Irish Playable Race
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Von-Reaper 10月2日 10時18分 
True Now all we need is the claymore's and then were set
[NZY]Hannibal the Cannibal 9月25日 18時44分 
I dig it lol :P
First Responce Zombie Control 9月4日 17時59分 
I'm part Irish.
First Responce Zombie Control 9月4日 17時59分 
Bydax 7月31日 9時42分 
Irish Do Like Potatoes at least my family does
ying_ko13 7月27日 15時00分 
Sure'n I'm lookin' forward to playin' this one begorra.
ying_ko13 7月27日 9時24分 
No! We are NOT always drunk!
arenr2004 7月13日 20時24分 
rases much
Scottish Bastard 6月28日 16時41分 
General Lee, Amen!
General Lee 6月25日 13時32分 
It's a shame there isn't a Scottish version, I just think the idea of Skyrim would suit a highlander better! But I imagine they would just be very similar in physical perks
jaderive 5月24日 3時16分 
lol potatoes
Lust 4月7日 18時17分 
finally some respect for the Irish
ArakalFlamescale 4月3日 19時51分 
This should be fun to use XD
ADHDSPARTAN 3月24日 11時03分 
i typed in potato and this is what came up. thats so fucking funny
lisa.tudoroiu 3月14日 3時44分 
I am offended! : ) good mod. Havent had much luck with race mods so I will give it a try
Cavalier  [作成者] 3月13日 19時01分 
I said they're not magical because magic does not exist within this realm.

*most are always drunk
Connorpistol 3月13日 18時21分 
there not magical, they're just always drunk. (sorry if thats racist and offends you)
Nimue 3月12日 19時02分 
OMG the more I read the weirder it gets; "The Irish are not magical people" -really? Who came up with Leprechuans, and the Tuatha De Danaan and the Seeley Court, puhleeese!! The Irish (and I am mostly Irish) have a long history of having at least semi-magical ancestors such as Cu Cuhlainn and have at least as rich a mythology as any place in the world. I don't mind if you come up with a surrogate race you call Irish that live in Tamrielan Plane but don't confuse them with the Irish who live in our plane of existence. BTW the reason that potatoes are associated with Ireland is because it was about the only thing the English Landowners let them keep. So they migrateds to the U.S. and Canada. I don't like to rant like this but puhleeese!
Nimue 3月12日 18時24分 
This is getting dumb. First, if Skyrim and the Nords were on our planet, potatoes should not even be in the game since they were not known in Europe until the Americas were discovered circa 1500 AD - The Irish would not go to Scandinavia for potatoes;LOL seriously folks - Plus this isn't earth it is a separate plane known as Tamriel, sheesh, try to stay with that concept for a few minutes at least. Nords are Irish people, woohoo ,what you been smoking or ingesting General Lee. Nobody could make this up it is way too bizarre.
Rammsestein 3月10日 7時39分 
Oh indeed :)
Cavalier  [作成者] 3月10日 7時36分 
No, Nords are the Scandivan People. Also, I've been working on bug fixes/updates for all my mos, especially this one.
Rammsestein 3月10日 7時30分 
Nords are irish people
Billonibia 3月8日 17時29分 
Maybe throwable potatoes?
Billonibia 3月8日 17時29分 
Well, this is nice, but i find the lack of potatoes in skyrim to be disturbing.
BromineAddict 3月8日 13時05分 
Oi! I know i've run into this problem with other race mods when you impersonate the Gourmet the chef will only do part of the dialogue. I'm suggesting if you can you should maybe set it to just say they are a Nord or Breton or something along those lines.
pheonixwolfgirl 3月8日 10時55分 
I'm of Irish decent on both sides of my family. And a little German on my dad's side. Oh, and POTATOS are awesome.
LordDawson 1月8日 15時02分 
im irish im going to subscribe to this guy your awesome

greatdragon 2013年12月10日 13時04分 
{KAP}Konotsu 2013年9月7日 5時26分 
It pushed the powers up one, so high elves got the irish boosts and the dark elves got the highelf bonuses
Cavalier  [作成者] 2013年8月29日 22時52分 
That is quite odd...I'm not much of a modder, but the race has nothing to do with High Elves..
All I did was copy and edit the Nord File...
{KAP}Konotsu 2013年8月29日 0時53分 
One problem. If you try to play high elf with this mod on, it gets the Irish stat ups, not the +50 in magika
Riobeárd 2013年7月8日 12時38分 
I'm Irish. Glad someone made a mod like this. Maith thú, Céile!!!
Belligerent Bagel 2013年6月28日 12時26分 
Ah, Go fecking Maith!
Cavalier  [作成者] 2013年6月25日 22時17分 
I like that Idea...It's viable since there is Beef and Cabbage...
stef.a.hahn 2013年6月25日 1時42分 
This mod should add a recipe for food: Corned Beef & Cabbage
Cavalier  [作成者] 2013年6月23日 15時04分 
Yeah..Once I find out how to make armor I'll make some @~@

Maybe some celtic knots, probably both heavy and light
mykalbuckle 2013年6月23日 10時45分 
Kewl, so now I can really play as myself, any celt armor planned to go with this?
would be nice to have some good light armor in green tartan
Gambit 2013年6月22日 19時45分 
Cavalier  [作成者] 2013年6月22日 18時48分 
No problemo amigo
Dilpickle 2013年6月22日 10時57分 
Thank you for putting on nexus! :)
godofconsole 2013年6月21日 17時48分 
Not quite accurate, they need a stat debuff if they don't drink alcohol at least once a day.
Gambit 2013年6月17日 23時04分 
Fair enough the Nexus can be annoying, but give it a try. And the Celtic mod sounds intrigring add some good warrior skills and what not
Cavalier  [作成者] 2013年6月17日 13時04分 
Tbh I don't really like the nexus but I'll give it a try...

Perhaps I should make a seperate mod for Celtic race?
Gambit 2013年6月17日 1時35分 
Also @Seantastic one more thing when your done put it on Nexus so that others can use it because I Love this mod and so will others
Gambit 2013年6月15日 18時28分 
Cavalier  [作成者] 2013年6月15日 18時13分 
@wpogowee88 Restro it is.
@Sky Captain Sehguhnai Steel Eyes Don't they already have Flame and Heal? I'll add oakflesh or calm, I'll have to mull it over
@AwkwardGuy Okay Dokey

But you have to remeber I based this off the irish, not the picts.
Gambit 2013年6月15日 15時22分 
Also @ToT_Dorchet was right get rid of the Heavy Armor and Smithing but also ditch the Block and drop the Two-Handed to 5, but keep the Speech, Then add sort of the magical stuff like if they are going to commincate with nature, so to speak, like @wpogowee88 said then add ilousion for the calming magic, add restoration. Also probaly add +5 One-Handed cause this seems like its going to be a really good Spell-Sword Class you know like Healing, Alteration, illsoiun, One-Handed really the race that im looking for with the 10+ Speech and the +5 Two-Handed they could still become good warriors and very rich!
Gambit 2013年6月15日 15時11分 
@wpogowee88 is right sort of that kind of magic but @Sky Captain Sehguhnai Steel Eyes is also right so why not give them as starter magic, Healing, Calm with a power called something like "The Leprechaun Protection" or something, and make it do like somesort of Oakflesh thing but way more power and it lasts heaps longer, oh and make it sort of green cause that will look heaps more Irish
Sky Captain Sehguhnai Steel Eyes 2013年6月15日 14時24分 
They should start off with the standard stuff, Flame and Heal, but they should also have Oakflesh, cos' you know, they fought naked and shit. They must have known Oak Flesh
wpogowee88 2013年6月15日 12時21分 
The calming magics and ability to bond with nature were needed to use the animals and land.