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The Infinity Sword (WIP)
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freeway7113 22 Μαϊ στις 2:02μμ 
Diese Mond Kann ich nur Empfehlen daumen hoch das schwert is super
Nakasukai 13 Μαϊ στις 1:00μμ 
DEvasto  [Δημιουργός] 13 Μαϊ στις 6:26πμ 
It'll probably be a while. I have to design the other weapons and then make them, then set everything up in the CK. The armor would probably be the last thing since I'd need to get the hang of making & rigging armor.
FACEpuncher 13 Μαϊ στις 1:26πμ 
When will you make the new weapon types and armor?
DEvasto  [Δημιουργός] 10 Μαϊ στις 12:54μμ 
It's located in the Aetherium Forge, out past the forge itself and in a rock within the magma lake.
Hahnlowa371 9 Μαϊ στις 9:58πμ 
What is ID ? or Location ?
DEvasto  [Δημιουργός] 18 Φεβ στις 7:30μμ 
I'd say look at the quest's wiki page ( in the bugs section, it lists out common bugs with the quest and how to get around some of them. Grabbing the Unofficial Patch may help too since it fixes a lot of problems with the DLC and base game.
CAPTAINWESTWOOD 18 Φεβ στις 7:26μμ 
CAPTAINWESTWOOD 18 Φεβ στις 7:26μμ 
DEvasto  [Δημιουργός] 18 Φεβ στις 7:15μμ 
It's fortunately not *required* to complete the quest, just helpful at a certain point in the ruin.
CAPTAINWESTWOOD 18 Φεβ στις 5:47μμ 
CAPTAINWESTWOOD 18 Φεβ στις 5:45μμ 
CAPTAINWESTWOOD 18 Φεβ στις 5:44μμ 
DEvasto  [Δημιουργός] 18 Φεβ στις 4:46μμ 
Arkngthamz is located southeast of Dushnik Yal, and almost directly west of Valthume.
CAPTAINWESTWOOD 18 Φεβ στις 4:41μμ 
DEvasto  [Δημιουργός] 18 Φεβ στις 4:11μμ 
It should've added an objective to investigate Arkngthamz to your miscellaneous quests section, but if nothing happened it's possible you might've already read the book at some point. I'd say double-check your miscellaneous quests and see if there's any about investigating Arkngthamz. If there's nothing there to that effect you can go straight to Arkngthamz and see if the Lost to the Ages quest starts. There is a bug where reading the book doesn't add the misc. objective and going to Arkngthamz doesn't start the Lost to the Ages quest, hopefully though that's not what's going on.
CAPTAINWESTWOOD 18 Φεβ στις 3:35μμ 
CAPTAINWESTWOOD 18 Φεβ στις 3:34μμ 
DEvasto  [Δημιουργός] 18 Φεβ στις 1:13μμ 
It's scattered about in the world, but the one place I know for sure it's at is the Hall of the Vigilant, even when it's been burnt by vampires. Once you read it it'll start the Lost to the Ages quest and you'll be on your merry way to the Aetherium Forge. Provided, of course, you have the required DLC for this version of the mod.
CAPTAINWESTWOOD 18 Φεβ στις 11:13πμ 
CAPTAINWESTWOOD 17 Φεβ στις 6:27μμ 
DEvasto  [Δημιουργός] 12 Ιαν στις 1:07μμ 
Haha whoops. Well at least you managed to get things workin'. :3
Jester 12 Ιαν στις 12:33μμ 
Ummmm....I fixed it....used the help infinity thing and tried it out....killed alot of people in windhelm on accident ^^'
DEvasto  [Δημιουργός] 12 Ιαν στις 11:51πμ 
More than likely. There've been a number of changes to the scripts and I've found that, with the power attack effect setup at least, when those scripts are modified extensively Papyrus just falls into a heap and refuses to get up until you do a "clean" save. I laid out instructions on what to do for that a few comments down.
Jester 12 Ιαν στις 11:14πμ 
I've still got the sword after the update but oddly enough the effects don't work anymore; the burning effects are still active but whenever I do the powerswing, nothing. Anyone think it most be script erroring with the new update?
Fire 6 Δεκ 2015 στις 12:12μμ 
yeah i didn't know what the (1H) ment tanks
DEvasto  [Δημιουργός] 5 Δεκ 2015 στις 9:38πμ 
There is, yeah, you can change the 2-handed version to a 1-hander at a smelter.
Fire 4 Δεκ 2015 στις 8:02μμ 
is there a 1-hand tyep
starwarsfan1011 12 Νοε 2015 στις 2:24μμ 
You make the best mods :)
DEvasto  [Δημιουργός] 20 Οκτ 2015 στις 10:56πμ 
I had the same issue in the midst of testing the update. Because of the script changes and how Skyrim's script engine works, it's sort of stuck thinking that there isn't anything going on, so what you'll want to do is the following:

1. Load up Skyrim and your most recent save, then put the sword, if you have it, into a container.

2. Save the game in a new slot, then quit.

3. Disable the mod in the Data Files section of the vanilla launcher.

4. Open up Skyrim and load the save you made in Step 2. Wait a minute or two real-time before making another new save in a new slot, then quit.

5. Reactivate the mod in the Data Files section.

6. Open up Skyrim and load the save you made in Step 4. Check the container you put the sword into, if you did. If the sword's still there, you should be golden, but in the even it's not you can retrieve it from the Forge again, provided you didn't after the update, or do "help infinity" in the console to get the ID.
Clamchaoder 19 Οκτ 2015 στις 6:12μμ 
Alright, so still have sword after update. HOWEVER, I'm finding that the one-handed version isn't doing anything with regards to the effects of power attacks.Two-handed works fine (i used console command to spawn one to test out). Any thoughts on why?
DEvasto  [Δημιουργός] 9 Οκτ 2015 στις 6:24μμ 
No problem, hope you can get the sword back. :3
ya boi maury povich1g 9 Οκτ 2015 στις 6:23μμ 
thanks m88
DEvasto  [Δημιουργός] 9 Οκτ 2015 στις 6:21μμ 
I'd double check the Data Files section of the vanilla launcher to make sure the mod's active, in case it got switched off somehow. I had the sword vanish from a chest I put it in, but it was present in the Aetherium Forge in its usual spot when I paid the Forge a visit. If all else fails though, you can do the ol "help infinity" (without quotes) in the console to get the sword's ID.
ya boi maury povich1g 9 Οκτ 2015 στις 6:14μμ 
i subscribbed to this mod before the recent update. since the recent update, the sword has been taken from my incentory and i cannot seem to find it in the forge. ive redownloaded the mod a few times for the updates to take a full effect and i still cannot recieve the sword as i could have in the last update. if you will, could you please tell me what has happened and what i should do for me to get the sword again.
ya boi
Cwhit01 20 Σεπ 2015 στις 9:48πμ 
DEvasto  [Δημιουργός] 19 Σεπ 2015 στις 9:17μμ 
Its base damage is 30, no doubt more depending on the level of your relevant skills and whether it's tempered or not. The enchantment adds onto that, though, so the final result will be fairly high. Can't exactly give an exact number though.
Cwhit01 19 Σεπ 2015 στις 7:14μμ 
What are it's stats? Is it comparable to Ebony or Deadric?
Raspberry Codeine 11 Αυγ 2015 στις 3:01πμ 
DEvasto  [Δημιουργός] 9 Αυγ 2015 στις 10:00πμ 
It is possible to do, but I think for most folk it would get annoying to constantly be hurling fireballs with every swing. Plus, doing that wouldn't be in line with the sword's functionality; the idea is that greater force behind a swing causes more energy to be released in the form of a projectile.
Thunder God 9 Αυγ 2015 στις 7:07πμ 
ok it works
thanks for the info

is it possible to make that everytime you hit it summons a fireball ? i mean without power attack
DEvasto  [Δημιουργός] 7 Αυγ 2015 στις 3:54μμ 
If you're just standing when doing power attacks, that'll result in explosions. Standing or forward-moving power attacks will result in explosions, fireballs result from going side to side.
Thunder God 7 Αυγ 2015 στις 9:32πμ 
well i tried 1-handed (also double) and 2-handed and every time i do a power attack i get a explsion where i stand and no fireball.

maybe u can help me
СРУЛЬ 20 Ιουλ 2015 στις 3:33πμ 
как его скрафтить?
Lord Kamina 28 Ιουν 2015 στις 9:26πμ 
It's entirely possible that the sword needs some optimizations, because it's tried to murder my framerate a few times. Aside from that, this is 100% Kamina-sama approved! Because !!EXPLOSIONS!!.
DEvasto  [Δημιουργός] 26 Ιουν 2015 στις 3:41μμ 
I don't rightly know why exactly this seems to happen to some people. My best guess is that old hat script lag, which I know can cause delays in the firing script's response, even to the point it fails. I'd say try faffing about with a different weapon for a bit and then return to using the sword, see if that clears anything up.
AZMaster 26 Ιουν 2015 στις 3:23μμ 
hey sorry to be a bother but i was having what i think is a bug and so i was using the sword (one handed) when it lost it's effect to shoot fire balls and/or make explosions but kept its other effect and i didnt change any mods or anything that i had so i was wondering if you might have any idea about how to fix this thanks for your time.
Nameless Outsider 15 Ιουν 2015 στις 12:11μμ 
thank you ^^ its a very cool sword by the way...kinda reminds me of the weird one in dragonborn
DEvasto  [Δημιουργός] 15 Ιουν 2015 στις 11:47πμ 
It's the YY Mystic Knight animation replacer, which you can grab on the Nexus. It also modifies the animations for spellcasting somewhat.
Nameless Outsider 15 Ιουν 2015 στις 11:20πμ 
how did you make your chick stand like that when not attacking? and the running? what mod?