The Infinity Sword - Vanilla (WIP)
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Nightmare Nemeis ۞ 23. heinä 23.24 
no problem man. well im probably gonna leave the comment section in peace now.... nice talking to ya
DEvasto  [tekijä] 23. heinä 22.29 
Thanks, I appreciate the offer. I'm sure I'll come up with something for the swords when I devote all my noggin-power to them.
Nightmare Nemeis ۞ 23. heinä 19.54 
i meant to say if you need any help with stuff like what the sword does ect, il help if you want
Nightmare Nemeis ۞ 23. heinä 19.53 
xd i really screwed up my spelling of my second comment
Nightmare Nemeis ۞ 23. heinä 19.53 
i love both ideas man
DEvasto  [tekijä] 23. heinä 19.51 
Well, I do have a couple ideas for a third sword. One is a fusion of the Infinity Sword and Silmeri, but for that I'll have to work out a design for the fused sword, as well as its name. Another idea I just had was one based around Darkness. Since Silmeri and the Infinity Sword are dual elements, essentially (Silmeri is ice and lightning, and the Infinity Sword is fire and earth), I might play with the concept of the third one's dual elements being light and darkness.
Nightmare Nemeis ۞ 23. heinä 19.27 
hmm alot of ppl have been asking for a third sword eh? if you want i could help you with ideas with it that is if you decide your actually going to make it. ah well nice to know your still modding
Nightmare Nemeis ۞ 23. heinä 17.42 
DEvasto  [tekijä] 23. heinä 16.46 
Yeah, I'm kinda at a point where I dunno what exactly I'll do next mod-wise. I do plan on updating the Infinity Sword's textures and possibly even the model sometime. Right now, I recently snagged Fallout: New Vegas and I'm working on a mod for that, though that'll go onto the Nexus site for New Vegas since there isn't a Workshop for the game.
Nightmare Nemeis ۞ 23. heinä 16.23 
man i miss your work :(
DEvasto  [tekijä] 22. heinä 7.21 
It says where it is in the description.
hermitthefrog13 22. heinä 5.42 
were you get it
DEvasto  [tekijä] 4. heinä 17.08 
Yeah. It's not quite as simple as the Workshop since you have to install the mods manually after downloading (or use Nexus Mod Manager, but I personally never use it since it can be problematic) but aside from that and some issues they had recently, which they resolved, it's quite safe.
jtwolf8 4. heinä 16.09 
Thanks, is nexus safe to use?
DEvasto  [tekijä] 4. heinä 13.50 
The YY Mystic Knight animation replacer, it's a Nexus exclusive though.
jtwolf8 4. heinä 13.49 
What mod do you use for the sowrd stance? Cool sowrd by the way.
hansnicolaim2 5. kesä 14.53 
Could you create a sword familiar to this, only that the blade part is flaming red and the blade is on fire?
Tomt0-2 9. touko 7.58 
this is awsome
HughSeddon 7. touko 17.09 
Does anyone know the id of this sword?
Nizzorg 25. huhti 2.58 
Hi i'm trying to make a mod for a evil character and i'd like use your mod for giving him unique echantment. Shall i use the enchant of your mod?
of course i will say you are the author of the enchant and i will post a link to your mod ^^
(2S):Slenderman☣[SA]☣ 13. huhti 19.40 
this sword is awesome here
(2S):Slenderman☣[SA]☣ 13. huhti 17.54 
DEvasto  [tekijä] 13. huhti 17.48 
Its base damage is 30, which will of course increase depending on your 1 or 2 handed skill (which depends on whether you're using the 1 or 2 handed Infinity Sword). The enchantment adds onto the base damage, moreso if you hit a dragon, but I don't remember exactly how much.
(2S):Slenderman☣[SA]☣ 13. huhti 17.39 
how much damage does the infinity sword do
DEvasto  [tekijä] 11. huhti 15.55 
It's the YY Mystic Knight animation replacer, it's a Nexus exclusive though.
MarshMellowWolf 11. huhti 0.18 
and in the video
MarshMellowWolf 11. huhti 0.17 
what is the mod animation for the sword next ti the leg on the second picture?
DEvasto  [tekijä] 10. huhti 18.48 
Y'don't need to use the console, you should be able to take the sword to a smelter and switch it to the 1-handed version there, assuming you have the sword that is. You can just type "help infinity" into the console sans quotes to get the IDs for either sword if you don't want to trundle through the College of Winterhold questline.
Butt Stallion 10. huhti 18.37 
what is the consoul command for 1handed?
Steel Spirit 10. huhti 15.39 
Ah, well. I have other means of getting Dragon's souls.
DEvasto  [tekijä] 9. huhti 18.16 
Sounds like Skyrim Sorcery to me, in some form or another, but at least this version is good for folk with DLC problerms.
Steel Spirit 9. huhti 16.58 
Also, I like the fact that it's in Labyrinthian, as I can't access either the Aetherium Forge or Miraak's fight stage.
DEvasto  [tekijä] 8. huhti 13.36 
Ah, yes, this is true. My main hasn't dealt with many such Nords so her ire is mostly reserved for Thalmor and bears, and those wandering adventurers/mercenaries who get all uppity with calling you a milkdrinker.
Steel Spirit 8. huhti 5.32 
Actually, some are more arrogant than Altmer...
DEvasto  [tekijä] 7. huhti 23.23 
Well, then she's beefy in spirit, and in her upper arms. :p I imagine any Nords she runs into don't have much smack to talk when she pulls out her f-off giant sword.
Steel Spirit 7. huhti 18.47 
Thing is, she's got a small build. Why do I play as a female Dunmer? Because I can.
DEvasto  [tekijä] 7. huhti 17.38 
The mod's playable, just there's no dedicated questline for the sword yet. 'Course it requires getting through the College of Winterhold questline, and I imagine some beefy greatsword wielder wouldn't bother much with magic.
Steel Spirit 7. huhti 16.27 
I would like to download this when it's done. I'm currently working with a 2H version of my console character.
The War Lord 22. maalis 14.14 
Okay. I only use 1 handed anyway.
DEvasto  [tekijä] 22. maalis 13.43 
There is, you should be able to take it to a smelter and switch it to a one-handed version there, though be advised this'll remove any tempering you might've done to the two-handed version.
The War Lord 22. maalis 12.56 
Is there a way to make it a single handed weapon?
DAUD,The Knife Of Dunwall 22. maalis 6.52 
its not downloading and aparently i can now use my unsubscribed mods
DAUD,The Knife Of Dunwall 22. maalis 6.44 
oh and download chaos armor it looks good with your sword.
DEvasto  [tekijä] 21. maalis 21.47 
No problem, and thanks. :3
The War Lord 21. maalis 21.45 
Okay. Thanks. and by teh way, you are a great modder
DEvasto  [tekijä] 21. maalis 21.30 
You could try turning the mod off and see if you can progress from the Containment quest to The Staff of Magnus, but I'd hazard a guess it might be Skyrim Sorcery causing trouble rather than the mod itself.

If all else fails you can try doing "setstage MG05 200" to end the Containment quest if it doesn't end when it should, and "startquest MG07" should The Staff of Magnus not start up after Containment is completed.
The War Lord 21. maalis 21.17 
I am not saying it is the mods falt but i have gone back and replayed this 3 times on the same playthrough and had no luck.
The War Lord 21. maalis 21.15 
I cant get the quest to get into Labyrinthian at all. I have gotten to that point and it wont let me go further.
DEvasto  [tekijä] 21. maalis 21.04 
Well, Labyrinthian is quest-locked, it can't even be entered until the proper point in the College of Winterhold questline. But, assuming that's not the issue here, what exactly is happening when you try to get into Labyrinthian? Does the game crash, do the doors not open..?
The War Lord 21. maalis 20.33 
I dont know this for sure but I think that this mod has made it impossible for me to get into Labyinthian. If you know how to fix this please let me know.