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The Sun at Night
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Thw0rted 13 Abr às 8:59 
Saw the review and Joystiq and I'd love to give it a try!
phud777 5 Abr às 21:16 
I cannot wait. This looks crazy and amazing in the best way possible.
Amateur Gooser 9 Mar às 20:59 
The actual story of laika really is touching in a super sad way (cameron kunzelman represented it one of his games) and i'm excited to see a vision of how laika would respond if she got the chance to survive
keltraine 9 Mar às 20:31 
Looks pretty great; voted b/c of the link provided about the raffle Shelley sent! :)
AKouns 9 Mar às 9:13 
I had the opportunity to play the Sun at Night at SXSW and I really liked the people who presented Laika's touching story. I enjoyed playing as Laika in a familar way kin to Samus in Metroid. Laika is more lovable and she is more disciplined than other dogs in that she never once tried to smell another dog's behind the whole time I playtested her. Joking aside, the protagonist is lovable and I want a dog just like her. Therefore, seeing her come to Steam would make me happy.
RuCat 21 Fev às 12:57 
Сюжет очень странный и полный расизма.
blamite 21 Fev às 2:51 
I heard about this on Idle Thumbs and it sounded super cool! I would totally buy this!
mscullin521 14 Fev às 10:49 
Looks like one of the more innovative games in the last few years!
zarajane 13 Fev às 10:09 
Awesome music!!
tessmallory 10 Fev às 21:39 
VERY excited about The Sun at Night! Looks awesome! Love Laika! Have heard it totally isn't about "evil soviets". GIVE INDIE A CHANCE Y'ALL! Actually have already bought it and it is FANTASTIC. But I would buy on Steam just because I like playing on PC!
Glider [UT for life!] 9 Fev às 7:51 
Artwork is nice but game itself looks ugly. Also really tired of "evil soviets" stuff. Downvoted.
Naterade 8 Fev às 12:11 
Looks great guys! Can't wait to play !
The Total Package 8 Fev às 9:13 
So, he's a robot dog with a gun hooked up to his back... and he fights zombie aliens?
Whatever the story, this still looks great. Upvote.
Dom 8 Fev às 9:05 
I hope this makes it past greenlight. The artwork looks great. Don't forget the achievements =D
Mushe 7 Fev às 2:10 
Find out about this game on the Cooptional Podcast, very interesting ambience. It's really nice to make a game about Laika, it's a sad history.
Minicore Studios  [autor] 6 Fev às 12:35 
Posted this in Announcements too, but just wanted to let y'all know the game in now available on PC through the Humble Widget on our site, The Humble Store, and GamersGate. We'd, obviously, love to be on Steam as well so keep spreading the word! Thanks for all your support!

sunetos 5 Fev às 18:32 
The artwork is fantastic!
Friiz The Gamer 5 Fev às 8:23 
Just watched Giantbomb's quicklook of this game. Look super cool!!!
Kharnivore2099 5 Fev às 6:24 
Looks wonderful, can't not support!
Laika 4 Fev às 20:39 
i support this
SeonCruz 4 Fev às 10:47 
I'mma furry so I mean.. Duh. But i'll play just about any sort of Metroid game with flare that tries to put their own spin on something.

Oh, and that dog is hella cute :3
panzersnapdragon 3 Fev às 20:47 
Been super pumped for this game since it was first announced! Can't wait to play!
dudes2222 1 Fev às 15:08 
I like the story behind the game, but i decded to downvote it because sadly the game has more of an impact on me than the story. I still hope that these people wil continue to work on this game and manage to get it on steam.
thetrin 30 Jan às 23:10 
The story of Laika is absolutely tragic. I look forward to seeing where this alternative universe story goes.
Artesia 6 Jan às 13:32 
Ну блин, мало того, что Ужасный Советский Союз, так еще и бедную Лайку приплели. Дальше-то что? DLC c Белкой и Стрелкой - космическими мессиями второго порядка? Тьфу на вас.
kiss.erik 1 Jan às 12:59 
Jó lenne ha ilyen módon lehetne visszaemlékezni a hős kutyára :)
Deux 18 Dez, 2013 às 6:19 
Похоже русских опять сделали террористами..
Irx 16 Dez, 2013 às 23:36 
Looks like crap.
Лобстер Пицца 28 Nov, 2013 às 22:29 
I'm definitely buying this. Looks really interesting, and the drawing-style of a dog between the gameplay parts looks amazing!
stalepie 24 Nov, 2013 às 0:47 
I think it will appeal to people who want something different.
Reblosch 24 Nov, 2013 às 0:43 
The story looks amazing and the plateformer gameplay looks engaging ! Looking forward to buying it.
thevasya 13 Nov, 2013 às 7:59 
wow cool
MrDragon 30 Out, 2013 às 23:49 
el chamuco 20 Out, 2013 às 2:13 
hopefully this game gets released i really love the laika story.
GematriaGx2 8 Out, 2013 às 12:13 
Voted! Nice unique premise
Rab 4 Out, 2013 às 10:31 
I'm mpre excited about the soundtrack
HiFiveGuy11 27 Set, 2013 às 11:07 
If this gets greenlit, I am going to buy it right away :D
warren.john.e 13 Set, 2013 às 16:06 
Hi raixel!

First of all, you can play the game with either a controller or keyboard/mouse, if that helps at all. As far as the controller goes, the default has the reticle staying where you left it, but you can click the stick to snap it in front of you. We're exploring toggling the default, but right now it'll only snap back if you click the stick itself. If you have any other ideas how to make an aiming system more accessible (which we're very, very interested in), feel free to let us know or shoot me an email at john(at)minicorestudios(dot)com.

raixel 13 Set, 2013 às 14:43 
I have a question. Is the aiming feature static or does it snap back? Like if I press the Rstick left then let it go, does the aiming cursor stay there? I'm really interested. I love inventory based long platformers, but I need to know due to physical limitations.
wgonzalezml 11 Set, 2013 às 2:02 
I gave it a vote up, but I do have my reservations. It seems a little hamfisted, oppressive soviets experimenting on animals, it could use a bit of subtlety. Like maybe the hospital is clean and sterile instead of blood-spattery, looks like a typical hospital until zomg look it's a cyber bear. The map system looks nice, I like the weapon upgrade system but the layout in the one video looked a bit too abstract, all I saw was empty unconnected dots with pop up text. A skematic layout or something might look cool. A 3D model would help Laika pop as well. Good luck and I hope your game is successful.
GameChiken 9 Set, 2013 às 18:36 
FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU. I *just missed the kickstarter.
GameChiken 9 Set, 2013 às 18:34 
This is... AMAZING.
Tycho Irion 7 Set, 2013 às 16:56 
I wish that its kickstarter was successful, it looks really good.
[OONRU]Русский 7 Set, 2013 às 2:56 
that is.....I like this game:-)
RainDancer 1 Set, 2013 às 10:58 
I really want this game, and cannot wait to play it. If it comes onto steam it will be an instant purchase :)
donastree 1 Set, 2013 às 2:53 
I can't say how much I want to play this. It looks so good...!
s1lkwrm 23 Ago, 2013 às 17:44 
I like the character build up / Customization adds replay and a customized experience imo. If I wanted real life and politically correct id turn on the news not my computer. I mean seriously if you want to pick apart a fictional game about a robot dog for its facts I doubt seriously anyone could provide you what you seek and should mabye make your own game like "Encyclopedia Britanica an adventure in facts".
sanidy 22 Ago, 2013 às 21:29 
I can't wait for this game!
And guys, no one was saying that Russians are evil. It's a video game and in video games there has to be an enemy. It is common knowledge that the US and Russia weren't BFFs all though out history. They were dark times for both countries but we can't pretend they didn't happen. This game is taking a little history and adding a spin to make an interesting game. You guys need to stop taking things so seriously and vote this game in. It has a way more interesting concept then most of the games out there right now. If we keep getting our feelings hurt about things that aren't even meant to hurt feelings we are going to have some very boring and overly politically correct games.
This is why we can't have nice things!
DviceT5 21 Ago, 2013 às 4:59 
R.I.P Laika :´( poor dog
SovietSpaceDog 18 Ago, 2013 às 13:28 
Why happening? :(