[|| Immersion Overhaul Mutator V1.04 ||]
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Hummel 11 godz. temu 
i love this mod
Cookieraider36 8 Kwi - 9:47 
Iv play this game with the mod but you all the sights are all the same as before please help i love this mod
-=StuK=-Kleist 4 Kwi - 11:30 
I´m on :D letz have a party tonight
40-1Tea_and_Crumpets 4 Kwi - 5:42 
Tonight @ 6pm (GMT). Unranked tab. 40-1 IOM server.
Iron 28 Mar - 20:48 
Great mutator!
KO Plastic Nee-san Senya 27 Mar - 3:10 
I love this mod! there is no option for use this mod on online server? X(
40-1Tea_and_Crumpets 25 Mar - 10:12 
Hello everyone. Tonight I am arranging an event for this mod. Join us at 7pm GMT on the OdW server (in the unranked tab). Also if you haven't joined the Dibblers mod group yet, do! We arrange regular events to help spread the word and encourage people to try this fantastic piece of work.

Search 'Dibblers Mod' and you should see the group. Alternatively, add me as a friend and I can send you personal invites to join the events.

Peace out.
(TFB)A Can O Monster 24 Mar - 22:04 
The Sound mutator does not work on online servers from what I've experienced, Maybe the servers just need to add it onto available scripts or something.
Fw.R.Steiner 19 Mar - 4:43 
work the mod on online servers ?
Galloping Knob Rot 13 Mar - 0:06 
So the sounds are there, but I have no flailing bodies or shrapnel effect
Galloping Knob Rot 12 Mar - 19:09 
Is there a way I can just get the sounds and death ani9mation without having sniper mechanics changed?
VTG_SMORODINOV 10 Mar - 4:02 
Das ist Wunderbar!
Sir Skully 8 Mar - 14:50 
when i try to play on RO2 maps the game freezes
Vagon 7 Mar - 8:56 
How ready the mod?
Ka-Bar 7 Mar - 3:00 
Download stuck at 19%
dibbler67  [autor] 6 Mar - 16:11 
@Sardgus Manus I disabled that feature while I search for a reliable way to trigger death animations. Otherwise you get headless bodies flailing around, and that's not right.
Teflon Bull 6 Mar - 15:58 
I subscribed to this mod, do I have to enable it any other way?
fugro 5 Mar - 8:48 
well shit! I rly enjoy this mod!
[Mayhem R Us] Ardman 3 Mar - 12:27 
When i throw grenades and people get hit they dont flail and scream around, its like in the original RO2 where they just instantly die :/ most of the time they are close or a bit farther from the grenade and lose legs or arms but not always the head yet they instantly die, other than the soldier in your video where he lost an arm and both legs and screamed around.
[40-1] Schnitzel 2 Mar - 3:31 
Oh and how about changing the player collision system like it is in Classic? Sometimes it can be quite annoying being walled in when there seems to be quite enough of space to get through. :)
Kulin_Ban 1 Mar - 6:15 
Its a really cool mod, congratulations to the guys working on this. It is cool to see ppl caring about this game, and taking time to improve it. A few things I noticed could be mentioned to give you guys some constructive criticism. First i cannot zoom in the weapons by pressing shift as can be done with all weapons in regular ro2. Dunno if this is done intentionally to make the game more difficult. Second, it seems that the grenade sound (explosions) are maybe too loud compared to the rest. Last, it seems to me that the movement of the charachters is little too slow, but maybe it is ment to be that way, dunno maybe its classic mode or something like that. That's it. Cheers guys and thank you for the hard work...
[DFS]GuardianStriker 28 Lut - 10:24 
The only thing it's missing is being able to see your legs when you look down. :P
SpajN 28 Lut - 10:03 
why cant every server have this? is there a way to have this mod running while playing on any server?
[40-1] Schnitzel 27 Lut - 9:34 
Bring some tea.... and crummmpets! :D
40-1Tea_and_Crumpets 27 Lut - 9:33 
1st of March on the OdW test server at 7pm GMT. See you ladies there!
dyingtokill88 26 Lut - 22:12 
i only wish every server ran this mod... EPIC!!!
[40-1] Schnitzel 26 Lut - 20:55 
I tried this mod out yesterday and, to be honest, I've never expected it to be so GOOD! RO2 was a dying game for me before that, because I only play classic which is truly an abandoned mode right now... but with this mod even classic looks funny now! :) Keep up the good work guys! I hope to see this mod spread to many servers. :)
A Balanced Breakfast 26 Lut - 10:11 
Finally, SS camo! I've waited a long time for this to get modded in :D
[RGN] VYpYR 26 Lut - 6:11 
Skins :SS-Waffen Fails for me on RO2 maps Not sure how to Fix it?
Plz. Help ? I enjoy the cool Mutator . Vypyr :lol
Pyro Gourmand [$1≠1€] 22 Lut - 22:31 
Only tested it once on the OdW (v1.04), sadly it rapidly started to lag with everyone at 200+ ms (we were at 40 players if I recall correctly).

The bullets whizzing sounds are pretty neat, but the artillery sound isn't very satisfying to be honest. Still some tweaking needs to be done, even it's pretty damn good already. Keep up the good work ! ;)
Bluebull2007 22 Lut - 20:19 
Brilliant, but it would be awesome to have this rolled out on the ranked servers
[RGN] Mike316 22 Lut - 16:16 
waffenssskin fails for me on fo2 maps not sure how to fix ?
RobUK91 22 Lut - 8:42 
is there only one server i only can find the tester server and thats just full of bots and no real players
Crytek09 22 Lut - 7:41 
Nice Mod buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut not many servers online and the bots are stupid as hell :D more server !or this master piece is down !
N1H1L1573. 22 Lut - 6:59 
Some of the new sounds are too noisy and need some more EQ work or perphaps even a replacement, but overall the mod is completely fantastic! This should get whitelisted asap!
WipMyWombat 22 Lut - 4:57 
could there you possably make camo for the russian i dont know if they used a camo in ww2 thought
siLeNT 22 Lut - 4:22 
At first, i had problems to find IOM servers. Than i realised you have to switch to UNRANKED servers tab to find them.

Alternativly, you can copy the IPs from web and join via console ingame. For the german OdW server for example, type in console:


For what i have seen so far, the mutator makes RO2 more hardcore. If you like a more challenging and more realistic classic experience, you should try this mutator and join one of the IOM servers.

You can also run a local game for testing and see for yourself. Just subscribe and the download starts automatically. After that you can test immediatly.

By the way, dear TWI, please consider to whitelist this mutator. Because players like to rank their classes/weapons. That would give IOM what it really needs and deservers. More players.

Venna 21 Lut - 17:32 
awesome mutator, the sounds are amazing, and love the german uniform varients
GeekInPeace 21 Lut - 10:34 
The artillery sounds are amazing ! They are really scary !
is there any servers which runs this?
High Quality H20 19 Lut - 14:43 
This is awesome I was just telling someone the need some better sound effects on this game and this delivered but does it work on any server?
Carla J Luksic 19 Lut - 8:14 
@Gremlin - 21st MEU - The ODW server at least runs bots. 8 bots or so a side though.
Sgt Gremlin "Baddog 1-1" 18 Lut - 18:20 
Nvm. None of them run it with any bots or players. They should really change that.
Sgt Gremlin "Baddog 1-1" 18 Lut - 17:57 
What servers currently run this?
[RGN] Mike_Nomad 18 Lut - 12:07 
Without a doubt the finest piece of work to come down the pipe!!
scottmorton99 18 Lut - 6:45 
i knowv now
scottmorton99 18 Lut - 6:11 
vid 2 how do u get to the screen plz help
General Von Rundstedt 17 Lut - 19:03 
That sucks.
dibbler67  [autor] 17 Lut - 15:12 
@ Field Marshal Montgommery Yes they do, in a server that's running it.
General Von Rundstedt 17 Lut - 14:36 
Do all the effects work in multiplayer against other people?