¡La Comunidad ha dado luz verde a este software!

La comunidad ha mostrado su interés por este software. Valve se ha puesto en contacto con este desarrollador para comenzar con los trámites que llevarían a su lanzamiento en Steam.

FL Studio
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A Multicolored Equine 9 de Jul a las 6:52 
rekanan 5 de Jul a las 19:29 
DJ 3nVade 5 de Jul a las 15:20 
plz bring it to steam
Adrienex112 5 de Jul a las 4:53 
Yeah! I wait :D
[asl_ls] 5 de Jul a las 2:57 
jeimon81 3 de Jul a las 21:21 
slenGypsum 1 de Jul a las 11:54 
One of the best audio production apps ever created.
/V4P0R/ 27 de Jun a las 13:20 
Wtf?? FL Studio on Steam?? Count me in!
The Orange Knight 26 de Jun a las 17:54 
I would love this.
Rise 26 de Jun a las 4:18 
At last I can finally afford FL Studio. Sorry to say that I've been messing aroudn with teh pirated version because I dont have a credit card but now that it's finally on steam I can finally go get a steam card and buy this monster legit.
┼ Haunted Mouse ┼ 24 de Jun a las 17:08 
Leonardo D'Avicii 21 de Jun a las 6:09 
FL studio is one of the oldest and most powerfull DAWs on the market. Aside from the best freaking mixer in the universe, great playlist, amazing piano roll and a step sequencer like you never seen, FL studio has a plugin for whatever you're trying to achive. Also FL studio have FREE FREAKING UPDATE FOREVER so you will always be up to date on the newest trends in the industry. The best part thou is the performance mode where you can connect a midicontroller and program it to play samples, effects and automation etc. (Madeon/M4sonic style)
[h1]Great buy 10/10[/h1]
Mr Unknown 14 de Jun a las 8:20 
Another point about it, Valve take certain percent of earning profit from them selling on Steam, so yeah, they would rather sell via their website where they earn 100% of profit.
Mr Unknown 14 de Jun a las 8:19 
This Will not be steam for the fact they already making money from selling on their site, and yet it works on windows without steam. so really speaking, it's pointless for them to release on Steam. simple.
Squidborne_Destiny 11 de Jun a las 12:29 
You nkow this software i already available just not on steam
AlnicoVsac 3 de Jun a las 3:06 
when it comes........................................................
HansZer ツ 2 de Jun a las 11:57 
Need this now !
Revolution ヽ( ᐛ )ノ 19 de May a las 10:33 
any news on when its releasing on steam?
!B0XY 17 de May a las 17:20 
I think I'll just buy it from their site
Lynxs 5 de May a las 22:38 
i very like this software. coz help me to make the music. very simple :D
бур'ян для breakfast 3 de May a las 21:50 
vait xD
[ Endless ] 코마 ° 29 de Abr a las 11:23 
I can't vait hah!
MayB●Setting High me● 22 de Abr a las 2:33 
Toadroller 15 de Abr a las 4:45 
Afilexo 12 de Abr a las 9:40 
Сколько можно ждать?
KristianXD1 12 de Abr a las 9:16 
i'm starting to consider just assigning a shortcut of FL Studio to steam... i mean seriously! it's taking too long! i already bought FL... but it would be cool to have it on steam anyway...
fabbri1088 10 de Abr a las 11:41 
ok ok ok
Heracles {Pr0} 10 de Abr a las 5:01 
Boomstixx 30 de Mar a las 8:46 
I need this! So please add this to Steam ASAP! Would buy it instantly!
DigitalSnip3r 25 de Mar a las 12:10 
Would like to download this right now. When will it be put on Steam?
godBrother 16 de Mar a las 17:58 
hurry ffs put it out already
BAKTERIA 14 de Mar a las 23:14 
YES !!!!!!!!!!
AXZACT 14 de Mar a las 20:27 
been waiting for this for a loooong time now
[E.H.] Lagman 12 de Mar a las 13:33 
Hey, add this to steam!!
[E.H.] Lagman 9 de Mar a las 7:48 
When for steam?
STC| Dters 5 de Mar a las 1:29 
come on steam what is happening??????????????????????????????????
Lelo 22 de Feb a las 18:07 
Ich liebe FL Studio!!!
lana 22 de Feb a las 7:19 
endless waiting
M is for Midi 21 de Feb a las 14:48 
Fl studio On lunix?
Sasquatch 19 de Feb a las 14:39 
love forever Image-Line
Sasquatch 19 de Feb a las 14:34 
love epic beats
Sasquatch 19 de Feb a las 14:30 
TJLBeatz - Fl Studio Fl Style.
Fl Studio top program
Sasquatch 19 de Feb a las 13:41 
Please Release
Живой Салат☭ 15 de Feb a las 10:14 
Must have!
Thug Aim 14 de Feb a las 16:16 
ASFDKJWSDKFJ Please Release it on here :(
khotan 14 de Feb a las 10:02 
Nice and professional, anxious to see this software out.
3nactiVe 9 de Feb a las 19:50 
release this already
Isis Ra El 4 de Feb a las 7:11 
shut up and take my money!
TheChoasPaladin 1 de Feb a las 17:47 
When will this come out?
Kay_LSM 29 de Ene a las 9:39