Portal 2
Lasers to open the Door
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[DA] nintendo.erk  [autor] 30 ago. 2013 a las 10:02 
yeah it's a timer, otherwise the exit will open and close all the time when a blinking laser activates it....
commander2005 30 ago. 2013 a las 8:22 
...and then the cube opens the door (in the machinery room) :)
Likely Un-Watermarked Cabin 1 ago. 2013 a las 21:58 
[DA] nintendo.erk  [autor] 12 jul. 2013 a las 13:09 
@ Likely Warm Cabin : CLICK HERE [www.dropbox.com] for a p2c file showing the door mechanics :)
[DA] nintendo.erk  [autor] 11 jul. 2013 a las 21:46 
that one is easy, just connect the laser receiver and pedestal button to a "or" gate and connect the "or" to the laser, that way it keeps itself active :)
Likely Un-Watermarked Cabin 11 jul. 2013 a las 18:04 
Really fun one! Do you think you can send me the p2c file so I can figure out how those three floor buttons can stay on without the pedestal button on?
[DA] nintendo.erk  [autor] 10 jun. 2013 a las 0:49 
thanks :)
I have more like that in my "toggling fizzlers" collection
feel free to take a look...
GreyBearKing 9 jun. 2013 a las 19:39 
Dude, you seriously do not cease to impress! I've seen sectioned puzzles like that before where you need to get each part to work to open the door, but not them interconnecting like how (SPOILERS AHEAD) how you had to shoot the lasers in between the rooms! I'm so going to tell Josh Jepson about your stuff when he's done with Fallout 3!