Raven Witch Armor
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Rage 13. sep kl. 3:51am 
And hair?
Rage 13. sep kl. 3:46am 
What's the mod for this tattoo?

ProphetOfShrek 7. sep kl. 7:17am 
what is the warpaint mod you are using?
(✿ʘ‿ʘ) Granger 11. aug kl. 5:00am 
I apologise, it wasn't the mod, which is really awesome. I'll delete my comments. :)
cb_846 10. aug kl. 3:32pm 
@Granger, if you open Showracemenu from console it will randomly change your stats, it's not the armor.
Satyr  [ophavsmand] 10. aug kl. 6:49am 
@Granger....You are delusional lol. This mod has been released for more than a year and half at Nexus and i even used it myself several times...never heard let alone nor experienced myself what you are describing. If the mod had that kind of impact, i would have known and therefore put the notice in the description. You need to sit and carefully pinpoint where your issue came from because it's definetly not my mod.
NoLevee 6. aug kl. 3:56pm 
You might want to consider giving either Abaris or Hecate a chest key as well. No reason other than sometimes a corpse can get lost in those weeds and swamp. If that corpse happens to be Baba Yaga, well . . .
Pink4443 29. jul kl. 1:45pm 
Thank you Thank you thank you I love this!!! its really nice. ive been looking for a good armor mod for a while now and im definatly keeping this one! :-)
[TT] Lucy 25. jul kl. 12:10pm 
Make a black mask
Satyr  [ophavsmand] 25. jul kl. 7:18am 
@ elliotb44 Reading is truly a hard thing. I specified in the description that it was a female only mod but nooo reading a mod description is such a waste of time...
Dragan Diddlez 25. jul kl. 12:27am 
@elliotb44 Did you put it on a male character? It says female only in the desc so that may be your problem.
elliotb44 23. jul kl. 9:20pm 
mask doesnt work and the armor doesnt look anything like it does in the picture looks like the dark brotherhood armor. i like the cape tho lol
boyd1 23. jul kl. 8:45am 
I had to start a new game to get the armor working proper. had some very funny glitches with this but looks and works great
Satyr  [ophavsmand] 22. jul kl. 10:38pm 
@Boyd1 Body mods ? Nope.
boyd1 22. jul kl. 11:46am 
seems this mod is glitching on me got it to work once looked great
boyd1 22. jul kl. 6:52am 
what do you use any body mods with this?
boyd1 22. jul kl. 6:51am 
did I say skimpy, I ment skin tight. it looks more of a clothing option then an armor is all I'm saying.
Satyr  [ophavsmand] 21. jul kl. 1:41pm 
@Boyd1 Skimpy? lol Seriously what did you smoke?
boyd1 21. jul kl. 9:38am 
too thin and skimpy for my tastes but looks cool
Sir Ord 18. jul kl. 11:42pm 
Could you just make the mask for males?
ii4oii 17. jul kl. 5:36pm 
very good
JURAKS 9. jul kl. 2:40pm 
would love to have an all black retex of it, as the meshes look awesome. Regardless Great work as its one of the best female armor mods i=I've eveer seen
lillova10111 1. jul kl. 12:02am 
It keeps crashing everytime when one of the hag ravens are almost killed I don't know why
Keycase 29. jun kl. 10:59pm 
found it. i just installed wrong
Keycase 29. jun kl. 10:29pm 
i cant find in steel catagory.. helpp
Seesthroughwalls 25. jun kl. 12:07pm 
Is the cloak gent compatible? I've no problem with the main armour being No Boys Allowed, but the cloak would be a nice consolation prize.
NightPENGUlN 23. jun kl. 6:40pm 
i want a bad ass male version that takes inspiration from Hal's moving castle sooooo bad.
Grim 21. jun kl. 4:24am 
awesome armo, could you make a male version of Jon Snow? Because it's exactly what it looks like from behind :) <3
TWDClementinez 17. jun kl. 6:27am 
Can you please give me the link for the character graphics you used for your model.
deadlyifrit 15. jun kl. 11:39pm 
what happens if a male character tries to wear it? will he have boobs? xD
Xmus Jaxon Flaxon-Waxon 11. jun kl. 6:20pm 
This is awesome bro!
The Rev 10. jun kl. 7:32pm 
jaw dropping work, yet again! love it!
Werewolfgirl19 8. jun kl. 8:38pm 
nvm the mod just wasn't dowloading right xD
Werewolfgirl19 8. jun kl. 8:28pm 
༼つ ◕_◕༽つAnime_Guy 6. jun kl. 3:53pm 
I downloaded the mod for some of my followers, but i'm jealous cuz i wish it went on males XD
SSGGameing 27. maj kl. 5:12pm 
i loc=ve ittttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt/////
SSGGameing 27. maj kl. 5:12pm 
this armor is awesome good job
HuweyII 26. maj kl. 3:37pm 
I need help. I put this armor on my new charater and when I took it off...her enitre body was black. Literally. What happened?
Moke 18. maj kl. 7:41pm 
I love this armor. Also, what makeup and eyes were you using for your character?
Xainmystical_mc 17. maj kl. 3:07am 
for some reason it does not work what do i do if it does not work?
MoonCake2122 13. maj kl. 2:07pm 
The Hagravens hurt... bad I say if your not that high a level to bring a fallower or the Hags will destroy you
Mr. Kitty 11. maj kl. 6:43pm 
i need help really bad, every mod i sub to wont load and wont be in my data files, i need help NOW!!!
Mr. Kitty 11. maj kl. 11:36am 
Its not in my data files
TheOnlyBacca100 11. maj kl. 5:08am 
Yo Satyr could you create the justiciar arrows venturian has becuase it matches the dress +

CAPTA1N_FLYNT! May 8 @ 11:33pm
"SHE'S A WITCH! BURN HER BURN HER BURN HER!!" - Monty Pyton and The Holy Grail

nicely done ;)
TheOnlyBacca100 11. maj kl. 5:06am 
im sorry butt all you can get is the gown boots and gloves from the console
TheOnlyBacca100 11. maj kl. 5:05am 
JUST DO HELP GOWN then spawn in the raven with gown then do help gloves bla bla bla then do help boots
Satyr  [ophavsmand] 11. maj kl. 3:11am 
@Doge Make sure the mod is activated(checked) in your data files in the launch menu.
Mr. Kitty 10. maj kl. 11:01pm 
ive subbed and resubbed and it never works
plz help
Mr. Kitty 10. maj kl. 11:01pm 
Ive look all around it,there is no chest and no armor in the cheats, how do i make the mod work
TheOnlyBacca100 9. maj kl. 1:06pm 
By Any Chance do any of you know what mod the arrows venturian has are in