Portal 2
The Mountain
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LPChip  [автор] 29 януари 2014 в 5:07 сутринта 
haha, you're welcome. Note that an additional jumping platform becomes visible once the door is open, to make that jump.
stormsend 29 януари 2014 в 4:43 сутринта 
Duh. I knew it was a simple thing. Thanks
LPChip  [автор] 29 януари 2014 в 4:40 сутринта 
Yes it sends you past it to the exit platform, which appens to be right above the entrance. ;)
stormsend 29 януари 2014 в 4:39 сутринта 
i had found the second button and saw the door open above the stairs . I just couldn't see how to get up there. The angled panel sends you past it. I probably missed something simple.
LPChip  [автор] 29 януари 2014 в 4:28 сутринта 
There's a second pedastal button hidden in the mountain that opens as soon as you hit the first pedastal button. The entire idea of the easteregg is that its a hunt. You can spot the first pedastal button if you look closely, and once you do, you have to find the other entrance. You can do so from a distance, but it is really really hard to see it that way. Another way is by flinging at a few spots and look all around. Or if you really need to, no clip and fly around to find it.
stormsend 29 януари 2014 в 1:16 сутринта 
I'm no ninja so I guess that's why I like this map. It's more about thinking than skill at flying. Most of the portaling is fairly easy if you know where to do it. Very good design for the puzzle. I saw a purple and black sky as the others did. Oh well. I didn't let it bother me. I used the pedestal button for the easter egg but I had to noclip to get a look at it, I could not see how to get there. I had fun with this one. Good job.
LPChip  [автор] 7 октомври 2013 в 6:36 сутринта 
Oh and the button opens a second room in the mountain. that button opens the easter egg.
LPChip  [автор] 7 октомври 2013 в 6:34 сутринта 
Hmm... nope, I did it right. I have no idea why the skyboxes are not showing up for you guys.
LPChip  [автор] 7 октомври 2013 в 5:55 сутринта 
I think I know what went wrong. I'll try and update the skybox one again and report here.
| \_/ () 7 октомври 2013 в 5:46 сутринта 
wow, what a map! something in it just felt right. nice one. I didn't quite get what the button was for but whatever. I see you uploaded the map because of the skybox complaints but now it looks like a purple-black checkerboard TO ME.
PackSciences 6 октомври 2013 в 11:22 сутринта 
LPChip  [автор] 7 юни 2013 в 9:51 сутринта 
Updated the map. Fixed a way to skip most of the puzzle and added the skybox texture into the file, so now it should work. Also added a way to get back from the panel in case you decide to stop flinging while climbing the mountain.
LPChip  [автор] 4 юни 2013 в 2:09 следобед 
Huh, really? Thats weird. I subsribed to the map myself so it downloads to my pc, and it shows fine here. Stagger Lee confirmed it works fine on his computer, and afterall the sky is a stock Portal2 sky. I'll look into this. I'm not that fond of the sky anyway, so I'll see if I can replace the sky with one from half life or team fortress and pack it into the bsp file. That way it is guaranteed to work. Still strange that it doesn't work right now. Even according to the wiki, that sky is native to portal2.
Catch 4 юни 2013 в 12:58 следобед 
i mean the sky is purple and black with a checkered pattern
LPChip  [автор] 4 юни 2013 в 1:45 сутринта 
@ Stagger Lee: Its a flinging map, yes. But here at Aperture Science, we do not say that you fling from A to B, we say that we test you to go from A to B.

@Catches07: What do you mean by missing texture? If you refer to the mountain not actually having a mountain texture, it has 2 reasons. 1. There is none in the stock textures nor do I have a good one. 2: At Aperture Science we have made this mountain as a training exercise. Therefor it does not have to be realistic.
Catch 3 юни 2013 в 8:00 следобед 
um missing texture?
Stagger Lee 3 юни 2013 в 6:16 следобед 
Flinging skills, you mean.