[|| Immersion Overhaul Mutator V1.14 ||]
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Supra2x 13 時間前 
Ты русский или амереканец или немец?)
Doggy 5月29日 20時18分 
Sorry,was für eine blöde Beschreibung! WO IST DENN EIN ORDNER MIT DER BEZEICHNUNG "MOD" ?
Triptez 5月29日 18時13分 
Is this client side?
JTWARCRY 5月26日 16時37分 
can't connect to server. tried console command but still won't connect. am i doing something wrong???
Tomiak-SVK 5月20日 4時26分 
i tried all serrvers. No working
AtomicℳilkMan™ 5月13日 15時41分 
Is there anyway I can use replace the exsisting sounds with these ones so I can use them in multiplayer without the server having the mod installed?
URKKI 5月11日 10時01分 
Otherwise looking good, exept the Finnish DMP-40 in the hands of a ruskie!
the shrekker 5月10日 10時31分 
What server is this on?
Caporale 5月9日 5時36分 
server ip for this mod?
Destructo8191 5月9日 0時35分 
Would it be possible to make this compatible with the Heroes of the West Mod?
-=StuK=-Kleist 5月5日 9時39分 
Kurt Newman 5月3日 3時24分 
Damn it, none of my workshop addons load when I start Red Orchestra.
Prussian Walross 4月30日 15時12分 
Hey, can you make one that just replaces the M1 Garand firing sounds in the vanilla game with the ones from this? The ones in this are WAY better.
FourGreenFields 4月30日 9時38分 
Type error in the german part.

3. En t packe (without the 2 spaces there)

Gonna download now. o7
Ptachu 4月26日 13時17分 
Change settings in online play. This is CSUTOM Server ! ! ! :) :) :)
MECK 4月26日 11時04分 
hey how the hell do i connect to these servers,
i cant find them on the server list,
and going in the comand concle and typeing connect does not work
can any one tell me what the hell im doing wrong or what i need to do to connect
Raziel <>< 4月25日 20時31分 
Just need to know one thiing, does this add Fallschirmjagers?
[Banzai]°Ustanak 4月21日 10時16分 
you guys really need to do a red banner for the russians!
10/10 so far :)
wasabiguy 4月20日 11時19分 
Me personally, I would like to know the fate of SMGs in this mod.
-=StuK=-Kleist 4月16日 14時48分 
US Server is online now 24/7

Join our Group (Link by Reks)
[6.Rus] Reks 4月8日 0時44分 
Pvt. de Crom [29ID] 4月7日 6時23分 
i want a luger :p
Gone 2 England 4 a week. 4月5日 12時02分 
The death animations alone are awesome + the sounds of course! id really love to see this working on every server :c
Jaeger Bombastic 4月2日 22時12分 
Does this mod work on online servers? from what ive seen, it only works on a server i make alone with bots.
doesent work with rising storm installed. ive tried
-=StuK=-Kleist 3月25日 9時51分 
Read the info above if you have texture bug. Join our IOM Player group!
Halogen 3月24日 16時59分 
I'm Getting a lot of texture errors on the soldiers in the game when i use this mutator.

any ideas why?
-=StuK=-Kleist 3月22日 3時51分 
Join this group!!! http://steamcommunity.com/groups/IOMMODplayers

We have a european server! online 24/7 / Posted event on Saturday

In this group you will find all Informations you need. How you need to install IOM, how you can fix the texture bug.

You have any question? Start a new discussion in that group.

Join us and enjoy IOM with us!

550 Member right now.
swei_la98 3月21日 23時05分 
Is there a setting to disable the sway when aiming? People seem to complain a lot about it.
Victim Rattlehead 3月21日 17時19分 
Props man. This mod makes the game so real I nearly cried when I shot a Russian soldier and I heard his scream. For a momment I felt like I actually killed a man. This mutator delivers!
Yashka Sheriff 3月19日 12時13分 
I really want to play this but there's no server running this mode unfortunately.. I was looking for that RO:OST feeling!
happyman36 3月12日 14時11分 
Why do the soldiers have missing textures?
SMARF 3月11日 15時19分 
Jesus fuck, he even does it with ironsights, does this mod just add chronic wandering eyes? Or just the inability to use a rifle like a trained soldier? Who the fuck ever picked up a rifle and jost rolled his head/eyes all over the place whilst trying to aim. God damn, the only thing this mod imerses you in is full on autism.
SMARF 3月11日 15時17分 
Can anyone explain why the scope is nerfed to the point beyond retardation? I've hunted all my life and never once experienced these weird issues which I can only assume are associated with some form of physically disabling retardation. Typically your head moves with your rifle, meaning you won't have blind spots in your optics tube, however, captain retard the russian/german, cannot seem to understand that and the weapon is evidently being moved inependant of his head. Making tje scope virtually impossible to be of any use.
Antares30 3月10日 17時03分 
Can anyone explain what "Authentic Mode" does exactly?
Prussian Walross 3月7日 20時01分 
In terms of with the engine and all; how did they make shrapnel work in this mod?
420=BLAZEON=420 2月25日 9時42分 
Thanks for the reply and info. Only tried it for about two hours but I love it so far.
However the Enhanced Deaths (animations things) doesn't seem to work. Tried to die/kill in every way imanginable.
[6.Rus] Reks 2月25日 1時05分 
The "40-1" Clan is going to support IOM once v.1.15 is released.
Until then there is a [FR] Francophone IOM server running v.1.14 with regular events:
420=BLAZEON=420 2月24日 20時29分 
Im guessing this is still active? Tried to get it working and joined 40-1 #1 server but it didnt work.
[6.Rus] Reks 2月24日 2時55分 
Go to http://www.moddb.com/mods/immersion-overhaul-mod and download the mod from there.
For regular events for v.1.14 visit http://steamcommunity.com/groups/IOMMODplayers
Cya on the battlefield
xXMETALWULFXx 2月23日 11時04分 
ive followed instructions to the letter and nothing works
Ethan The Warrior 2月22日 1時49分 
Should i go to ModDB?
Ethan The Warrior 2月22日 1時49分 
Even when i have followed steps
Ethan The Warrior 2月20日 3時01分 
Breaks my textures not buildings only the soldiers
IDK 2月19日 19時45分 
The sniper scope effects are really cool and realistic.
Colonel Sanders™ 2月14日 22時38分 
all the other skins work fine but the ss skins any ideas?
Ryuunosuke The Hikikomori 2月10日 12時33分 
no ben
Ben_evans1 2月8日 3時40分 
does this sound mod work at usual multiplayer servers?
{MR} sentry shield 2月7日 15時07分 
how come the textures arnt showing up correctly?
2 EZ 4 ME 1月31日 11時04分