Portal 2
Way Of The SP-Gun
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MAXimum Wage73 19 de feb. a las 15:29 
A bit to long.
robotduck101 25 dic. 2015 a las 8:20 
i got portal 2 as a xmas prezzie and it downloading and i added this mod is it good if not il delete it
Scuutte 21 nov. 2014 a las 8:06 
you just have to noclip to the start of the map
Scuutte 21 nov. 2014 a las 8:05 
screw you, i made the test without beemod
MeepJJ 21 ene. 2014 a las 6:36 
i'm trying to but my computer refuses to download any BEE mod download.
Twin Sunflower 11 ene. 2014 a las 13:17 
Im Not Gonna Usie BEEMOD With This Stuff!!! >:(
XGamer3000 8 oct. 2013 a las 14:13 
Why do I need BEEMOD?
Lord Spike  [autor] 2 jul. 2013 a las 15:53 
Lord Spike  [autor] 25 mayo 2013 a las 16:07 
Just a little question to all negative raters: why don't you let me know what's wrong with this map? Too easy? Too hard? Too ugly? Too beautiful?
Lord Spike  [autor] 25 mayo 2013 a las 5:16 
@Flo2912 Thanks for that suggestion... but somehow I don't get it to work as wanted :(
? 24 mayo 2013 a las 7:07 
Your welcome lord spike
Flo2912 24 mayo 2013 a las 6:43 
suggestion: In the next update of the Map (If you even make one), use the programm "pakrat" to implement the Bee-Mod Stuff (you don't need the instances, but the models, materials and scripts of the energy pellet), so you can use the Bee-Mod stuff in your Map and everyone can play your map, even without Beemod installed, because the map doesn't check the Portal 2 Folder for the stuff, it simply looks inside the BSP where you have packed it^^ Thats the way the most mappers pack customs Items or textures or whatever in, i'm suer it works i've used it by myself in my map "Energyball returns"

Anyway I'm also a big supporter of the Bee-Mod, its a really great
expansion for the normal PTI, Valve should simply implement it with an update to every Portal 2
Lord Spike  [autor] 24 mayo 2013 a las 4:29 
what exactly makes the BEEMOD stupid? the possibilities it gives you for more complex puzzles? the price (it's free)? the "hard" installation routine (yeah, it could take half a minute to install)? calling the BEEMOD stupid is like saying: no thanks, I don't need extra power for my car for free! LOL
lord of the turrets 24 mayo 2013 a las 4:07 
i couldnt try it cause of the stupid BEEMOD >:(
Lord Spike  [autor] 24 mayo 2013 a las 0:41 
@RADELITE yep, I did... thx again :)
? 23 mayo 2013 a las 20:34 
So did you add the broken glass stuff I told you about
Dafflewoctor 23 mayo 2013 a las 4:40 
Wow. All I can say is wow. Best puzzles I've played in a long time. Very clever and unique. Thumbs up, thanks for making this.
lord of the turrets 23 mayo 2013 a las 4:26 
im going to be the first to try it :D