[|| Immersion Overhaul Mutator V1.14 ||]
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Cheruskerfuerst 7 ώρες πριν 
mh nice one.. but the uniforms are blue and white... I have it done like description :/
Kadet.Dinkelspiel|6th|-SA-| 17 Σεπ @ 1:02μμ 
Hmm, the war movie effect doesn't seem to work with this mod. Any special reason as to why?
-=StuK=-Kleist 17 Σεπ @ 8:26πμ 
Server who running IOM right now (you will find them in the unranked server section)

40-1#3 No Mans´s Land IOM
[FR] Comminauté Francophone IOM

And join the group :)

ps: don´t use this workshop file to install the Mod!!! Use the setup.exe and simply change your graphic and audio settings again when the mod is installed. It´s the best way.

VC*Reks 7 Σεπ @ 8:17μμ 
Dr.Trollington 7 Σεπ @ 4:12μμ 
this is no doubt a good mod through and though. oh and burning bridges makes me want to watch kellys heros so bad now
itsmeballs 7 Σεπ @ 3:31μμ 
I have never been on a server that uses this mod. I want one!!!!!
Spazz 7 Σεπ @ 7:54πμ 
Doesn't seem to work. I played a custom game where I atleast saw some SS skins but when I joined the only server with this mod and some players on it (6 players) it always crashed after 10 seconds, and I'm not even sure if the mod worked.
Lewis257 5 Σεπ @ 7:55πμ 
I have never found a server that runs this mod. even though I've had it installed since it was first released. What am I doing wrong?
THe faLlen ERa 37592 4 Σεπ @ 10:35μμ 
i cant fiure out how to fix the missing uniforms on the russian and german people someone please tell me and yes i read discriptions
THe faLlen ERa 37592 4 Σεπ @ 7:22μμ 
lol flaling and screaming because his limbs were blown off :(
kommadant 2 Σεπ @ 2:22μμ 
yaaaaaa....some stuff has gotta be changed. like the arty definitly....i feel like im watching a gameplay vid of that old plastic soldier game where it was green vs tan, think it was called army men
Kermit 2 Σεπ @ 2:04μμ 
@AIMfinder, the rocket artillery sounds are on par with real rockets, they do whine in the air.
Dragon7722 1 Σεπ @ 11:06μμ 
Cause Realism isn't realistic enough.
AIMfinder 1 Σεπ @ 2:49μμ 
the arty sound is not realistic, and mp40 sounds lame.
hippocampalKitten (j) 29 Αυγ @ 8:13πμ 

The manual stuff is absolutely necessary at the moment; it's something the devs haven't been able to work around for now. However, once you do it, you shouldn't have to do it again for versions released in the future
[40-1] Schnitzel 29 Αυγ @ 3:10πμ 

C:\Users\yourname\Documents\My Games\RedOrchestra2\ROGame\Config -> ROEngine.ini
LookUpTheGreatestStoryNeverTold 28 Αυγ @ 11:04πμ 
Is downloading this mod as simple as subscribing and letting steam do it's normal thing?
Or do I have to go through all the manual stuff you laid out?
Painmace 27 Αυγ @ 7:33πμ 
2. Go to the section [UnrealEd.EditorEngine] . Where do i find this program?
T.O.D 25 Αυγ @ 8:40πμ 
dig those grenades
hippocampalKitten (j) 22 Αυγ @ 7:58πμ 
Can you apply to normal servers, you mean? I would imagine so. If you're asking if it will show up on any server if you join, then no; only servers running the mod will have it work. It simply edits too many aspects of the gameplay, along with adding some goodies.
MONKEY KEV 21 Αυγ @ 1:11μμ 
Is the mod compatable with public vinilla servers?
hippocampalKitten (j) 19 Αυγ @ 9:51μμ 
Did you follow the instructions above exactly? It's not a bug fix; it's a necessity for the mod to run.
greencar 19 Αυγ @ 5:38πμ 
this is a glichi mod avry thing that is inplomented is pink and white
Lumpia ^__^ 16 Αυγ @ 3:50μμ 
skins are fucked
[RGN] VYPYR 15 Αυγ @ 11:09πμ 
IOM THANK YOU ! 4 Being Real To the Game ! And to the Players .
You IOM are Awesome ! the Mutator ii Is # 1 KicKsAss. Keep up the Good Work that you do.
[TP]Grootveld 14 Αυγ @ 8:17πμ 
Are there gonna be any servers using this mutator?
╬ Herr Oberleutnant ╬ 13 Αυγ @ 1:05μμ 
Best mod ever! The Waffen SS soldiers have the SS runes on the helmets :O :D The hole mod is so awesome!
hippocampalKitten (j) 10 Αυγ @ 11:45μμ 
As far as I can tell, the SS were indeed not at Stalingrad. However, newer maps and weapons are starting to break out of the narrow Stalingrad focus and into other operations at the time or ones later into the war. I also personally haven't read too much about the SS exclusively; are the fancy uniforms unique only to SS units?
Kermit 9 Αυγ @ 11:23μμ 
This mod doesn't seem all that friendly to history, didn't the SS not see anything in Stalingrad?
Ptachu 9 Αυγ @ 3:23μμ 
BTW: mod is DEAD ? i dont see servers and Events :(
Ptachu 9 Αυγ @ 3:16μμ 
man use BRAIN. Edit Config
derRoterbaron 5 Αυγ @ 12:57μμ 
uniform textures dosent works :(
PGS_Sam 4 Αυγ @ 3:45πμ 
where is the texture ???
nope 3 Αυγ @ 11:56πμ 
is it possible to use only sounds pack in every server?
PGS_Sam 3 Αυγ @ 1:32πμ 
credo che sia veramente stupenda!!!!! :)
oliver twis 3 Αυγ @ 1:09πμ 
were do i find the unrealed editor engien ?!?!
Jager 1 Αυγ @ 8:52πμ 
I don't know how much you guys care about Rising Storm over RO2, but if it's not too much to ask could you add it that Squad Leaders and Commanders on the American side can use the Garand too if they prefer? Also, perhaps add the M2 Carbine if the resources for that ever come up?
Mirous 31 Ιουλ @ 7:52μμ 
gj guys
meniC_DES 31 Ιουλ @ 10:35πμ 
nice but running fast effect sucks...
Niklas.Baier666 31 Ιουλ @ 6:52πμ 
bei mir haben die Uniformen Textur fehler
hippocampalKitten (j) 30 Ιουλ @ 12:32πμ 

You'll only see the mod's changes on servers where it's installed and enabled.
Dennis 29 Ιουλ @ 5:59πμ 
does this work on any server?
Trumpiest 28 Ιουλ @ 11:17πμ 
Dr.Sherlock 28 Ιουλ @ 3:48πμ 
nice work dude
hippocampalKitten (j) 23 Ιουλ @ 1:32μμ 
Are you sure you followed the directions in the description, Creamy? After installing, my game didn't show any of IOM's changes when I tried using it, either (I figured it would work without doing so, or that the description's directions were simply for those having trouble if it didn't work right away). After adding the lines that they list in the description into the game's config file, it worked like a charm.
[►]Midnight Mλn[►] 21 Ιουλ @ 1:56πμ 
Lapis 20 Ιουλ @ 4:14μμ 
I see it in the workshop in game, and I made a game, added (enabled) the mutator and started. No new weapons, no change in sounds. However, with this mod installed, there's this annoying rapidly clicking sound while nagivating the menus (sounds like machinegun fire of consistant clicking), and I have to click menu items like 5 times for them to react.
BearMilitia 20 Ιουλ @ 1:42μμ 
you only ever get to see your legs when they fly past your face after a grenade or mortar rips them off.
[ger] Uffz. Krueger [101.JD] 19 Ιουλ @ 1:59πμ 
I cant see it in the steam workshop mutator for some reason :(
Gray 18 Ιουλ @ 2:05μμ 
For some reason, the mod now messes with the brightness of my game.

Otorishima vanilla: http://i.imgur.com/qiPXVGq.jpg
with IOM: http://i.imgur.com/FLvFRR6.jpg

Commissar's House vanilla: http://i.imgur.com/1ClF8u3.jpg
with IOM: http://i.imgur.com/qYBTD1u.jpg