Portal 2
Here We Go Again
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buckfuts1 2015年5月25日上午7:45 
I'm not good at tightly timed puzzles, but this was pretty good.
I liked the fact that I could wait to jump, instead of having to just do it and F7 every time I screwed up. (not that that didn't happen a few times), and that the buttons were permanent.
Donderbus 2013年12月14日上午3:41 
hehe, nice chamber! you don't want to destroy the cube, until you find that there is no other way
VisualBacon 2013年11月30日上午1:10 
Great stuff. Keep it up! Love the height.
Big Moustache 2013年7月29日上午5:18 
I have fun to play this map
Dave 2013年7月5日上午7:23 
nice and easy :) gj :)
stormsend  [作者] 2013年6月16日上午8:33 
Major update. Removed a lot of shortcuts. Thanks everyone.
GraveNoX 2013年6月15日下午4:58 
Got the proper way of solving it with 2 ways to get the cube at the end http://youtu.be/P0U6s1uIrgg
stormsend  [作者] 2013年6月15日下午4:29 
Thanks all. I'm enjoying the comments and the videos.
GraveNoX 2013年6月15日下午4:15 
Hard one, at least for me.
Dont know the purpose of the first button, I figured out two solutions without it.
This one http://youtu.be/6cskYyVuJ4A and maybe this http://youtu.be/CHoSPvLINzU
mood3rd 2013年6月15日下午4:04 
good fun.
the cube & piston have demanded a holiday :)
the pedestal button, on a timer by the fizzler, had me worried.
but as it turned out, I had all the time in the world, to get the cube.
no problems.
all good :)
thumbs up.
Prototype 2013年6月11日上午3:50 
Fairly straight forward, didn't end up using the floor button connected to the first flip panel (I didn't notice the hole in the glass) bit easy, but still good map.
Kolgork 2013年6月8日下午6:38 
wow, i've just realized that you have tons of chambers! :D wich ones do you recomend me?
Kolgork 2013年6月8日下午6:35 
cool stuff, i always love flings and puzzles mainly based on thinking with portals. Maybe you could like my first or fourth chambers of my single player workshop, the most similar (about thinking with portals therms i mean) of this one :)
i'm going to check more of your chambers, cya!
Zoraya 2013年6月7日下午12:34 
Very good puzzle with portals. I liked the idea with the rail platform.
Spend some time on the platform back and forth :-)
I didn´t need the stairs at the second button.
A plain but clever puzzle, I always like that, thanks.
stormsend  [作者] 2013年6月2日上午9:49 
@Myr (MC) You sure did. Wow! Thank you. Going now to your shop to see what I might have missed.
@kimist108 Yea you and thanks for playing. Glad you're having fun. Try em all if you get time.
kimist108 2013年6月2日上午8:23 
Yea me!
stormsend  [作者] 2013年6月1日上午1:00 
@Andi Thanks for playing. I have subscribed to your map.
@toncica Thanks for finding that trap for me. Even though you did it deliberately, I can see how it could occur accidentally in game play. I believe I fixed it.
@ wildgoosespeeder Thanks for the help. I hope you don't think I said anything at all about spamming. I didn't consider your link to be spam. It was proper to leave a link after your comment and all I said was I have it in my queue. You are always welcome to leave a link on one of my maps. I will try to play any maps you create. Again, thanks.
Andi 2013年5月31日下午8:49 
A straight forward well designed chamber. Thumbs up.

Would you mind trying one of mine?
wildgoosespeeder 2013年5月30日上午11:08 
See what I mean stormsend?
toncica 2013年5月30日上午9:25 
Yay! I managed to (deliberately) trap myself. Go to the area with the angled panel. Get back to the first button, lift the cube off the button and leave it there. Go to the area again, step on the button there and shoot the outside portal on the high flip panel. Step off the button. Successfully trapped. :)
wildgoosespeeder 2013年5月29日下午8:51 
I'm not sure about the trapping but I was trying to make a point of really testing for them.

Although you are not accusing me of spamming my chambers, why I linked to my chamber is because first I comment about the map. I say anything I liked/disliked and any improvements I would suggest for it. Then after all my thoughts are down, I copypasta the link to my chamber for others to play, the ones that may read the comments. I hold my end of the bargain of playing someone's chamber I am advertising my chamber in the comments. I hate it when someone just asks me to play their map when in their comment I can tell they never played mine.
stormsend  [作者] 2013年5月29日下午1:34 
I just looked at the link and realised that I have that map in my queue. Will get right on it.
stormsend  [作者] 2013年5月29日下午1:33 
Of course I'll play your map. I wish I knew where you can get trapped. I've been all over that map forward and backward and I can't find it. As far as better chambers, yeah I've got a few I like better than this one. Thanks for testing it for me.
wildgoosespeeder 2013年5月29日下午12:32 
I've seen better chambers from you. This is something I expect from a Portal 1 mapper. Also there is a chance of trapping so be careful how you design your test.

Try my map maybe?
Fluffy Bunny ® 2013年5月28日下午3:55 
Good one! Well thought out & fun.
Jade BGE 2013年5月26日上午8:32 
I was doing well till I got to the last part. I made the mistake of flinging with the cube over to the moving platform then tossing the cube over to the button that oscillates it. I should have checked out the timer section first. I chose poorly so bagan again. Loved it. Thank you.