Today speaking: Mr Turret
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PsychoBR 29 июн, 2013 в 11:43 
Very funny! Thanks!
I recorded my gameplay (valve DEM file format):Download[]. Comments inside video.

Turrets highly explosive. Handle with care 21 июн, 2013 в 11:11 
I'm unsure why the companion cube is there, you can solve the test with or without using it. 21 июн, 2013 в 11:02 
started without a portal gun and had to resubscribe to get one.
Andi 20 июн, 2013 в 14:19 
Fairly simple but enjoyable test, thumbs up.

Would you mind trying my newest one?
Nox1044  [автор] 20 июн, 2013 в 5:24 
Well that's how I solved it by myself! :)
FrontKey 20 июн, 2013 в 0:49 
I am not sure what plan u made for us but I just take the laser cube, use it to block the laser and walk through my portal XD
Bryley 18 июн, 2013 в 14:01 
How to Play
raycelbelmond 18 июн, 2013 в 11:54 
Good map. Some good ideas. Try one of mine. Raycelbelmond
Zorkii 18 июн, 2013 в 10:56 
HebGeenNaam 18 июн, 2013 в 8:31 
Really nice job! Maybe next time try adding a puzzle in every room, because now the first room was a bit pointless. And great work with the companion cube!

Would you mind trying one of mine?
BOT Troy 18 июн, 2013 в 6:34 
SentryTurrets... Lovely Machines... ;) Nice Map! Keep Playing Portal!
nicklonium 18 июн, 2013 в 4:40 
That was quite fun, I like how you've merged an actual puzzle with something more creative. Perhaps you could add more of a puzzle to the first room, presumably the turret in this room was some sort of security?

I've got a little collection of chambers going and I'm always interested in feedback. I'd be grateful if you'd have a look:
Bayonator 17 июн, 2013 в 15:13 
I encountered bugs with the Utility Cube drop. Once it didn't drop at all, another time it dropped 2 of them. Pretty good level in spite of that.
Nox1044  [автор] 17 июн, 2013 в 14:24 
Good point, though I like that back room, and without CC it would be pretty meanless... But having many different solutions isin't bad thing!
EuroSong 17 июн, 2013 в 14:13 
Fun. You don't need the companion cube though: just take the laser cube with you too.