Left 4 Dead 2

Left 4 Dead 2

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AceGeo 13. srp. v 21.00 
People complaining it doesn't work without even reading the description.
vindeller 28. čvc. v 3.40 
wont work:(
Aaron_ 27. čvc. v 9.42 
@SomeWeeb this mod if for the Mudmen zombies, the ones you see in swamp fever, not replacing the common infected
i have serious weeaboo issues 23. čvc. v 15.31 
this is common infected version and it does replace all teh common infected
c0l1n_M4 22. čvc. v 15.55 
If there was a mod to replace all the common infected with these I would shit myself
ShadowThePybroJawa 19. čvc. v 17.42 
can you make a common infected version?
Octosant0409 4. čvc. v 14.19 
wont work
kylekomicbro 3. čvc. v 6.53 
disables gore
conn6orsuper117 29. čvn. v 19.18 
good old BO1 gas zombies
White Wolf 28. čvn. v 2.31 
does not work for me
Orix15 24. čvn. v 6.00 
yep. these seem like they will turn the zombies into pure nightmares. myes...

COMPANION CUBE 13. čvn. v 13.25 
ain't working for me
Lennon 22. kvě. v 11.50 
Crap mah pants every time I run into these.

Excellent work!
CheezDoodle 12. kvě. v 16.43 

𝑯𝓾𝓶𝓶𝓾𝓼 7. kvě. v 6.02 
@Night Fire

not necessarily jumping jacks; They were clothed differently and were called "Crawlers" in bo1
Weynan564 1. kvě. v 7.13 

Wøłf 17. dub. v 17.46 
The thing that bother's me most is it doesnt have eyes and it bothers me because it's like. "Why does this humanoid creature not have eyes wtf ugh." Cringy
Vitor__O 31. bře. v 18.55 
ain't working for me.
ℕ1ℊℍt ℱ1ℝe 22. bře. v 19.34 
nice jumping jacks from cod in l4d2
Forgotten Syrup 16. bře. v 7.55 
ain't working for me.
BoomStick 11. bře. v 19.06 
oh hell no, power of jeesus
SGT.FreemⒶn 21. led. v 18.38 
Thanks for the nightmares friend!
Panther Eye 19. led. v 11.21 
That is the scariest thing i've ever seen in my entire life... 0_0
momo 8. led. v 17.26 
I wish it was for all infected :c
ApocalypseBunny 8. led. v 11.14 
can you make this for all common infected instead of just mudmen? pretty pointless other wise xD
Dr. Kaiser 30. pro. 2016 v 8.12 
Mudman = Swamp
Swamp = Swamp Map
Swamp map =Mudmen Crawlers.
It works for me.
Dave 24. pro. 2016 v 9.37 
doesn't work! fix it please!
ezekie is loving weezer 3. pro. 2016 v 11.23 
I wish this worked, but nah.

My game thinks it's too scary.
Glaringheart 3. lis. 2016 v 16.42 
NOVAELITE13 14. říj. 2016 v 19.28 
look like the laviathin from Supernatural
Check Mark 7. říj. 2016 v 14.42 
Guys please, read the gosh dang picture title. It says "Mudman", so it only works on "Mudman". So check your sources before dumping your hate on a great mod.
PlagaMedicum 21. zář. 2016 v 9.28 
autor fix it pls!!!
Hoshii 31. srp. 2016 v 10.51 
mod does not work :_:
Sally Acorn™ 28. srp. 2016 v 21.13 
Also The Mudmen's Shadow Was Broken on this model
★Dr-Flopper★ 25. srp. 2016 v 21.36 
these are nova 6 crawler's for bo1 zombies
Ollie 13. srp. 2016 v 10.04 
it doesnt work mate, sort your shit out.
vindeller 27. čvc. 2016 v 21.27 
it is cool it is flood
Sophia Hardcore 13. čvc. 2016 v 0.38 
Doesnt work
randomaspland 9. čvc. 2016 v 7.29 

Its only for mud men.
Pippin 3. čvc. 2016 v 3.48 
Doesnt work -_- :(
people=shit 30. čvn. 2016 v 3.21 
do they gibb?
Y U R I K O 31. kvě. 2016 v 17.18 
HOLY SHIT i`m not gonna play swamp fever anymore haha
SaltNSpicez 27. kvě. 2016 v 19.51 
creepy af
Slightly Normal Meat 22. kvě. 2016 v 0.15 
@Mermaid Man it only changes the swamp people
gopnik 14. kvě. 2016 v 15.46 
wait shit, does this LITERALLY only apply to actual mud men in the one swamp misson?
gopnik 14. kvě. 2016 v 15.45 
wtf i subbed to this and i never changed the common infected into this
Major Wibble 30. dub. 2016 v 22.34 
This addon is great but the ragdoll is a bit too stiff.
Deez Nuts ! 17. dub. 2016 v 9.17 
call of
GamerBoy6000 6. dub. 2016 v 2.36 
temy want
Blue cake the alicorn 11. bře. 2016 v 14.45 
Bender they are