Det här spelet har fått Grönljus från gemenskapen!

Gemenskapen har visat sitt intresse i detta spel. Valve har tagit kontakt med denna utvecklare för att börja gå mot ett släpp på Steam.

The Sun at Night
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wutoupal 22 timmar sedan 
Minicore Studios  [skapare] 17 jul @ 8:44am 
Hi tylovetx! It actually wasn't inspired by WE3, but rather combinations of real secret projects from the 50s & 60s. We hadn't actually seen that series until pretty recently, but it looks really great. Definitely see where people would make the jump.
tylovetx 16 jul @ 11:04pm 
Was this inspired by WE3? That's what it looks like.
Cherry Nuka Cola 16 jul @ 4:04am 
ACWraith 11 jul @ 3:24pm 

I can't afford a real dog. ;)
*-[K]reuZ-* 11 jul @ 2:29pm 
Shoppa 11 jul @ 12:26pm 
Awesome news, can't wait :)
Minicore Studios  [skapare] 11 jul @ 12:16pm 
Pretty soon, Shoppa! It's a working, released game on other platforms so all we need to do is integrate some code and work on Achievements. Earliest would be next week.
Shoppa 11 jul @ 12:12pm 
Congratz! any idea when the release will be?
krazedlion 11 jul @ 11:19am 
Congrats on getting Greenlit!
AsteriCorvus 10 jul @ 7:49pm 
Looks great,good luck:)
I{m}pulse 10 jul @ 2:00am 
Poke of deatH 9 jul @ 9:53pm 
Hope you get Greenlit, game looks amazing!
PooFlinger 9 jul @ 9:25pm 
Fun game. Voted
AjiMundi 9 jul @ 6:05pm 
Got this from Groupees. Nice game. Good luck.
Acacia22 9 jul @ 5:19pm 
I've been playing on Desura and this is much better than expected. Would highly recommend to those who like the Valley Without Wind games.
celinethefeline 8 jul @ 7:47pm 
Just voted yis!
Pejout 8 jul @ 7:39pm 
Camel.Toad 7 jul @ 8:06pm 
this was an instant yes from me as soon as i played it... this game is quite amazingly done... absolutely love it.... congratulations on a well made game, devs... and good luck on being Greenlit, i wish you the best of luck, and hope to see this in my library soon...
Shipwreck 7 jul @ 10:22am 
VOTE, you bastids!
kurono 7 jul @ 3:58am 
疾風詩音 4 jul @ 10:59pm 
looks interesting
Teemo 4 jul @ 4:16pm 
Virgil Amenra 4 jul @ 3:31pm 
Voted yes
Pinz 4 jul @ 2:06pm 
Nightmare 4 jul @ 1:42pm 
Death 4 jul @ 12:56pm 
Voted yes !!
[TW]MRabbitPG 4 jul @ 12:26pm 
voted,looks great
來治猩猩的妳TW 4 jul @ 12:24pm 
Voted yes
Cont120616 4 jul @ 12:16pm 
Voted yes !!
whacker 4 jul @ 12:10pm 
Voted yes
Vaagur 3 jul @ 9:41pm 
Looks nice, voted!
[npk] J Wheel 3 jul @ 5:06pm 
Fellow Austinite extending my support! Game looks neats!
kclar11 3 jul @ 4:35pm 
Game looks decent however it is not somehting I would wish to play on PC. Sorry
Minicore Studios  [skapare] 3 jul @ 2:26pm 
To everyone voting "yes" for us: THANK YOU. This is amazing and totally made our week. Can't wait for everyone to play it on Steam!
Little NPC 3 jul @ 2:22pm 
Voted yes
CapitaoBlack 3 jul @ 11:26am 
It reminds of WE3 HQ, looks cool!
mambutunizwa 3 jul @ 6:23am 
Voted yes
EpicSlayer 2 jul @ 5:20am 
voted yes
TheZodiac 2 jul @ 12:39am 
Voted yes
a_maharindra 1 jul @ 10:39pm 
Vote !!!
Woo Woo 1 jul @ 2:38pm 
BaraonCat 1 jul @ 2:09pm 
Oh wow voted.
LordFahrenheit 1 jul @ 12:22pm 
syky_finisher 1 jul @ 10:54am 
Beautiful graphics! The game gives me even mood of an adventure.
Bili 1 jul @ 3:12am 
Voted yes for the doge.
THE_MAN 30 jun @ 10:49pm 
Minicore Studios  [skapare] 30 jun @ 8:09pm 
We're looking into it, ATPase & horrorshow! Let you know when we have a fix!
ATPase 30 jun @ 5:30pm 
the game freezes for me too (3rd location, hangar i think)