Raven Witch Armor
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ElitarnyDuch™ Há 13 horas 
NPSK, use code - click ` click on chest and write "unlock" and enter,
So someone can give me code to this armor? it's not here
NPSK 19 Out às 1:25 
cant open. need a key
ElitarnyDuch™ 18 Out às 5:02 
Plase code for that armor, cuz it isn't near appirence stone!
Onyphim 15 Out às 15:27 
Went to the location... It wasn't there. Reloaded the game and tried again. Nothin'. Perhaps a bug?
xX_RustyNeedles_Xx 26 Set às 13:31 
whats the hair mod?
madiekester 21 Set às 1:59 
you make some of the most amazing armor mods out there but will you ever try a weapon mod??
ϟ antleft GR ϟ 20 Set às 3:06 
make the blood wich armor :3
Rage 13 Set às 3:51 
And hair?
Rage 13 Set às 3:46 
What's the mod for this tattoo?

ProphetOfShrek 7 Set às 7:17 
what is the warpaint mod you are using?
(✿ʘ‿ʘ) Granger 11 Ago às 5:00 
I apologise, it wasn't the mod, which is really awesome. I'll delete my comments. :)
cb_846 10 Ago às 15:32 
@Granger, if you open Showracemenu from console it will randomly change your stats, it's not the armor.
Satyr  [autor] 10 Ago às 6:49 
@Granger....You are delusional lol. This mod has been released for more than a year and half at Nexus and i even used it myself several times...never heard let alone nor experienced myself what you are describing. If the mod had that kind of impact, i would have known and therefore put the notice in the description. You need to sit and carefully pinpoint where your issue came from because it's definetly not my mod.
NoLevee 6 Ago às 15:56 
You might want to consider giving either Abaris or Hecate a chest key as well. No reason other than sometimes a corpse can get lost in those weeds and swamp. If that corpse happens to be Baba Yaga, well . . .
Pink4443 29 Jul às 13:45 
Thank you Thank you thank you I love this!!! its really nice. ive been looking for a good armor mod for a while now and im definatly keeping this one! :-)
Lucy 25 Jul às 12:10 
Make a black mask
Satyr  [autor] 25 Jul às 7:18 
@ elliotb44 Reading is truly a hard thing. I specified in the description that it was a female only mod but nooo reading a mod description is such a waste of time...
Dragan Diddlez 25 Jul às 0:27 
@elliotb44 Did you put it on a male character? It says female only in the desc so that may be your problem.
elliotb44 23 Jul às 21:20 
mask doesnt work and the armor doesnt look anything like it does in the picture looks like the dark brotherhood armor. i like the cape tho lol
boyd1 23 Jul às 8:45 
I had to start a new game to get the armor working proper. had some very funny glitches with this but looks and works great
Satyr  [autor] 22 Jul às 22:38 
@Boyd1 Body mods ? Nope.
boyd1 22 Jul às 11:46 
seems this mod is glitching on me got it to work once looked great
boyd1 22 Jul às 6:52 
what do you use any body mods with this?
boyd1 22 Jul às 6:51 
did I say skimpy, I ment skin tight. it looks more of a clothing option then an armor is all I'm saying.
Satyr  [autor] 21 Jul às 13:41 
@Boyd1 Skimpy? lol Seriously what did you smoke?
boyd1 21 Jul às 9:38 
too thin and skimpy for my tastes but looks cool
Sir Ord 18 Jul às 23:42 
Could you just make the mask for males?
ii4oii 17 Jul às 17:36 
very good
JURAKS 9 Jul às 14:40 
would love to have an all black retex of it, as the meshes look awesome. Regardless Great work as its one of the best female armor mods i=I've eveer seen
lillova10111 1 Jul às 0:02 
It keeps crashing everytime when one of the hag ravens are almost killed I don't know why
Keycase 29 Jun às 22:59 
found it. i just installed wrong
Keycase 29 Jun às 22:29 
i cant find in steel catagory.. helpp
Seesthroughwalls 25 Jun às 12:07 
Is the cloak gent compatible? I've no problem with the main armour being No Boys Allowed, but the cloak would be a nice consolation prize.
NightPENGUlN 23 Jun às 18:40 
i want a bad ass male version that takes inspiration from Hal's moving castle sooooo bad.
Grim 21 Jun às 4:24 
awesome armo, could you make a male version of Jon Snow? Because it's exactly what it looks like from behind :) <3
TWDClementinez 17 Jun às 6:27 
Can you please give me the link for the character graphics you used for your model.
deadlyifrit 15 Jun às 23:39 
what happens if a male character tries to wear it? will he have boobs? xD
Xmus Jaxon Flaxon-Waxon 11 Jun às 18:20 
This is awesome bro!
The Rev 10 Jun às 19:32 
jaw dropping work, yet again! love it!
Werewolfgirl19 8 Jun às 20:38 
nvm the mod just wasn't dowloading right xD
Werewolfgirl19 8 Jun às 20:28 
I downloaded the mod for some of my followers, but i'm jealous cuz i wish it went on males XD
RivalThuraxHD 27 Mai às 17:12 
i loc=ve ittttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt/////
RivalThuraxHD 27 Mai às 17:12 
this armor is awesome good job
HuweyII 26 Mai às 15:37 
I need help. I put this armor on my new charater and when I took it off...her enitre body was black. Literally. What happened?
KippyPirate 18 Mai às 19:41 
I love this armor. Also, what makeup and eyes were you using for your character?
Xainmystical_mc 17 Mai às 3:07 
for some reason it does not work what do i do if it does not work?
MoonCake2122 13 Mai às 14:07 
The Hagravens hurt... bad I say if your not that high a level to bring a fallower or the Hags will destroy you
Mr. Kitty 11 Mai às 18:43 
i need help really bad, every mod i sub to wont load and wont be in my data files, i need help NOW!!!
Mr. Kitty 11 Mai às 11:36 
Its not in my data files