Portal 2
Today speaking: Mr Turret
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Petutski 2015년 4월 18일 오후 7시 05분 
"An error occured while downloading this map!"
Mevious and Zogor experienced this before. The problem relates to some maps released in 2012. Reuploading fixed the issue.
PsychoBR 2013년 6월 29일 오전 11시 43분 
Very funny! Thanks!
I recorded my gameplay (valve DEM file format): Download [dl.dropboxusercontent.com]. Comments inside video.

Turrets highly explosive. Handle with care
Blip-id-did-dip 2013년 6월 21일 오전 11시 11분 
I'm unsure why the companion cube is there, you can solve the test with or without using it.
Blip-id-did-dip 2013년 6월 21일 오전 11시 02분 
started without a portal gun and had to resubscribe to get one.
Andi 2013년 6월 20일 오후 2시 19분 
Fairly simple but enjoyable test, thumbs up.

Would you mind trying my newest one?
Jyke  [작성자] 2013년 6월 20일 오전 5시 24분 
Well that's how I solved it by myself! :)
Ca7vier 'Cavier' 2013년 6월 20일 오전 12시 49분 
I am not sure what plan u made for us but I just take the laser cube, use it to block the laser and walk through my portal XD
bryley06 2013년 6월 18일 오후 2시 01분 
How to Play
raycelbelmond 2013년 6월 18일 오전 11시 54분 
Good map. Some good ideas. Try one of mine. Raycelbelmond
Zorkii 2013년 6월 18일 오전 10시 56분 
HebGeenNaam 2013년 6월 18일 오전 8시 31분 
Really nice job! Maybe next time try adding a puzzle in every room, because now the first room was a bit pointless. And great work with the companion cube!

Would you mind trying one of mine?
EPSON WorkForce WF-2630 2013년 6월 18일 오전 6시 34분 
SentryTurrets... Lovely Machines... ;) Nice Map! Keep Playing Portal!
nicklonium 2013년 6월 18일 오전 4시 40분 
That was quite fun, I like how you've merged an actual puzzle with something more creative. Perhaps you could add more of a puzzle to the first room, presumably the turret in this room was some sort of security?

I've got a little collection of chambers going and I'm always interested in feedback. I'd be grateful if you'd have a look:
SugarJay 2013년 6월 17일 오후 3시 13분 
I encountered bugs with the Utility Cube drop. Once it didn't drop at all, another time it dropped 2 of them. Pretty good level in spite of that.
Jyke  [작성자] 2013년 6월 17일 오후 2시 24분 
Good point, though I like that back room, and without CC it would be pretty meanless... But having many different solutions isin't bad thing!
EuroSong 2013년 6월 17일 오후 2시 13분 
Fun. You don't need the companion cube though: just take the laser cube with you too.