Player Homes Zelda House Music
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Snake 33 2014年8月31日上午8:12 
MeltingAbyss254 2014年6月23日上午11:57 
will this work with zelda music swap mod
White Rabbit 2014年2月15日下午6:46 
Rated Up and Favorited
The Otaku-est of Otaku 2013年11月29日下午10:39 
cool and with the majoras mask moon this will be AWSOME!
MrProtoTechnik 2013年11月5日下午2:17 
Not working... does this mod work for modded homes?
[GER]Gamerfreak ۩͇̿V͇̿I͇̿P͇̿۩ 2013年10月2日下午12:05 
haha THX ! :D
almightyepicface 2013年8月10日下午10:28 
it a mod he used idotes but i do like the sound in my house beecrase of tis mod
TreePyro 2013年7月7日下午12:38 
@soldiers-of-WTF? I think it's not in the mod i think it's just animated
THAT DOG!!! 2013年7月3日下午7:22 
how u hold the pot?
THAT DOG!!! 2013年7月3日下午7:22 
u must have hated pots but how did u do that?
Charles Bronson 2013年7月3日上午1:34 
lol siegfried I've been smashing every pot since a link to the past
☁ϟ#cornhuskϟ☁ 2013年6月11日下午12:16 
Bilbo Swaggins 2013年6月2日下午6:23 
does this work with hearthfire?
Blud 2013年6月1日下午3:34 
breaking pots was the first to do zelda but in skyrim u can just steal valuable shit or kill them...
Sigfrøðr 2013年5月27日上午6:13 
oh the memories the screenshot brought back from my days bashing every pot i saw in Ocarina of Time...
resen_d 2013年5月26日下午2:49 
I see that you say "vanilla homes". Does this mean it won't work on hearthfire homes? And, if not, could make it so that it does... please?
ClockTower 2013年5月25日下午5:05 
Could you do one for the house theme of Ocarina of Time? ( I like that version best!)
Paladin Iraxt 2013年5月25日下午1:08 
When I saw the picture and the name I facepalmed and started to laugh.
kwinny 2013年5月25日上午10:16 
thank you!
Dogtor Soft Puppy  [作者] 2013年5月25日上午10:10 
Click "subscribe" on this page, then start Skyrim through your steam. Make sure the file is ticked on the "data files".
kwinny 2013年5月25日上午10:04 
hey dr dog i am new to steam i love the legend of zelda (my cats name is link), any way how can i download this
Gravekeeper Liam 2013年5月25日上午6:11 
i dont even like zelda but this music is so orgasmic <3 subbed
10bit 2013年5月24日下午3:28 
*walks into random persons house* BREAK ALL THE POTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
T-Star137 2013年5月21日下午5:10 
I love the picture. 'Nuff said.
Dogtor Soft Puppy  [作者] 2013年5月20日下午10:01 
As long as it doesn't directly modify music played in player homes (breezehome, honeyside, etc), it should be fine.
Meta0X 2013年5月20日下午9:38 
Lol, Mr Meows the fuck are you talking about? It's disgustingly easy to find music on Google.

Wow, dude, learn to internet.

More to the point, a question for the mod creator- do you know if this clashes with other music mods?
[TG] Killer 2013年5月20日下午6:11 
iam just a major fan of zelda
Dogtor Soft Puppy  [作者] 2013年5月20日下午6:00 
Type "zelda house theme twilight" without quotations on Google, then click on the first Youtube video. That literally took me 3 seconds. How is this difficult?
MrMeows 2013年5月20日下午5:12 
First, it takes way more than "like 2 seconds".
Second, finding music on Google is difficult.
Third, how hard is it to just add a video?
[TG] Killer 2013年5月20日下午4:28 
By the way love Zelda big fan of it more mods of zelda please!!!
[TG] Killer 2013年5月20日下午4:28 
lol iam with teh author just google it like i did or better yet youtube its not that difficult MrMeows!!!
Dogtor Soft Puppy  [作者] 2013年5月20日下午4:22 
It takes like 2 seconds to google "Zelda house theme twilight".
MrMeows 2013年5月20日下午4:17 
If you ask me, a mod that just changes sounds most definently needs a video so we know what it sounds like. A picture tells me nothing about how something sounds.