeamAztech] i_bongo 10月8日 17時17分 
game crashes every time
cookster123 10月5日 16時06分 
ok thank you and this is the best mod soo far
DEvasto  [作成者] 10月5日 8時42分 
Fireballs occur with horizontal power attacks, so if you move left or right while power attacking you should launch a fireball. Standing or forward power attacks will result in an explosion.
cookster123 10月5日 4時58分 
i got it but the fire balls dont come out
it just hits the ground
DEvasto  [作成者] 10月4日 21時30分 
You have to go through the College of Winterhold questline to even get into Labyrinthian. If ya really want the code you can type:

help "infinity sword"

into the console and it should return the IDs for both the 1-handed and 2-handed versions.
cookster123 10月4日 21時04分 
can some one please help me
cookster123 10月4日 21時03分 
when i go to Labyrinthian it says i lacked the itam and i cant go in there sooo can somone send me the code for it
cvhmine 9月20日 7時16分 
Uh is there a console command to spawn in the sword? Ya know, for lazy people.
Steel Spirit 8月11日 19時35分 
I have a mod for smelting exp.
DEvasto  [作成者] 8月11日 17時42分 
The smelter doesn't do anything smithing XP wise, as far as I know (that's why I switched the grip-change method from forges to smelters) so...yeah
Steel Spirit 8月11日 16時35分 
My smithing skill is already maxed out, but maybe I'll reset it and do that.
DEvasto  [作成者] 8月11日 7時49分 
The smelter is just a means to an end with the sword, really, since grip-switching without it would require making a script connected to an ability that would be used to switch out the 2 handed version with the 1 handed version and vis versa. Originally I used forges for that switching function, but you could easily abuse it to get mad smithing XP.
Steel Spirit 8月10日 20時34分 
It makes me wonder how you can fit this thing in a smelter. Then again, one can fit a warhammer, shield, and numerous other objects into a small jar.
[HellFB] Pheonix Crusader 7月23日 23時24分 
no problem man. well im probably gonna leave the comment section in peace now.... nice talking to ya
DEvasto  [作成者] 7月23日 22時29分 
Thanks, I appreciate the offer. I'm sure I'll come up with something for the swords when I devote all my noggin-power to them.
[HellFB] Pheonix Crusader 7月23日 19時54分 
i meant to say if you need any help with stuff like what the sword does ect, il help if you want
[HellFB] Pheonix Crusader 7月23日 19時53分 
xd i really screwed up my spelling of my second comment
[HellFB] Pheonix Crusader 7月23日 19時53分 
i love both ideas man
DEvasto  [作成者] 7月23日 19時51分 
Well, I do have a couple ideas for a third sword. One is a fusion of the Infinity Sword and Silmeri, but for that I'll have to work out a design for the fused sword, as well as its name. Another idea I just had was one based around Darkness. Since Silmeri and the Infinity Sword are dual elements, essentially (Silmeri is ice and lightning, and the Infinity Sword is fire and earth), I might play with the concept of the third one's dual elements being light and darkness.
[HellFB] Pheonix Crusader 7月23日 19時27分 
hmm alot of ppl have been asking for a third sword eh? if you want i could help you with ideas with it that is if you decide your actually going to make it. ah well nice to know your still modding
[HellFB] Pheonix Crusader 7月23日 17時42分 
DEvasto  [作成者] 7月23日 16時46分 
Yeah, I'm kinda at a point where I dunno what exactly I'll do next mod-wise. I do plan on updating the Infinity Sword's textures and possibly even the model sometime. Right now, I recently snagged Fallout: New Vegas and I'm working on a mod for that, though that'll go onto the Nexus site for New Vegas since there isn't a Workshop for the game.
[HellFB] Pheonix Crusader 7月23日 16時23分 
man i miss your work :(
DEvasto  [作成者] 7月22日 7時21分 
It says where it is in the description.
hermitthefrog133 7月22日 5時42分 
were you get it
DEvasto  [作成者] 7月4日 17時08分 
Yeah. It's not quite as simple as the Workshop since you have to install the mods manually after downloading (or use Nexus Mod Manager, but I personally never use it since it can be problematic) but aside from that and some issues they had recently, which they resolved, it's quite safe.
jtwolf8 7月4日 16時09分 
Thanks, is nexus safe to use?
DEvasto  [作成者] 7月4日 13時50分 
The YY Mystic Knight animation replacer, it's a Nexus exclusive though.
jtwolf8 7月4日 13時49分 
What mod do you use for the sowrd stance? Cool sowrd by the way.
hansnicolaim2 6月5日 14時53分 
Could you create a sword familiar to this, only that the blade part is flaming red and the blade is on fire?
Sailendude 5月9日 7時58分 
this is awsome
SkoomaChef 5月7日 17時09分 
Does anyone know the id of this sword?
Zarit 4月25日 2時58分 
Hi i'm trying to make a mod for a evil character and i'd like use your mod for giving him unique echantment. Shall i use the enchant of your mod?
of course i will say you are the author of the enchant and i will post a link to your mod ^^
this sword is awesome here
DEvasto  [作成者] 4月13日 17時48分 
Its base damage is 30, which will of course increase depending on your 1 or 2 handed skill (which depends on whether you're using the 1 or 2 handed Infinity Sword). The enchantment adds onto the base damage, moreso if you hit a dragon, but I don't remember exactly how much.
how much damage does the infinity sword do