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The Sun at Night
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I{m}pulse преди 3 часа 
Poke of deatH преди 7 часа 
Hope you get Greenlit, game looks amazing!
FupaTroopa {Falcon} преди 7 часа 
Fun game. Voted
AjiMundi преди 11 часа 
Got this from Groupees. Nice game. Good luck.
Acacia22 преди 11 часа 
I've been playing on Desura and this is much better than expected. Would highly recommend to those who like the Valley Without Wind games.
celinethefeline 8 юли в 7:47след. 
Just voted yis!
Pejout 8 юли в 7:39след. 
Castrated.Mangina 7 юли в 8:06след. 
this was an instant yes from me as soon as i played it... this game is quite amazingly done... absolutely love it.... congratulations on a well made game, devs... and good luck on being Greenlit, i wish you the best of luck, and hope to see this in my library soon...
Shipwreck 7 юли в 10:22сут. 
VOTE, you bastids!
kurono 7 юли в 3:58сут. 
疾風詩音 4 юли в 10:59след. 
looks interesting
Teemo 4 юли в 4:16след. 
Virgil Amenra 4 юли в 3:31след. 
Voted yes
Pinz 4 юли в 2:06след. 
Nightmare 4 юли в 1:42след. 
Death 4 юли в 12:56след. 
Voted yes !!
[TW]MRabbitPG已下A車 4 юли в 12:26след. 
voted,looks great
來治猩猩的妳TW 4 юли в 12:24след. 
Voted yes
Cont120616 4 юли в 12:16след. 
jinnit87530(寶豕三土兀)好無聊 4 юли в 12:12след. 
Voted yes !!
whacker 4 юли в 12:10след. 
Voted yes
Vaagur 3 юли в 9:41след. 
Looks nice, voted!
[npk] J Wheel 3 юли в 5:06след. 
Fellow Austinite extending my support! Game looks neats!
kclar11 3 юли в 4:35след. 
Game looks decent however it is not somehting I would wish to play on PC. Sorry
Minicore Studios  [автор] 3 юли в 2:26след. 
To everyone voting "yes" for us: THANK YOU. This is amazing and totally made our week. Can't wait for everyone to play it on Steam!
Little NPC 3 юли в 2:22след. 
Voted yes
CapitaoBlack 3 юли в 11:26сут. 
It reminds of WE3 HQ, looks cool!
mambutunizwa 3 юли в 6:23сут. 
Voted yes
EpicSlayer || NewBee FTW 2 юли в 5:20сут. 
voted yes
TheZodiac 2 юли в 12:39сут. 
Voted yes
a_maharindra 1 юли в 10:39след. 
Vote !!!
Woo Woo 1 юли в 2:38след. 
BaraonCat 1 юли в 2:09след. 
Oh wow voted.
LordFahrenheit 1 юли в 12:22след. 
syky_finisher 1 юли в 10:54сут. 
Beautiful graphics! The game gives me even mood of an adventure.
Bili 1 юли в 3:12сут. 
Voted yes for the doge.
THE_MAN 30 юни в 10:49след. 
Minicore Studios  [автор] 30 юни в 8:09след. 
We're looking into it, ATPase & horrorshow! Let you know when we have a fix!
ATPase 30 юни в 5:30след. 
the game freezes for me too (3rd location, hangar i think)
FearLess 30 юни в 2:06след. 
Penumbro 30 юни в 1:42след. 
wow! simply WOW!!
Minicore Studios  [автор] 30 юни в 1:12след. 
Hi horrorshow! The build should be fine as it's the same one many of the reviewers used to write reviews of the full game. Could you describe the issue in more detail either here or via email at contact (at) minicorestudios (dot) com?
horrorshow 30 юни в 12:54след. 
I just bought it @ Groupees & the first short impression is very good. But when I enter the abandoned factory the character freezes & I can't move any more O_o
Is this a known issue? Is the build at Groupees corrupted?
Eqnx8TH 30 юни в 12:45след. 
spansih traslate, please!
Moodbug 30 юни в 9:29сут. 
good luck
Minicore Studios  [автор] 30 юни в 9:19сут. 
Hi UncleYar! We're definitely reading and responding to player experiences. While redoing the map system entirely is probably out of the question, we are working on ways to make it more enjoyable for folks who found it confusing. The crash bug issue is ongoing, but we've fixed many problems along the way and the version that goes live on Steam will be updated to fix almost every crash bug that's been reported to us.

When it comes to the map system, we're definitely using feedback from reviews and player feedback to design next iterations of the map system for subsequent games. If there's a way to insert this system into The Sun at Night, we'll do it.
UncleYar 30 юни в 9:15сут. 
This is very unique and I voted yes for the moment. Are you gonna listen to reviews and fix things like the unreadable minimap and the crash bugs though? From what I gather the ideas behind the game are good but it's a pain to actually play because of the numerous issues.
mandor62681 30 юни в 8:33сут. 
I saw the trees 30 юни в 8:29сут. 
Incredeble game!
skettios 28 юни в 10:18сут. 
How can you not like a game that has a dog as the main character? :D