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Mount Your Friends
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kucenahrad 13 юли 2016 в 4:36 
mosh 28 май 2016 в 1:26 
Luv it
✪Stewie2k 14 декември 2015 в 13:17 
бомжовский голод 27 ноември 2014 в 6:35 
Stopped working Mount your friends.

i am never played .
Ravironio 20 ноември 2014 в 18:57 
There really should be a demo for this on Steam.
Like, only the level where you can climb the goat with a friend, and (MAYBE) no customization.
Qeelis 31 октомври 2014 в 4:37 

Stopped working Mount Your Friends,

never played.
Corrupted Gravity 4 август 2014 в 16:47 
Melting Terminal 1 август 2014 в 7:04 
I have an error where when I try to play the game, it says that Windows Media Player can't be found, even though I have it installed. The music is really important for the, ahem, "atmosphere" of this game for me, so any help would be appreciated.
Bibbs 29 юли 2014 в 16:57 
I sent my crashReport.txt
Stegersaurus Software  [автор] 29 юли 2014 в 16:52 
Your Mount Your Friends directory should have a file called crashReport.txt if it crashed. Can you send that to support@mountyourfriends.com?
Bibbs 29 юли 2014 в 16:50 
I'm having a huge problem and can't run the game at all. It just blackscreens right when I run it from steam and then closes. No error messages or anything. A little confused and I need some help.
Dixon Cox 29 юли 2014 в 12:10 
Where is the game man?! where is it!? it says

Coming soon
This item is not yet available.
Zen Manifold 22 юли 2014 в 22:52 
Awesome- long time player here (and one of the very best)-- are controllers also useable?
Stegersaurus Software  [автор] 20 юли 2014 в 20:11 
The release date is in fact scheduled for July 29th! It's in Coming Soon and you can visit the store page to see for yourself http://store.steampowered.com/app/296470
Dixon Cox 20 юли 2014 в 19:17 
Wait is the release day really July 29th?! how do you know?
SteeScribbles 18 юли 2014 в 18:56 
Game is due for release 29th July. No price yet.
mrPink.js 17 юли 2014 в 5:00 
cool !
(Si&De) Killera 16 юли 2014 в 0:29 
what is the holdup guys? No news since february? Come-ooon. How hard is it to port this game from x-box to PC? I mean it's not crysis, or skyrim. It weighs just over a quarter GBs if even that much. It's practically a flash game so pleeeeeeeease port it faster. We non-console players (aka PC gamers) want to mount our friends too :D:D At least give us some news
Bill Nein 8 юли 2014 в 1:44 
Cant wait for this game
Mystery Man 6 юли 2014 в 1:11 
omg plz put it out already
dwarf_toss 3 юли 2014 в 22:59 
I've no doubt that thousands of try-hards will buy this and never play it past launch day.

Don't quit that day job yet, fellas.
おとぎ 30 юни 2014 в 3:33 
make a mac port plz
Comm.Burst 29 юни 2014 в 13:16 
Horrible Horrible name for a game but im intrigued mount as in a wrestling take down right? not mount like......."Mount".....
rhubarb_lightning 26 юни 2014 в 20:13 
There should be an optional game rule that requires you to have at least one limb attached to a man's "zipper" or rear end area if you can't access the zipper.
Dixon Cox 24 юни 2014 в 15:36 
so when is this coming out? never? can somebody plz answer?
Justin 24 юни 2014 в 14:30 
Poncho 24 юни 2014 в 10:49 
hilariousniceguy 22 юни 2014 в 2:24 
Boosted Chocu 21 юни 2014 в 9:21 
Isronur 19 юни 2014 в 9:11 
Any new from this game?
CM Pepsi 10 юни 2014 в 12:50 
Jesus christ when will this be released?
Can't be THAT hard to port it.
DaniTheFury 10 юни 2014 в 7:45 
i need this
Remote☭ 1 юни 2014 в 8:22 
Got it for XBOX and it was fantastic can't wait for it on computer.
7 GRAND DAD 31 май 2014 в 22:05 
Oh lord I need this. The XBOX Arcade version was fantastic.
littlecheese 26 май 2014 в 10:40 
Played this on the xbox and its amazing! But it sure is taking a long time for pc here...
alcapa 20 май 2014 в 23:54 
any chance for early access?
Iron m8 19 май 2014 в 14:14 
when will it be realesed!
DaniTheFury 17 май 2014 в 5:38 
error 16 май 2014 в 12:17 
i wanna grab my freinds man boobs!!
rion 11 май 2014 в 10:38 
rion 11 май 2014 в 10:35 
The swinging junk and grunting sounds are hilarious. Dev a simple PC port/version first, so we can grind it a bit; I don't care about game modes, at first. We can always get updates later, so please, DO ITS NAO! As a final consideration, be sure that the X360 buttons, which label the limbs of the dudes in the initial release, are easily recognizeable in the PC port. That may prove difficult, given the variety of PC peripherals out there (I'm talking gamepads that plug into PC busses, of course.). Thus, maybe there is a method of labelling the limbs? We could have an option menu item that allows for selection of various colors or graphics (I'd prefer graphics, due to the ease of shape recognition.). I'm not bad at this game and would really enjoy unifying the sheep and man-junk, as long as the limbs AREN'T labelled with X360 gamepad "XYAB"; not everyone has a 360 controller to use on PC. Just a thought.. Thank you!
dos_neko 11 май 2014 в 9:23 
いったいいつになったらPC版でるんですか( ゚д゚)
Sapphiriko 7 май 2014 в 11:59 
Cludas 3 май 2014 в 21:21 
Rooster Prodigy 3 май 2014 в 21:20 
railgun7 3 май 2014 в 1:11 
Mr. Big 1 май 2014 в 21:37 
is this game ever going to be released? I swear it's been half a year since I voted for this.
Sergej Stukurev 25 април 2014 в 9:21 
I've been waiting for so long already... I sure hope the game will be worth it
daishi_sama 22 април 2014 в 17:47 
EPIC!!!!! :D
Hunter55 19 април 2014 в 0:57 
wont it now
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