Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 Multiplayer

Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 Multiplayer

[|| Immersion Overhaul Mutator V1.14 ||]
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Kaplan† 28 Ağu @ 1:49am 
Prosím na jakých server se to hraje? Prosím ip adresy
LOKI THE DEMOLISHER 21 Ağu @ 5:51pm 
why are all of the player models blue as well as the scopes???
Welldone The Pussyhand 21 Ağu @ 11:09am 
by any chance does anyone happen to have the original beta BETIO (tarawa) map? the ones with spider holes and green uniformed SNLF rather then 1944 khaki SNLF for current betio?

if anyone does please you gotta sned it to me and ill start right away at putting it back in the game

do you have the correct 1939 tropical green SNLF marine uniforms in this beta?

or does this mod neglect rising storm
LOKI THE DEMOLISHER 21 Ağu @ 1:16am 
how do i enable it for use on onine servers??
Halogen 20 Ağu @ 1:07pm 
Halogen 20 Ağu @ 1:03pm 
They removed the links......DX
Dush 19 Ağu @ 2:11pm 
can't unsuscribe from the mod. help.
i smoked yo mom 18 Ağu @ 4:52am 
i managed to make the mod work but i cant force load it
WarthogWarrior 17 Ağu @ 12:02pm 
Won't play Rising Storm because I can't use this with it because this improves the game so much 11/10
Destructo8191 14 Ağu @ 12:57am 
@Lord Gaben of House Gaben Yes it is
Welldone The Pussyhand 13 Ağu @ 5:45am 
is it for Rising Storm as well?
CPTmath67 11 Ağu @ 9:12am 
Super boulot, mais aucun serveur ne l'utilise malheureusement :(
AmmattilainenTV 2 Ağu @ 4:40pm 
Is it Uniform skins too?
Luftenant 30 Tem @ 1:53pm 
Seriously where can i play this mod, shooting bots is boring as hell, are there no servers running this? the link with server names you posted arent running this mod at all, im in the 40-1 UK server right now
VRO 30 Tem @ 6:47am 
For what i need this mod, if i will can't play mp...¿?
Luftenant 29 Tem @ 12:54am 
Mod is awesome, just no servers running it
+ Friedhelm Winter + 28 Tem @ 1:21pm 

More servers need this mod!
Brice_Qc 26 Tem @ 8:22pm 
White and purple problem here too...
Ocram 26 Tem @ 6:49pm 
This mod really does deserve to be official and added to the game.
Lipton 25 Tem @ 4:10pm 
It can work on random server?
Return of the Mack 24 Tem @ 7:25pm 
Whew, that's a lot of removed links.
Oliver47 19 Tem @ 6:19am 
All my units is white and purple, help.
Lt. Jason 19 Tem @ 2:00am 
I can't find a non-empty server for this mod ;(
૯√૯ท' ઽiX 18 Tem @ 11:08am 
this changes the sniper reticle?
Salsa103 17 Tem @ 1:37pm 
read what the mod says. It tells you how to fix it.
Comrade Gregoriy 16 Tem @ 1:02pm 
also Russians an germans for me are just White an Blue Some one help me PLEASE
Comrade Gregoriy 16 Tem @ 9:34am 
Question: Does this also do things for Rising Storm like adding extra weapons or anything like that because im just Wondering if this also does anything for Rising Storm
Nightmare002 7 Tem @ 7:22am 
Hello, this looks cool, but currently I am wanting one aspect from this mod. Is it possible for you to release just the "Immersive death effects" without some of the other mods. I think it looked really WWII realistic. Thanks!
vk.com/apkunboost 6 Tem @ 8:58am 
Ты русский или амереканец или немец?)
Doggy 29 May @ 8:18pm 
Sorry,was für eine blöde Beschreibung! WO IST DENN EIN ORDNER MIT DER BEZEICHNUNG "MOD" ?
Triptez(TheRubber) 29 May @ 6:13pm 
Is this client side?
Paula Deen 26 May @ 4:37pm 
can't connect to server. tried console command but still won't connect. am i doing something wrong???
Tomiak-SVK 20 May @ 4:26am 
i tried all serrvers. No working
AtomicℳilkMan™ 13 May @ 3:41pm 
Is there anyway I can use replace the exsisting sounds with these ones so I can use them in multiplayer without the server having the mod installed?
URKKI 11 May @ 10:01am 
Otherwise looking good, exept the Finnish DMP-40 in the hands of a ruskie!
The Trumpenator 10 May @ 10:31am 
What server is this on?
Caporale 9 May @ 5:36am 
server ip for this mod?
Destructo8191 9 May @ 12:35am 
Would it be possible to make this compatible with the Heroes of the West Mod?
Kurt Newman 3 May @ 3:24am 
Damn it, none of my workshop addons load when I start Red Orchestra.
Prussian Walross 30 Nis @ 3:12pm 
Hey, can you make one that just replaces the M1 Garand firing sounds in the vanilla game with the ones from this? The ones in this are WAY better.
FourGreenFields 30 Nis @ 9:38am 
Type error in the german part.

3. En t packe (without the 2 spaces there)

Gonna download now. o7
Ptachu 26 Nis @ 1:17pm 
Change settings in online play. This is CSUTOM Server ! ! ! :) :) :)
MECK 26 Nis @ 11:04am 
hey how the hell do i connect to these servers,
i cant find them on the server list,
and going in the comand concle and typeing connect does not work
can any one tell me what the hell im doing wrong or what i need to do to connect
Raziel <>< 25 Nis @ 8:31pm 
Just need to know one thiing, does this add Fallschirmjagers?
[Banzai]°Ustanak 21 Nis @ 10:16am 
you guys really need to do a red banner for the russians!
10/10 so far :)
wasabiguy 20 Nis @ 11:19am 
Me personally, I would like to know the fate of SMGs in this mod.
-=StuK=-Kleist 16 Nis @ 2:48pm 
US Server is online now 24/7

Join our Group (Link by Reks)
PFC de Crom [29ID] 7 Nis @ 6:23am 
i want a luger :p