Freedom Campaign
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Captain Pretzel Jun 26, 2013 @ 10:42am 
lol the band is the netherlands flag
Shadow Dio-sama  [author] Jun 18, 2013 @ 10:29pm 
Oh that would be cool. A 4th of July hat.
Tadashi Jun 18, 2013 @ 9:26pm 
Looks good for Fourth or July
Shadow Dio-sama  [author] Jun 15, 2013 @ 8:00am 
I appreciate that ellis, thanks. Don't worry, I can poof his comments gone.
Tadashi Jun 14, 2013 @ 10:50pm 
Gourment Newell just go away i mean that by nicely just stop okay?
Shadow Dio-sama  [author] Jun 14, 2013 @ 7:31pm 
I'm working on paintablity actually. Having problems with the alpha channel.
Scraggle Jun 14, 2013 @ 7:31pm 
It should be paintable . That would be nice.
Tadashi Jun 14, 2013 @ 6:54pm 
Aw look at that wittle bow! I really want that hat. :D
Shadow Dio-sama  [author] Jun 14, 2013 @ 6:45pm 
Lonestar as both colors on the blue team. And its hard avoiding blue and red on things ment to be patriotic.
WiLSoN Jun 14, 2013 @ 6:42pm 
Unfortunately Valve probably won't allow it due to it having both team colors on it. I do like the hat though.
Shadow Dio-sama  [author] Jun 14, 2013 @ 6:29pm 
Steam .jpgs are gonna jpg. Png Master Race
deleet Jun 14, 2013 @ 6:26pm 
dat antialiasing
Fern Jun 14, 2013 @ 4:44pm 
11/10 for Murica