Wisplicker Pahmar follower
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[Faze]supremethought 2014년 12월 15일 오후 8시 06분 
Look For the Lower Case 'L' And You
Will Be Kissed Tomorrow:
*Now Look For The Q And Your Wish
Will Come True:
*This Is Really Hard, Now Find The 'N':
*Now Find The Mistake:
*Something You Really Want, After the
10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 Now Close Your
Eyes And Make A Wish!
ScotiaSkillS 2014년 12월 8일 오후 8시 48분 
Is wisplicker killable? If not awesome, but if so what happens?
Nashy10 2014년 12월 7일 오후 3시 01분 
this is very cool for a folower
lscarr 2014년 8월 8일 오후 12시 04분 
I can't find him in the forest, and the map marker isnt there, any ideas on whereabout in the forest he is?
baummann14 2014년 5월 26일 오전 11시 57분 
can he be a pet for the children?
Ravenezer Scrooge 2014년 3월 19일 오후 7시 32분 
so i was going around doing some khajiit caravan stuff with wisplicker denborn but for some reason he dissapeared. i tried to recruit a new follower but they say that hes still with me. Also, when i go to his area where i found him, hes not there. i had him carry some pretty important stuff. is this a common problem or is this the first time youve heard of it happening? what should i do to try and fix it?
Lunar_mando 2014년 1월 31일 오전 5시 30분 
very cool ^^ a rivercrab follower would be a cool way to complete your elsweyr followers collection. just a suggestion ofc!
Ether 2013년 12월 26일 오후 7시 49분 
Awsome. He just sits down alot and gets in the way when in little hallways
Martjeeeuh 2013년 10월 5일 오후 11시 36분 
Can you make it so we can ride em like a horse not that you click him and directly ride him but just an option.
DraconisNox 2013년 9월 13일 오후 11시 21분 
Not a marriable Khajiit? Thats a shame.
Alvaro Sin Miedo 2013년 9월 5일 오후 7시 56분 
hi people! where in the Falkreath Forest is the tiger? i can't find him and no map marker !!
Evil Khajjit 2013년 8월 29일 오전 1시 39분 
i found a bud i wish you can fix. well when i ask a person to follow me he goes all weird and stops following me, and starts saying troll bait or cheese brain, why??? i need a person to follow me to do the main quest. please help!
SkeletonHarvester 2013년 7월 24일 오후 6시 13분 

I've cleaned my game with TES5EDIT and that seemed to help
Zekryn™ 2013년 7월 24일 오후 1시 08분 
Ok, thanks. I really think it would be awesome to use, but it apparently won't work.
muppetpuppet  [작성자] 2013년 7월 24일 오전 11시 11분 
@cody, that's a vanilla skyrim bug , sadly.. I've tried to correct it but to no avail
Zekryn™ 2013년 7월 23일 오후 5시 53분 
I ran into three bugs. One of them I'm not sure you can fix, it's probably just a bug with vanilla Skyrim. But, when he stands still, as he breathes he moves up and down through the ground (just his front paws). Second, when I tell him to follow he lays down. And going with that, the third is he won't follow. He gets up, but then is immediately distracted and won't move. Help?
hawkewolfi 2013년 7월 13일 오전 5시 15분 
Woow very interresting and without any BUG, it looks and can played very good too!
masterrahl60 2013년 6월 1일 오전 9시 43분 
found him, thanks
McFligan 2013년 5월 30일 오후 12시 03분 
Ok, thanks.
muppetpuppet  [작성자] 2013년 5월 30일 오전 1시 47분 
there should be a marker, otherwise its not installed properly
masterrahl60 2013년 5월 27일 오전 11시 02분 
lmao i cant find him...lookin o.O
McFligan 2013년 5월 10일 오후 5시 51분 
Where is he? I cant find him west of Falkreath and there is no marker. I even unsuscribed and suscribed again. Any suggestions?
rampandbleed 2013년 4월 4일 오후 6시 40분 
Excellent follower, Muppet! Having a bit of an issue with him, though. He's suddenly decided not to attack enemies! He just runs up to them and takes hits. Is there a way to correct this? Thanks!
curlydelaney 2013년 3월 29일 오전 10시 32분 
He looks awesome in Elsweyr and the Tropical Skyrim Overhaul :)
muppetpuppet  [작성자] 2013년 3월 17일 오전 10시 44분 
it sets the feet on the proper surface by casting a ray and placving the Ik chain end at the intersection, although i have never checked if its operational
Gronkmeister 2013년 3월 8일 오후 6시 53분 
This is awesome, I've been working on my own SabreCat follower mod for a while, but haven't been able to fix the front paws. What is IK raycast? Inverse Kinematics? How did you implement this?

Great work!
Gaboon Viper 2013년 3월 5일 오전 7시 39분 
Never mind, i found him. DUH!
Gaboon Viper 2013년 3월 4일 오후 11시 33분 
Cant find Wisplicker follower anywhere... I've been looking for two days. Anybody have any ideas where he can be found in the Falkreath forest???
Evil Khajjit 2013년 2월 27일 오후 2시 08분 
cool mod i have been using it ever since i started the game untill i had to take him off with my other pet called jango, at the final war then when i go to put him back on hes saying 'you already have somone following you' when he was ok with this before.. so what up with him???
CakerJonnyCakes 2013년 2월 12일 오전 1시 53분 
Great mod! It'd be awesome if you could make a mod that allows the player to play as a Pahmar. Perhaps amod giving a Senche-raht steed, so I can have a giant, badass pet Senche that'll be titled a 'battlecat' from the Imperials. Well, just a few suggestions.
nalomeli 2013년 1월 25일 오후 12시 01분 
Thank you so much for this mod. I love my little kitty and his witty remarks.
l30tigris 2013년 1월 18일 오후 9시 16분 
Yes! Dude, I love you and I love your work!!!! I would really love to see a Senche. I'm sure you know already but they are a breed of Khajiit used as mounts. Also a Alfiq would be an awesome magic using follower and it would be hugely popular with the ladies as it would be a cute little house cat sized Khajiit. :) Like I said you are amazing and please keep up the amazing work. I have not used your mods yet as I don't have Skyrim but from what i'm seeing they are amazing.
Grandmaster Shadow Morgue 2013년 1월 10일 오전 7시 21분 
yeah make him an animal companion too like the horse but..only more cooler with dialogues and stuff :D
Grandmaster Shadow Morgue 2013년 1월 10일 오전 7시 19분 
Yes i love the moonpaths mod and if you can make him rideable hell be the best follower ever :D (maybe a special mounted claw attack if you decide to make it rideable?)
nubb!sh 2013년 1월 3일 오전 11시 22분 
Could you possibly make a black panther similar to this?
Samus 2012년 12월 5일 오전 6시 03분 
Yes!!! I am passionate about tigers!!! So nice skin for that follower.
Make this tiger a mount and I will the happiest man in the world !!!!!!!!
Please please please =)
spock189 2012년 11월 4일 오후 10시 18분 
Is it also available as a white tiger? if not, could that be a future possibility?
Waffleman211 2012년 10월 28일 오전 6시 36분 
Make him a mount to!!!
The Veggie Salad 2012년 10월 7일 오후 2시 53분 
When I installed this, I loved Wisplicker.
Now that my character has joined the Blades, though....? EVEN BETTER. I have a few more mods installed--Awesome Follower Tweaks, and one that changes the Blades hideout to be more lively--so I have Lydia, Anneke, Wisplicker, and a follower from the Blades mod with me now. I went to bring a new recruit to Delphine, assuming Lydia or someone would be picked from that lot... I started laughing so hard when Delphine started the Oath dialogue with Wisplicker. Now he's 'pledging to rid Tamriel of Dragons', and calling me Dragonborn xD
I am in love with this guy!!

Only thing I noticed, is that I had bought Vigilance in a previous playthrough, and then went and got Wisplicker, only to have Vigilance immediately leave the party and start the long trip back to Markarth. But I see in these other comments that Wisplicker counts as a humanoid companion, so...?
ben.elliott 2012년 10월 3일 오전 12시 06분 
can u put up a screenshot of the map where he is
G-B-F 2012년 9월 30일 오전 2시 43분 
ARGGG Where is he?
Yule Tideclops 2012년 8월 19일 오전 6시 00분 
Excuse me, wrong entry.
Yule Tideclops 2012년 8월 19일 오전 5시 59분 
Is ther any way to get back to Skyrim? Please post this in the description.
wolfloverfu2 2012년 8월 17일 오후 3시 40분 
and where do i find him?
Poggo96 2012년 8월 9일 오전 4시 45분 
Agree with DerAlleinTiger) Kharjo is the best!
Poggo96 2012년 8월 9일 오전 3시 49분 
Nice follower, but if I were you, i would do him as an animal not as a human
muppetpuppet  [작성자] 2012년 7월 16일 오전 11시 43분 
There's a map marker called moonpath, its near twilight sepulcher
[KNoSC] DerAlleinTiger 2012년 7월 16일 오전 8시 23분 
Nevermind, I found out that he's NOT an animal companion. He counts as a humanoid companion, unfortunately. If it's not too much trouble, it would be nice for this to be changed so that you can have both Wisplicker and a humanoid companion at the same time. It is unfortunate that he counts as a humanoid companion because now, instead of fighting by my side, he just sits inside my house while Kharjo and I go out on adventures (there's no way I was giving up my best buddy Kharjo).
Credus Blackpaw 2012년 7월 14일 오전 11시 51분 
where exactly is he because I cannot find him when I equip this mod.
[KNoSC] DerAlleinTiger 2012년 7월 13일 오후 8시 39분 
Quick question before I download. Does he count as a humanoid companion or an animal companion (like a dog)? Awesome mod, by the way!