Цей продукт було додано до Greenlight завдяки спільноті!

Спільнота продемонструвала свою зацікавленість цією програмою. Valve зв’язалися з розробником та розпочали підготовку релізу програми у Steam.

FL Studio
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『§ Silent:Clarity§』 23 год. тому 
Toadroller 15 кві о 4:45am 
Afilexo 12 кві о 9:40am 
Сколько можно ждать?
KristianXD1 12 кві о 9:16am 
i'm starting to consider just assigning a shortcut of FL Studio to steam... i mean seriously! it's taking too long! i already bought FL... but it would be cool to have it on steam anyway...
fabbri1088 10 кві о 11:41am 
ok ok ok
Hephaestus {Pr0} 10 кві о 5:01am 
Boomstixx 30 бер о 8:46am 
I need this! So please add this to Steam ASAP! Would buy it instantly!
DigitalSnip3r 25 бер о 12:10pm 
Would like to download this right now. When will it be put on Steam?
A$AP godBrother ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 16 бер о 5:58pm 
hurry ffs put it out already
bakteria 14 бер о 11:14pm 
YES !!!!!!!!!!
Axzact 14 бер о 8:27pm 
been waiting for this for a loooong time now
[E.H.] Lagman 12 бер о 1:33pm 
Hey, add this to steam!!
[E.H.] Lagman 9 бер о 7:48am 
When for steam?
STC| Dters 5 бер о 1:29am 
come on steam what is happening??????????????????????????????????
Lelo 22 лют о 6:07pm 
Ich liebe FL Studio!!!
camellia 22 лют о 7:19am 
endless waiting
MIDI >:3 21 лют о 2:48pm 
Fl studio On lunix?
Sasquatch 19 лют о 2:39pm 
love forever Image-Line
Sasquatch 19 лют о 2:34pm 
love epic beats
Sasquatch 19 лют о 2:30pm 
TJLBeatz - Fl Studio Fl Style.
Fl Studio top program
Sasquatch 19 лют о 1:41pm 
Please Release
Живой Салат☭ 15 лют о 10:14am 
Must have!
Thug Aim 14 лют о 4:16pm 
ASFDKJWSDKFJ Please Release it on here :(
khotan 14 лют о 10:02am 
Nice and professional, anxious to see this software out.
3nactiVe 9 лют о 7:50pm 
release this already
20% 4 лют о 7:11am 
shut up and take my money!
TheChoasPaladin 1 лют о 5:47pm 
When will this come out?
Kay_LSM 29 січ о 9:39am 
m30w 28 січ о 2:04pm 
Hope this is in the store soon, cant wait
AlucaяD 21 січ о 8:36pm 
any chance of getting in if you already bought the official website or you need to buy again?
vara. 14 січ о 10:36pm 
garfield1983 13 січ о 11:00am 
Очень люблю программы на русском языке или с подробным русскоязычным мануалом.
Noxo 12 січ о 11:18am 
They better have plugin sales, especially for Sylenth1 !
Frederica 10 січ о 4:48am 
oh it's actually been greenlit!! thanks volvo!
WahWah 1 січ о 7:11pm 
Probably the best DAW out there
Бимо 30 гру 2013 о 8:09am 
вай вай вай
Wertigo 29 гру 2013 о 9:30am 
Good stuff.
benmaz 27 гру 2013 о 5:50pm 
Aguandando ansioso!
NΔPSTER *Razer 26 гру 2013 о 5:36am 
delta7343 23 гру 2013 о 7:34am 
lol great for those who do live music with the dram mascin
delta7343 23 гру 2013 о 7:31am 
Lo consiglio
Jungle Fighter 22 гру 2013 о 6:53pm 
"Soon..." - they said.
That's all.
I'm tired to wait. =((( Soooo loooong... Why?
SOUL4DONUTS 20 гру 2013 о 1:31am 
Nice software!
v_5ac 19 гру 2013 о 9:13am 
i wanna this one as xmas prez
(MG3) Raphafrei 18 гру 2013 о 1:15pm 
KristianXD1 17 гру 2013 о 12:02pm 
Please release soon :D
Snappy Fish 13 гру 2013 о 11:42am 
Awesome!!! Best Music Production Software in the world! Good job guys!
Chicken 12 гру 2013 о 8:23am 
PLUS! I want to see some crazy sales on steam for this programm like steam did with Black Ink :D
Chicken 12 гру 2013 о 8:21am 
A friend of me has the programm and its AWSOME! There is also a scholarship edition with some addons/plugins and for less the price if you are still at school :)
MrGamerFury [AJSA] 11 гру 2013 о 1:48pm 
I have this software, and can say that it is very close to my heart. Installing updates would be incredibly easy on Steam. Would LOVE to see this make an appearance.