The Infinity Sword (WIP)
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drake_nightstarr 1月21日 23時10分 
we could use a king of skyrim mod. that turns in to a player home. wth townspeople, special armor, weapons, and a army to control. attack any of the 9 holds. i do not have time to do the work. walls have to be around the whole town, and archer towers.. hell yeah
Zeref 1月8日 19時31分 
this mod is awesome and your one of the best mod creaters out there thx!
DEvasto  [作成者] 1月6日 23時10分 
Yeah, you'll just need to pop in help "infinity sword" into the console (which you can bring up by hitting the ~ key) in order to get the item ID, then do "player.additem [item id]" (without the quotes, of course)
Lelouch vi Britannia 1月6日 22時48分 
is there a command code to get it as the guy says in the 2nd video?
dimarik86russia 1月4日 3時47分 
The second screen to look like a Christmas garland
nlopezhuryn 2014年12月30日 12時24分 
I have an idea though, when there is the ability to have a second sword, make it like the bound sword, transparent, and mabye a little fire effect around it.
DEvasto  [作成者] 2014年12月27日 18時56分 
Bethesda themselves put treasure out there so clearly they figured it was traversible. The Become Ethereal shout is very useful for getting across the magma I've found.
Friday the Thirteenth 2014年12月27日 18時38分 
The ONLY reason to use this over the vanilla version is that you don't have to go through as much bullshit. Seriously, put the blade in a more...non-lethal location, please...
DEvasto  [作成者] 2014年12月21日 21時04分 
Funny you mention that. I'm actually working on another sword and was wanting to do that with it, but I ultimately didn't because it'd take some serious fiddling to get the script to work with a projectile cast by a sword.
nlopezhuryn 2014年12月21日 15時45分 
Also i have an idea, if you fire the fireball at the sky can it have the wrath of akatosh effect like auriel's bow?
nlopezhuryn 2014年12月21日 15時43分 
Well i have no idea, since the thing gets fixed once i dual weild. The problem turned out to be with the sword itself, since once i consoled in a diffrent one the problem went away.
DEvasto  [作成者] 2014年12月18日 13時26分 
Are you using the 1-handed version of the sword or the 2-handed? They both use the same script for the power-attack nonsense and I know it's not precisely 1:1 (Like, for example, using the greatsword version and doing a backwards power attack causes an AOE blast, when it should be a fireball since it's a horizontal swing) so it might be a mis-match in that regard. Maybe.

The other possibility is you're power attacking a little before moving sideways, enough that the script doesn't register your movement and thinks "Oh, he's standing still! Better nuke the area around 'im!" It's hard to say for sure what's really going on though, Skyrim's scripting engine is kind of bananas.
nlopezhuryn 2014年12月18日 12時53分 
But sadly, this sword's fireball attack has no effect. It just does the same AOE effect as if i used the vertical attack when i try to fire a fireball. YES I AM FIRING SIDEWAYS
nlopezhuryn 2014年12月18日 11時52分 
WITH THE INFINTY SWORD, I SHALL RULE THE EARTH!!!!!!! (quote dr. doom from "the superhero squad show song")
DEvasto  [作成者] 2014年12月4日 23時22分 
The fireballs are triggered by horizontal power attacks; that is, you move side to side while power attacking and it should zoop off a fireball. If it still doesn't, it's possible script lag is at fault there.
Starwarsfan1011 2014年12月4日 19時45分 
i FINALLY got the code you put in the console help infinity and by the way it cant shoot fireballs
DEvasto  [作成者] 2014年12月4日 12時04分 
Thanks, mate, glad you're enjoying it. :3

JonOceansBlood 2014年12月4日 10時43分 
Going to be totally honest here, this is one of my favorite swords, reducing people to piles of ash is always a blast, good job on this one.
DEvasto  [作成者] 2014年11月14日 11時32分 
In that case it sounds like the mod isn't active. Pop open the vanilla launcher and check the Data Files just to make sure, even if you're positive you activated it.
Starwarsfan1011 2014年11月14日 10時34分 
and the code does not work i tried help infinity sword it did not work
Starwarsfan1011 2014年11月14日 10時14分 
i already did that it was not there
DEvasto  [作成者] 2014年11月14日 10時13分 
It should be out in the lava beyond the Forge, stuck into the furthest rock. You should have a clear line of sight with it if you stand at the ramp to the left of the Forge. If it well and truly ain't there it's possible Skyrim Sorcery made it fall through, so TCL or TFC to check under the lava to see if it's lying around down there.
Starwarsfan1011 2014年11月14日 9時26分 
the sword is not there
BilboBaggins [TRADING] 2014年10月25日 13時21分 
this mod is awesome! i can fell its power already!!!!!!!!!!!!
BilboBaggins [TRADING] 2014年10月25日 13時21分 
ok thanks
DEvasto  [作成者] 2014年10月24日 23時18分 
Strafing all over the place is what you'd need to do in order to fire off the horizontal effect.
BilboBaggins [TRADING] 2014年10月24日 20時44分 
is there a way to make me do an horizontal attack every time?
BilboBaggins [TRADING] 2014年10月24日 20時17分 
BilboBaggins [TRADING] 2014年10月24日 20時12分 
wait its not even added to my skrim wtf i subscribed!!!!
BilboBaggins [TRADING] 2014年10月24日 19時51分 
BilboBaggins [TRADING] 2014年10月24日 19時34分 
its not working for me D:
BilboBaggins [TRADING] 2014年10月24日 13時09分 
i cant find the forge and i dont want to have to do abunch of quest
BilboBaggins [TRADING] 2014年10月24日 13時08分 
whats the item ip for this
I am SPACE 2014年8月21日 14時46分 
i like the name alduins tongue a lot sooooo coooooooooool you are the best
DEvasto  [作成者] 2014年8月6日 14時42分 
It's in the Aetherium Forge, which you get to via the Lost to the Ages quest, which you start by reading a book called The Aetherium Wars.
Schnausen Ausen 2014年8月6日 14時30分 
how do i get it?
DEvasto  [作成者] 2014年8月4日 10時54分 
No problem. :3
cynicalwaltz 2014年8月4日 10時54分 
really? Thats awesome! I'll look that up. Then the Atminian Order can ride together.Thank you.
DEvasto  [作成者] 2014年8月4日 10時48分 
Unless I'm misinterpreting, there is a mod on the Nexus that's in that vein called Familiar Faces. It lets you bring characters from other saves into whatever save you're playing as followers. Or enemies.
cynicalwaltz 2014年8月4日 10時39分 
Understood. Can't wait to see how it turns out! Keep up the hard work. I'm trying to learn how to do this stuff as well. I want to put my own characters in Skyrim as followers. :)
DEvasto  [作成者] 2014年8月3日 8時19分 
Thanks for the offer. :3 I do already have a storyline in mind for the sword's quest, the sticking point is actually MAKING it. The quest system in Skyrim is a complex mess that I have very little experience with, and then of course there's making the interiors (though that's probably the least problematic of the two).
cynicalwaltz 2014年8月3日 2時34分 
If you need help with a storyline, I can help. I'm quite skilled. Drop me a line
DEvasto  [作成者] 2014年7月27日 15時28分 
The book "The Aetherium Wars" can be found hither and yon in various places. One surefire spot for finding it is in the Hall of the Vigilant.
tyleulen007 2014年7月27日 14時32分 
were on the map should i look? or were is the book?
DEvasto  [作成者] 2014年7月14日 8時32分 
There is a chance for an explosion to go off when you hit a dragon but it shouldn't ragdoll the player, nor happen all the time. I'll give it the once-over and see if something needs to be tweaked.
GarryMcberryson 2014年7月14日 4時18分 
love the sword, but my first hit or first power attack on a dragon ragdolls me and sends me flying back. Any idea why? is a balancing thing or a glitch?
SupremeOrangeJuice 2014年7月10日 21時58分 
Wow this is strange so the effects work on my level 83 save for mods but they dont work on my level 21 save i use to play normally. It must a corrupt save. Oh boy!
Atlas Maltael 2014年7月10日 16時23分 
actualy that backslash explosion is not bad because you can blow away someone who get to close
DEvasto  [作成者] 2014年7月7日 16時15分 
I use FO3Archive for extraction purposes. It's pretty simple and easy to use compared to the program that comes with the Creation Kit, which requires .bsl files to even open BSAs.
SupremeOrangeJuice 2014年7月7日 12時04分 
What program should i use to extract the files?