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432 commentaires
Chris Hewson 31 oct 2016 à 3h31 
Just beat this. Great game :)
Quixote 6 mai 2014 à 2h37 
Congratulations! Voted for the approval of this game Good game!
robert.blane 21 mar 2014 à 3h20 
Limasse Five your game has excelled my expectaions in EVERY way. I upvoted this work or art the minute it came on Greenlight and purchased it on the very first day of release. Every single minute spent with this title is what gaming is about. SPECIAL THANKS for bringing this game to Steam. One very appreciative fan of NaissanceE. Robert Blane.
PkD PAN 17 mar 2014 à 10h05 
swenor 2 mar 2014 à 20h36 
FPP. First Person Platformer. I fucking hate platformers. Once I realised what this game is - insta unlike and unfav. Insta delete off wishlist. Defo not Kairo type game.
=425e= PaNzErCousCous [FR] 23 fév 2014 à 0h49 
hyper esthetic!
grossedout5 11 fév 2014 à 14h25 
The game will be available Thursday (13) according to their last post.
Sypher(Syn.Co) 10 fév 2014 à 13h25 
This is exactly the type of game that the horror genre needs to revitalize it! Great job
[DNE] Jnat 5 fév 2014 à 2h33 
I playtested the game and I had a blast. This is a very good experience.
Can't wait to play the full game in a dark room.
Amazing work !
AzureanStudios 21 jan 2014 à 15h48 
Kairo fans unite! I welcome this with open arms as soon as it's ready!
Fietspomp 22 déc 2013 à 4h45 
Would be great with out-of-the-box Oculus Rift support (can't be that of an issue since it's build with the UDK)
Bishop Zero 18 déc 2013 à 8h30 
I think it looks cool.i'ill keep an eye out for this one.
Gnentry 17 déc 2013 à 19h16 
looks pretty kewl. Id buy.
Gamma-700D 13 déc 2013 à 17h01 
Definitely like "BLAME!". Megastructure rocks)
MaxDec10 9 déc 2013 à 10h54 
The sounds are AAA quality.. Great work. That trailer was super atmospheric.
trevors147 29 nov 2013 à 14h09 
I need this game. Has amazing potential. Great Job
DALOS 22 nov 2013 à 12h02 
Kim 17 nov 2013 à 22h38 
Can't wait to get our hands on the full version of this game - it's even more stunning hands-on. http://1001-up.com/2013/11/18/1001-previews-naissancee-2/
[G] Redthorn 17 nov 2013 à 18h35 
looks like a intresting game. i would buy this.
Cyan 17 nov 2013 à 15h47 
I am very much interested.
crankflaffi 13 nov 2013 à 5h43 
cool just found it i would buy it AWESOME
natebud 12 nov 2013 à 21h33 
about damn time!
General Taskeen 12 nov 2013 à 19h30 
Jesus H Christ, this game is like my nightmares.
zedmelody 12 nov 2013 à 17h59 
wow really nice atmo and sound.
Limasse Five  [créateur] 12 nov 2013 à 11h04 
NaissanceE is greenlighted, big thanks to the "yes" voters!
TG # 12 nov 2013 à 9h56 
Nice man!
S.C. 10 nov 2013 à 13h54 
Oh my god yes
Myxomatosium 10 nov 2013 à 1h58 
kzunoob 9 nov 2013 à 14h55 
I find the atmosphere extremely interesting. The sounds in the videos especially make it unique. Like many others on greenlight I really suggest that you make it a longer game. More importantly, one big problem that could be fixed in the short term I guess is the textures. The plain, flat whites can be OK for a little while but the atmosphere deserves better textures and materials. The black and white constraint you imposed on yourselves is precisely what warrants the exploration of all the design possibilities within this constraint. The videos in themselves were a pleasure to watch, btw, and that is telling...
valmont 9 nov 2013 à 7h22 
Nice environments. The bobbing gives me a headache.
sjnthesis 9 nov 2013 à 3h15 
cityscape photos look beautiful
vieczur 7 nov 2013 à 8h59 
shouldn't be short a game as you say..
amazing soundtrack, graphics and atmosphere.
please, work on developement.
S.P. man 7 nov 2013 à 4h28 
Madvicius 5 nov 2013 à 13h41 
Instead of making it a short game, it would be really intterresting to have something longer, because there are many games like this one and even if the atmosphere of the game is awesome, concepts are great they still are too short. And it gives a feeling of not finished and a need for something next.
Talkie Toaster 5 nov 2013 à 13h00 
I would buy this 20 times for fun. AAAAAWWEESOOOMMMEE.
DrackenDarck 5 nov 2013 à 6h42 
I hate colorless Games.
Idanwin [SLUG] 5 nov 2013 à 5h14 
If it came to linux I would sooo buy this.
azlen 4 nov 2013 à 20h24 
It would be nice if they made this for mac... other than that it looks amazing
Defcon 5 4 nov 2013 à 17h49 
i need this game now! take my money and give me that game :D
envoy 4 nov 2013 à 16h10 
qyuburt 4 nov 2013 à 9h40 
Very interesting, except for that breathing sample.
NotyNotyBuy 4 nov 2013 à 8h18 
Do they have a demo for this?
Scarpa137 4 nov 2013 à 4h32 
el] 3 nov 2013 à 22h57 
Make the colour palet a little bit lighter, it comes of as a horror game because it's so dark.
gigaster 3 nov 2013 à 17h18 
Ratman inside Aperture Sciense Laboratories without glaDOS' voice, I like It!
But i'll hope to see this game for linux and/or mac.
vkmicro 3 nov 2013 à 12h45 
this looks like it'll be a fun puzzle game. I love puzzle games =D Hope to see this game out soon
DawnBorealis 2 nov 2013 à 22h01 
Hoping to see this come out for Mac too!
SeventeenMidgets 2 nov 2013 à 21h33 
like it, but dont spoil your puzzles in the trailers. please.
Zelfore 2 nov 2013 à 18h22 
Ominous, Intriguing, and a perfect addition to the 3D platforming genre! +Up voted.
Reicherd 2 nov 2013 à 14h43 
Very cool. YES