Rising Storm Guadalcanal Daytime Base Maps
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[LUX] Garmo 27 гру 2014 о 10:31 
If this is updated to current version to RS and can run on a 64 player server, theres a good chance the 2.FJ'g maps use this .i just talked to them :)
The doctor is in  [автор] 23 лис 2014 о 11:04 
hard to say why for most these maps run great, for some sadly they dont. hard to say why exactly what i do know it happens with every udk game that ive done maps for...

could be some other addon that you have that maybe interfering. im not talking about maps, im talking about modifiers they tend to change things. then again it could be something else.
that's how the banana rolls 23 лис 2014 о 10:54 
Nope, still nothing. Strange.
The doctor is in  [автор] 23 лис 2014 о 10:49 
you need this and the shared files

also it maybe bad download

you may need to unsubscribe, find and delete the local copy and then resubscribe again

let it download and then run the game which installs it.
that's how the banana rolls 23 лис 2014 о 10:47 
For some reason it crashs when I chose a team.
the red hare 17 лис 2014 о 3:13 
lets try this again,crashed up the 1st time
heruisi 9 сер 2014 о 11:18 
Lalabay 14 лип 2014 о 1:50 
игра четкая ваще
The doctor is in  [автор] 12 лип 2014 о 0:22 
thanks :)
Brutuzpanzer 12 лип 2014 о 0:21 
$ Fernando $ 11 лип 2014 о 8:22 
Nice :)
[HAN]Jamy 5 лип 2014 о 2:24 
nice map
[Gans] 3 лип 2014 о 10:39 
Nice map +
BySahin 2 лип 2014 о 10:59 
LekwarUA 2 лип 2014 о 2:41 
Nice map.
Epic Fail Guy 30 чер 2014 о 13:04 
Lee_Shawran 28 чер 2014 о 6:28 
Sorry~* Shot you^^; 27 чер 2014 о 23:33 
I can play those maps.
Burning town, Wake island.
Can't play the other maps.

I'll reinstall Redorchestra2 and try again.
The doctor is in  [автор] 27 чер 2014 о 23:21 
i dont know could be lots of things. perhaps try some other maps instead. i did lots of them. lots of people play them without any problems you can see that by all the posts in them. so who knows
Sorry~* Shot you^^; 27 чер 2014 о 23:14 
I followed what you'r saying. I unsubscribed and deleted maps. And then resubscribed and tried again. But it has still same problem.

c:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Red Orchestra 2\ROGame\CookedPC\RSGame\Maps

Also above files, there are nothing in there.

What I'm thinking now is that I cancel all local contents of Red orchestra2 and reinstall.
How do you think?
Thank you for helping me again.
The doctor is in  [автор] 26 чер 2014 о 22:58 
that is how the game crashes...

also try verify game cache

also make sure u dont have mutators that maybe interfering with this one.

im not talking about other maps, that is ok, but this game let u have mutators that effect all maps and obviously those mutators would not be tested with this map and maybe causing trouble.
Sorry~* Shot you^^; 26 чер 2014 о 22:32 
Ok, I will. By the way, it says it is "rogame.exe" crash something.
The doctor is in  [автор] 26 чер 2014 о 22:28 
the files will be installed in

C:\Users\<username>\Documents\My Games\RedOrchestra2\ROGame\Published\CookedPC\RSGame\Maps

i dont remember where steam puts them

also look in

c:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Red Orchestra 2\ROGame\CookedPC\RSGame\Maps

for files/folder containing these map files and delete those too
The doctor is in  [автор] 26 чер 2014 о 22:26 
so ur saying u subscribed to both

Rising Storm Guadalcanal Daytime Shared Files
Rising Storm Guadalcanal Daytime Base Maps

and it still not working

then u have bad local copy

what yo have to do is unsubscribe

and go manually deleting the local copies form the folders that steam downloaded them to and the folder the game installed them in

(i know a real pain)

once you have done that you can resubscribe and try again...

it should work i and as u can see many others have had no problems...
Sorry~* Shot you^^; 26 чер 2014 о 22:02 
Ok. I did it. I both subscribed again and downloaded. I did all custom maps what you've made. But I still cannot play the game. It gives me error sign. Thanks anyway.
The doctor is in  [автор] 26 чер 2014 о 19:47 
that is not the one i did

here is the one that matches the name you typed
Sorry~* Shot you^^; 26 чер 2014 о 19:44 
I just went to steam workshop and click guadalcanal2 day map. that means I already subscribed.
The doctor is in  [автор] 26 чер 2014 о 18:53 
so did u subscribe and download to both

Rising Storm Guadalcanal Daytime Base Maps
Rising Storm Guadalcanal Daytime Shared Files

if so then subscribe to both and delete the local copies and then try resubscribing to both parts again
Sorry~* Shot you^^; 26 чер 2014 о 18:48 
When I press the "play button", error sign apears. Please someone help me. What's wrong with it?
<<ГРОМ>> 23 чер 2014 о 5:01 
very good
DrkPhoenX 22 чер 2014 о 10:09 
Lovin it! :yay
Sonic_9988 22 чер 2014 о 1:53 
good job
The doctor is in  [автор] 21 чер 2014 о 9:15 
glad you'all liked it :)

if you have time please check out my other many maps and have a good one!
大帝国 6 21 чер 2014 о 8:54 
very good
Alec, King of the North 14 чер 2014 о 20:05 
this map is already dreadfuly ally favored, making it day time without tweaking it is just going to create an unholy frustrating map
Druqx 14 чер 2014 о 15:59 
damn too bad nobody plays custom maps. Ive been wanted to try guadalcanal during the day, since i first played the map.
Ulytau_TR 12 чер 2014 о 5:28 
The doctor is in  [автор] 11 чер 2014 о 15:11 
you self host... play with bots and/or friends
Praetoriahs 11 чер 2014 о 10:15 
where are the servers running this map?
The doctor is in  [автор] 11 чер 2014 о 1:21 
all i did was change lighting... whether its balanced or not is from original rs map by twi
푸갤람 11 чер 2014 о 1:18 
But unbalanced
The doctor is in  [автор] 6 чер 2014 о 19:11 
thanks :)
Albion 6 чер 2014 о 15:42 
Exellent map good work keep it up!!!!!!!!
The doctor is in  [автор] 15 тра 2014 о 10:21 
@Chicken McTitties

since these maps are quite large i had to break them up

so in addition to this subscription make sure that you also have subscribed to
Rising Storm Guadalcanal Daytime Shared Files

both are needed, if you have already done that then it could be a bad download, steam workshop is a bit flaky...

so try unsubscribing to both parts

manually deleting the folder for this map

C:\Users\<username>\Documents\My Games\RedOrchestra2\ROGame\Published\CookedPC\RSGame\Maps

resubscribe to both parts, running the game so that it will download the map and it should work
Natus ' Silvere 15 тра 2014 о 9:28 
good map
Chicken McTitties 28 кві 2014 о 19:24 
Crashes every time I select team
turtlenax 26 гру 2013 о 5:58 
kan i play this map on multyplayer?
xqba007x 24 гру 2013 о 15:20 
very good map
Porsche 911 turbo_S 22 гру 2013 о 3:47