Left 4 Dead 2
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PlagaMedicum 21 вер о 9:28 
autor fix it pls!!!
elsew(here) 31 сер о 10:51 
mod does not work :_:
Sally Acorn™ 28 сер о 21:13 
Also The Mudmen's Shadow Was Broken on this model
♠℘ℌⒹℱℒØ℘℘ℯℜ 25 сер о 21:36 
these are nova 6 crawler's for bo1 zombies
Ayy LMAO 13 сер о 10:04 
it doesnt work mate, sort your shit out.
vindeller 27 лип о 21:27 
it is cool it is flood
Sophia Hardcore 13 лип о 0:38 
Doesnt work
randomaspland 9 лип о 7:29 

Its only for mud men.
☢Pippin☢ 3 лип о 3:48 
Doesnt work -_- :(
petitHero63 30 чер о 3:21 
do they gibb?
Nishikino Maki 31 тра о 17:18 
HOLY SHIT i`m not gonna play swamp fever anymore haha
SaltNSpicez 27 тра о 19:51 
creepy af
Super Meat Fan 22 тра о 0:15 
@Mermaid Man it only changes the swamp people
Buzz Buerling 14 тра о 15:46 
wait shit, does this LITERALLY only apply to actual mud men in the one swamp misson?
Buzz Buerling 14 тра о 15:45 
wtf i subbed to this and i never changed the common infected into this
Wibble 30 кві о 22:34 
This addon is great but the ragdoll is a bit too stiff.
Deez Nuts ! 17 кві о 9:17 
call of
Dingodile #TeamPyro 6 кві о 2:36 
temy want
IRON Crusher 11 бер о 14:45 
Bender they are
Floral Coral 10 бер о 13:59 
Looks like the nova crawlers from call of duty zombies
SchzphrnicPanda 13 лют о 18:19 
cold stream also has mudmen in original so it should work in both cold stream (on some) and the swamp fever campaign
The_Dolanater 10 січ о 13:04 
Does it only work on the Swamp Map? Me thinks it does
pickles 1 січ о 15:05 
sorry about last comment i was a retard and didnt read it replaced only mudmen it does work. if only it replaced ALL zombies not just mudmen
pickles 1 січ о 15:03 
it doesnt work for me i tried unsubscribing and then subscribing but it didnt work and i restearted the game and pc. it looks awesome i wish i had it. just givin feedback
Caleb | Road to 100 +reps 7 гру 2015 о 23:53 
Does this still have the gore???
Grey Draco 竜 22 лис 2015 о 5:26 
so cute ^ ^
S-Senpai,don't look at me :3 22 лис 2015 о 5:21 
Kitteh 19 лис 2015 о 1:48 
its from the movie "the cabin in the woods"
Edge of Insanity 13 лис 2015 о 11:51 
So... how do I make it work? xD
Fegelein 17 жов 2015 о 2:48 
They are Nova Zombies i think.
Prothean 5 жов 2015 о 20:38 
Replace all of common infected instead of just mudmen please.
Joe Da Bro 15 вер 2015 о 3:09 
can this replace all common infected not just mudmen
Handsome-Adam 26 сер 2015 о 17:34 
It doesnt seem to work for me, I'd love to try and see this action but it doesnt work for some reason please help :)
姜教授 15 сер 2015 о 19:31 
Jacket the Sociopath 15 сер 2015 о 11:30 
Looks like the "Jumping Jacks" from Call of Duty, and also these models actually look really good, one way or another.
Andrew 4 сер 2015 о 11:11 
Holy shit this is terrifying
I want it.
GALANTIS 30 лип 2015 о 0:42 
OMG this is awesome
Can you pls make this replaces all CI PLS PLS PLS!
ElectricPIXL4Le 29 лип 2015 о 12:26 
Sooooo, this replaces the mudmen right?
EpIcWoLf 27 лип 2015 о 5:44 
Sooo good!
xXDeltashXx 18 лип 2015 о 23:25 
how do you get this to work id really like to use it
Bubba 3 лип 2015 о 11:15 
2pac 30 чер 2015 о 8:54 
DARKTERROR 30 чер 2015 о 1:05 
Oh shit ofigenno
Sev 26 чер 2015 о 10:45 
@Cabbage it is the crawler from Black Ops
'OnlyMe.. | idle 24 чер 2015 о 17:45 
fix it pls
myaso)0))0) 22 чер 2015 о 11:10 
angryorange 20 чер 2015 о 8:31 
Joe Da Bro 17 чер 2015 о 0:57 
didnt work for me
theskeletonlord 16 чер 2015 о 16:15 
could you make this for common infected?
Scooby 4 чер 2015 о 6:49 
does it have a gore affect?