The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Raven Witch Armor
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JSon 15. marras 22.19 
Нет там ничего...
Алекс Дарсия 29. loka 8.47 
Класс !
Kujata 15. loka 7.00 
Does this work with special edition?
intcsux 29. syys 18.19 
The cape isn't showing up on my character. I have a khajiit, but the desc. says the only thing that doesn't fit the khajiits is the mask. ??? Very confused.
BARRY'S TEA 15. heinä 6.47 
whats the mod for the hair/face?
^8Dave 14. heinä 16.42 
also i suggest you put together your own versions of trisses armor and yennefers because the one i got from nexus works... but the armor is invisible i dont know if thats me or the new way they made the mod
^8Dave 14. heinä 16.40 
i like it but to be honest putting the chest in the swamp was a bad idea... and 3 witches even worse... the fog is taxing on computer plus the fireballs would make anyone else with crap computers crash. my fan speed went way up.
supercraft2001 10. kesä 17.20 
Where is you map mod ?
TheZambies935 6. touko 4.49 
Why does this remind me Yennefer from the Witcher and my Hunter from destiny?
Sofia Ravn 24. huhti 23.35 
In my opinion, this is the best clothing/armor mod for Skyrim (all Elder Scrolls games, actually), and infinitely more attractive than many of the standard outfits found in the game. It always bothered me, that there was no outfits in Skyrim, that were imposing enough for the Dragonborn, suitable for combat and travel, and elegant enough to suit a more sofisticated character, than the basic jughead nord warrior.

Also nice, that it isn't ridiculously overpowered, and not just lying behind the smith in Riverwood or something. Overall, well done.
xoSTAK 1. huhti 8.58 
скажите, что за мод на волосы?
Nerif 12. maalis 13.42 
Очень годный сет с хорошими характеистиками, можно разгядеть каждый мелкий узор.
[Supreme Networks] Tyler 4. maalis 14.47 
For the love of the Nine, just bring up the console and enter:

player.additem <itemcode> <numberofitems>

Replace <itemcode> with the code of the corresponding piece you want and <numberofitems> with however many of them you want and they will be added to your inventory. E.g:

player.additem 1391a 2

will put 2 pairs of elven boots in your inventory. To get the item codes for raven witch armor (they'll be different for different players, so my code won't work on yours) go to the console and enter:

help "raven witch"

This will show you the item codes for all the armor pieces with "raven witch" in the title. For future reference, this type stuff is why every mod page in nexus has a "Posts" subsection where you can get bugfixing help. I mean, it's not like even the frggin' vanilla game is totally bug-free or anything. Jeez.
NEX 26. helmi 7.36 
Where are key please
A bored stickman 15. tammi 6.46 
I only took the cape for my armor set, But anyway the whole set looks amazing, great job.
BastetVasNormandy 15. tammi 3.58 
This is an awesome armor mod. The detail of texture is simply astonishing. Only, my khajiit dragonborn can't wear the mask, it kinda partly disapears inside her head and only small piece of the mask comes out ouf her mouth, but that doesn't matter, it still looks great.
Conwolf 5. tammi 17.46 
Very well done! The armour is well designed, it doesn't look like a lame re-skin of a vanilla armour piece. It also seems to fit surprisingly well into the game. Additionally I am happy that someone finally made female amour that is actually appropriate and un-offensive.
The fake 11. marras, 2016 10.43 
Metis 2. marras, 2016 20.56 
This is great! I hope you also put it into the Skyrim Special Edition
PRIMALUS 2. marras, 2016 4.54 
Your mods are very good. Please make this mod for the special version of Skyrim as well.
Koher Javenal 1. syys, 2016 21.18 
Can I get the ID of the key? I killed the Witches, but the very last one didn't leave a body -- she just vanished entirely upon death.
Red Eagle 31 29. elo, 2016 17.30 
female only ?
OMAE WA MOU SHINDEIRU 29. elo, 2016 3.09 
Light, it says so in the description~ ^_^
☣Qnuker☣ 31. heinä, 2016 17.56 
Is it light armour or heavy armour?
Strife | Pernath 21. heinä, 2016 10.06 
If I uninstall the Workshop version and install the Nexus one, will it corrupt my saved game where I already got the set? I just realised I can't find the meshes/textures in the game files to adjust the armor to my CBBE preset with the Workshop install
Palo 17. heinä, 2016 15.22 
what is the hair mod you are using in the pictures?
Metis 5. heinä, 2016 15.47 
This is a GREAT Work! I really Hope you will move this to the Skyrim Special Edition this oct.
Kriispy 1. heinä, 2016 10.20 
:) loveit
Polkatown 18. kesä, 2016 19.36 
cream corn
dinkle 24. huhti, 2016 9.08 
i couldnt find the key
A fucking kitty cat 24. maalis, 2016 23.13 
is there any way to ditch the cape but keep the feathers from it?
BossOg Gambino 2. tammi, 2016 0.22 
Why did you make it less resistant than male evil mastermind armor? Also you gave 0 armor to the cape while you gave 12 to hood in EMA. They are both light, wich is the difference?
Daankai™ 30. joulu, 2015 3.33 
This set MUST be in that lore woman (from the screenshots) otehrwise it's not the same. hahah
Perfect although.
Dunkler Äßaßine 23. joulu, 2015 17.19 
is this set in 4k?
Ethical Coma 4. joulu, 2015 17.48 
11/reptillian best armour
PartTimeDovahkiin 1. joulu, 2015 9.34 
Trully impressed ;-) Thank you for this wonderful item.
Edminster 24. loka, 2015 4.32 
+Satyr, this mod is not loading or not working any more. Please, fix it. All of us want to enjoy it, but, doesn't working, it is impossible.
My Skyrim doesn't load it for some of the reasons above.
Nymphofwater 12. loka, 2015 12.37 
The Chest doesn't seem to load into my game, does this need to be high in the load order to work?
C R O W:. 4. loka, 2015 10.14 
when crafted all items make my body invisible. any reason why?
Bastilla 20. syys, 2015 11.51 
The only problem is that your feet go through the cape in third person
Twotonedbird 12. syys, 2015 1.58 
Um this mod isn't loading. When I start up the game and it's syncing all the mods, it just kind of skips this one and it doesn't show up in the game.
ec3o 13. elo, 2015 20.18 
how do i get that hair? 4. elo, 2015 3.56 
i cant find the cheast, i stand exaktly under the tree the cheast is under but its not there 3. elo, 2015 15.16 
plz do more armore mod with a litle more deffense
spicey 7. heinä, 2015 19.10 
The real question is 'How do I get that hair style?'
Dennosity 5. heinä, 2015 6.57 
Love the armor, but for some reason my mask isn't appearing on my face when I equip it,
TheStarTurtle 4. heinä, 2015 16.50 
Gorgeous and cool armor. Love the feather cloak.
Ygritte 23. kesä, 2015 14.43 
TLG 18. kesä, 2015 21.01 
Will there ever be an update for beast races? I'd love to see something like this on my argonian.