Portal 2
Pfft, who needs Portals?
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Arokthis 2015. márc. 14., du. 1:21 
The first button needs an extra second or two added to the timer.
JMSLD_ 2015. márc. 5., de. 7:05 
Maybe this is a cheat or a mistake, so here's a spoiler: No need to go to the big room with the lasers at the bottom. Just bring the 2 cubes you used in the first section, put them in the squares and the 2 sets of platforms raise up for you to jump across!
*|PEZ|* Venima 2013. jún. 12., du. 4:55 
O_o last time I checked your workshop there was only that one chamber.. *shrugs*
Marcus Stockley  [készítő] 2013. jún. 12., du. 1:19 
You could find my other chambers by going thorugh my workshop files
*|PEZ|* Venima 2013. jún. 12., de. 8:04 
How do I find them? Would love to try them some time. And yes, I know RageGaming, I'm subscribed to his minecraft series.
Marcus Stockley  [készítő] 2013. jún. 11., de. 11:44 
I've currently made over 100 differen't test chambers. Every week I make one for a YouTuber named "RageGamingVideos" (Even though he only picked 1 of them lol).
*|PEZ|* Venima 2013. jún. 11., de. 10:04 
I like the design of the map, it's simple and fluid. Will you consider making more?
Marcus Stockley  [készítő] 2013. jún. 10., du. 2:28 
It wasn't ment to be hard. The lack of Portals makes it harder for me to make it. Thanks for playing it though :)
*|PEZ|* Venima 2013. jún. 10., du. 2:27 
Rage gaming eh? Nice map, bit easy though :P