The Observers Prelude 3: Cube Marathon
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Petutski May 26 @ 2:25pm 
As mentioned below, this map needs some polishing. Dropping blue gel on the cube to make an exit seems unpredictable.
Cheesey Burger Jun 24, 2013 @ 6:07pm 
The lift piston system you have to move from the first chamber is something you should really fix. If you press the button for it without knowing what it does, like I did, the lift goes up without you and you can't get it back down. It means you are stuck and have to restart the map. This is also the same for if you don't know if to bring the cube with you from the last chamber. An easy way to remedy this is simply putting buttons at both the top and bottom of the shaft and making them toggle the raising and lowering. Also the cage system you had over the buttons made the last part harder, not like an actual difficulty but more like you had to hope the bounce of the cube would just so happen to land inside the small hole in the cage. The test would have still run the same way without those, it just made it annoying to have to deal with trying to fit the cube in the hole.
dds Jun 23, 2013 @ 4:43pm 
There are dead ends that force you to start over or from the last quicksave; you can fall down the raised elevator shaft, get stuck in cages, etc