Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 Multiplayer

Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 Multiplayer

[|| Immersion Overhaul Mutator V1.14 ||]
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The Brigadier 24 nov. @ 10:37am 
fuckin grusome
Grandmaster 15 nov. @ 10:22pm 
Нерабочее говно, испоганило текстуры солдат
Nightmare Moon 15 nov. @ 3:05pm 
This does not pop up in mutators.
=]GRoot[=bisba 14 nov. @ 11:54pm 
|| ☠ DeaDlyCoBrA ϟ‏ϟ || 13 nov. @ 2:08am 
when i launch the game it crashes
cucamonster 10 nov. @ 8:19am 
So, this only works on servers with the mutator ON ? Will I see the skins and sounds on normal servers at least ?
InF1nitY 8 nov. @ 3:09am 
Nothing is working.
Cletus Adolfobamaniqua 26 oct. @ 3:23pm 
Instead of no zoom, can there be added some kind of wanna be zoom. As like when you focus and hold your breath you zoom a little bit in, as the normal zoom in Red orchestra but you don't also zoom the distance 2x. You just focus a little bit more on the weapon sights.
War Daddy 20 oct. @ 11:45am 
i installed everything correctly, but i cant find any servers and the mod doesnt seem te work, some one help pls :(
Lt. Aldo Raine 17 oct. @ 8:00pm 
Is there any way at all to install this in the single-player part of the game?
Damn, these death sound are the main reason i have downloaded this, it just gives You horrible chills when hearing your Comrades dying, extremely good Mod, hats up!
top1gunn 14 oct. @ 6:02pm 
or actually can one of you add me because there are a few of you and i dont know whick one is the right one, so could you add me please?
top1gunn 12 oct. @ 6:18pm 
can you help me man it doesnt work, ill need to talk to you one on one and get your physical help, ill save you the trouble and ill add you on steam
top1gunn 12 oct. @ 5:31pm 
please do a video walkthrough on this files thing
top1gunn 12 oct. @ 5:22pm 
in my files
top1gunn 12 oct. @ 5:22pm 
theres no unreal editor engine
top1gunn 12 oct. @ 5:15pm 
why are the guys blue and white
82nd_Airborne 12 oct. @ 4:39pm 
Could you possibly add a Luger?? :D
Danielle Haim 9 oct. @ 6:29am 
so sad, this is great mod
Squanchy 8 oct. @ 9:10pm 
Has anything been modified in RE?
Squanchy 8 oct. @ 9:00pm 
Why does the scope mechinic not work for RE?
HEEEADSHOT 7 oct. @ 7:45am 
also they're not moving when dead
HEEEADSHOT 7 oct. @ 7:43am 
OK, it's notworking i installed form the workshop
1.ALL UNIFORMS in heroes of stalingrad are either purple or WHITE
2.Death sounds by greneades wich blow up limbs doesn't seem to be in either heroes of stalingrad or rising storm with the mutator,and rising storm doesn't have deathsounds at all
3 are they even death sounds in risings storm? please responds
Red Roza 7 oct. @ 6:37am 
This is not working for me. :( As far as I know I have followed the instructions and the uniform textuers are not poping up when I go in game. However the sound works. Could there be something I am missing? If so please help me out.
friedelm winters 26 sept. @ 2:44pm 
nul le corps disparé
MK13 3rdSS Totenkopf 23 sept. @ 11:06am 
can you play this online in normal servers?
adolfredo96 20 sept. @ 10:16pm 
hey is there any way to play this mutator with bots? , since i did the manual installation and i cant find it on the mutators ingame
WhipMyWombat 13 sept. @ 2:25am 
very nice mod and as a weapon suggestion what about a berreta model 38 they we're used by the germans and romanians and of cause made by the italians
[IJN] Ittosuihei Shibakariki 12 sept. @ 8:13am 
hey do you think you could add the Beta SNLF skins to this mod? since they are the historically accurate SNLF Marine skins for the time. since this is a realsim mutator i thought it would be a good idea to let you guys know they are avalible now
8ballsteve 10 sept. @ 7:50pm 
3. At the bottom, add ForceLoadMods=SoundMutator


82nd_Airborne 8 sept. @ 7:27pm 
I got it to work and it is fantastic!!!! Could we see a Luger??? :D
persianking123 7 sept. @ 1:15pm 
*PTSD intensifies*
Dr. Shitbiscuit 4 sept. @ 8:16pm 
Does this have Historical Accuracy on the skins for the Germans?
Kaplan† 28 aug. @ 1:49am 
Prosím na jakých server se to hraje? Prosím ip adresy
[IJN] Ittosuihei Shibakariki 21 aug. @ 11:09am 
by any chance does anyone happen to have the original beta BETIO (tarawa) map? the ones with spider holes and green uniformed SNLF rather then 1944 khaki SNLF for current betio?

if anyone does please you gotta sned it to me and ill start right away at putting it back in the game

do you have the correct 1939 tropical green SNLF marine uniforms in this beta?

or does this mod neglect rising storm
Irydosiclitis 21 aug. @ 1:16am 
how do i enable it for use on onine servers??
Halogen 20 aug. @ 1:07pm 
Halogen 20 aug. @ 1:03pm 
They removed the links......DX
Dûsh 19 aug. @ 2:11pm 
can't unsuscribe from the mod. help.
i smoked yo mom 18 aug. @ 4:52am 
i managed to make the mod work but i cant force load it
WarthogWarrior 17 aug. @ 12:02pm 
Won't play Rising Storm because I can't use this with it because this improves the game so much 11/10
Destructo8191 14 aug. @ 12:57am 
@Lord Gaben of House Gaben Yes it is
[IJN] Ittosuihei Shibakariki 13 aug. @ 5:45am 
is it for Rising Storm as well?
CPTmath67 11 aug. @ 9:12am 
Super boulot, mais aucun serveur ne l'utilise malheureusement :(
/SZH\ AmmattilainenTV 2 aug. @ 4:40pm 
Is it Uniform skins too?
Luftenant 30 iul. @ 1:53pm 
Seriously where can i play this mod, shooting bots is boring as hell, are there no servers running this? the link with server names you posted arent running this mod at all, im in the 40-1 UK server right now
Hallvarðr 30 iul. @ 6:47am 
For what i need this mod, if i will can't play mp...¿?
Luftenant 29 iul. @ 12:54am 
Mod is awesome, just no servers running it
+ Friedhelm Winter + 28 iul. @ 1:21pm 

More servers need this mod!
Brice_Qc 26 iul. @ 8:22pm 
White and purple problem here too...