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LightBulb For 2 timer siden 
umm how does he have a ppd and molotov o.o
fmc' Arizona For 14 timer siden 
Good job guys! very best mod :)
Emton For 14 timer siden 
Can't figure out where to put the files for manual install. Can I install this without using the exe?
Emton For 15 timer siden 
Well I'll try the manual install
Emton For 15 timer siden 
Uh I get lots of missing textures. I tried out the 40-1 server and characters were missing their textures. So I unsubscribed and resubscribed joined again and notice the sniper scope had a missing texture (couldn't see through it) Should I uninstall somehow and redownload or something how do I do that?
={GMU}= Bismarck.Grup For 17 timer siden 
Best RO2 mod!Thx for your job.
[|DRAGON|]-De Haugéranville-{cp 30. sep kl. 4:48am 
Looks great, but i'm concerned by potential crashes, was this updated for the last patch ?
╬SS-Geschützführer╬ 29. sep kl. 10:53pm 
This mod is awesome but for some reason I can't use it without crashing annoyingly often.
Akula 29. sep kl. 6:40pm 
ANy chance of the new MG42 getting added in?
Schulz 29. sep kl. 5:10am 
SpajN 27. sep kl. 7:29am 
unsubbed due to the annoying spam you guys do... my steam is ALWAYS full of 5-6 messages from this mod.
-=StuK=-Kleist 27. sep kl. 6:09am 
SLs could become 2 smoke nades when they go to a ammo point, but they start just with one.
Max Damage 26. sep kl. 6:16pm 
Hope RO2 was like this mod its pretty nice and well thought out.
BAXTERM8N 26. sep kl. 6:06pm 
i noticed that sl's have 2 smoke nades now new feature?
MaD_CZ 26. sep kl. 1:27pm 
BAXTERM8N 25. sep kl. 3:57pm 
are these servers lables with IOM?
MantrAveda 25. sep kl. 8:42am 
I've been waiting a long time for something like this! Now, how exactlly do I find servers to play this on? I only found one (40-1) but they aren't in the U.S. so my ping is over 200.
Kadet.Dinkelspiel|6th|-SA-| 24. sep kl. 11:47am 
Nevermind, disregard my previous post, I managed to fix it.
-=StuK=-Thorbjorn 24. sep kl. 8:56am 
-=StuK=-Thorbjorn 24. sep kl. 8:47am 
40-1#3 No Mans´s Land IOM
[FR] Comminauté Francophone IOM
-=StuK=-Thorbjorn 24. sep kl. 8:46am 
After the last RO2 Update you can find the 40-1 #3 IOM Server in the ranked server list.
And the French [FR] IOM Server in the unranked list.

This is how I see it today.
BAXTERM8N 24. sep kl. 8:32am 
btw are the servers still up and where can i find them i used the link in the discription but as there is no search engine in the server browser it doesnt realy help
BAXTERM8N 24. sep kl. 8:24am 
ok no biggy :) got it working thanks
hippocampalKitten (j) 23. sep kl. 9:51pm 

Yes! You do for now, unfortunately. They're working to get it fixed for future updates, but for the time being it's required. It only takes a few minutes and it's fairly simple, especially if you've modded games before.
BAXTERM8N 23. sep kl. 7:46pm 
sorry for asking multipul questions but even if you download from steam do you have to do the file thing in the description?
-=StuK=-Kleist 23. sep kl. 4:19pm 

kleine Anmerkung noch. Wenn der bei der Installation fragt ob er die Daten überschreiben soll - Bestätigen.

Nach der Installation muss du dann das Spiel nur noch 1 oder 2x neustarten um die Grafikeinstellung wieder hochzusetzen. Bei der Installation werden diese nämlich auf niedrig gesetzt (eben so die Ton-Einstellung)

Viel Spaß beim Spielen
-=StuK=-Kleist 23. sep kl. 4:02pm 
Ich nehme an du sprichts deutsch?
Um das Problem mit den Uniformen zu beheben ist es das einfachste IOM manuell mit der bereitgestellten setup.exe zu installieren.
Leider gibt´s bei der Workshopdatei einen Fehler der wohl nicht behoben werden kann.

Installer for clients : http://www.mediafire.com/download/x4...1.14_Setup.exe

Lade also die o.g. Datei runter und installiere IOM in deinen RO Ordner.
WICHTIG! nicht vergessen IOM hier im Workshop abzubestellen, ansonsten werden die Dateien beim nächsten Spielstart überschrieben und du hast schon wieder die Lila-Weißen Uniformen.

To play IOM online you need to join one of the IOM server.
But you can test IOM vs. Bots in your RO2 ingame workshop.
btw it is no problem to have IOM installed and join a normal server. IOM will be only activated when the server run IOM.
BAXTERM8N 23. sep kl. 12:59pm 
does a server have to have this or can you get it and play normaly
Cheruskerfuerst 19. sep kl. 5:50am 
mh nice one.. but the uniforms are blue and white... I have it done like description :/
Kadet.Dinkelspiel|6th|-SA-| 17. sep kl. 1:02pm 
Hmm, the war movie effect doesn't seem to work with this mod. Any special reason as to why?
-=StuK=-Kleist 17. sep kl. 8:26am 
Server who running IOM right now (you will find them in the unranked server section)

40-1#3 No Mans´s Land IOM
[FR] Comminauté Francophone IOM

And join the group :)

ps: don´t use this workshop file to install the Mod!!! Use the setup.exe and simply change your graphic and audio settings again when the mod is installed. It´s the best way.

VC*Reks 7. sep kl. 8:17pm 
President Dwayne Camacho 7. sep kl. 4:12pm 
this is no doubt a good mod through and though. oh and burning bridges makes me want to watch kellys heros so bad now
itsmeballs 7. sep kl. 3:31pm 
I have never been on a server that uses this mod. I want one!!!!!
Spazz 7. sep kl. 7:54am 
Doesn't seem to work. I played a custom game where I atleast saw some SS skins but when I joined the only server with this mod and some players on it (6 players) it always crashed after 10 seconds, and I'm not even sure if the mod worked.
Lewis257 5. sep kl. 7:55am 
I have never found a server that runs this mod. even though I've had it installed since it was first released. What am I doing wrong?
THe faLlen ERa 37592 4. sep kl. 10:35pm 
i cant fiure out how to fix the missing uniforms on the russian and german people someone please tell me and yes i read discriptions
THe faLlen ERa 37592 4. sep kl. 7:22pm 
lol flaling and screaming because his limbs were blown off :(
kommadant 2. sep kl. 2:22pm 
yaaaaaa....some stuff has gotta be changed. like the arty definitly....i feel like im watching a gameplay vid of that old plastic soldier game where it was green vs tan, think it was called army men
Kermit 2. sep kl. 2:04pm 
@AIMfinder, the rocket artillery sounds are on par with real rockets, they do whine in the air.
Dragon7722 1. sep kl. 11:06pm 
Cause Realism isn't realistic enough.
AIMfinder 1. sep kl. 2:49pm 
the arty sound is not realistic, and mp40 sounds lame.
hippocampalKitten (j) 29. aug kl. 8:13am 

The manual stuff is absolutely necessary at the moment; it's something the devs haven't been able to work around for now. However, once you do it, you shouldn't have to do it again for versions released in the future
[40-1] Schnitzel 29. aug kl. 3:10am 

C:\Users\yourname\Documents\My Games\RedOrchestra2\ROGame\Config -> ROEngine.ini
LookUpTheGreatestStoryNeverTold 28. aug kl. 11:04am 
Is downloading this mod as simple as subscribing and letting steam do it's normal thing?
Or do I have to go through all the manual stuff you laid out?
Painmace 27. aug kl. 7:33am 
2. Go to the section [UnrealEd.EditorEngine] . Where do i find this program?
T.O.D 25. aug kl. 8:40am 
dig those grenades
hippocampalKitten (j) 22. aug kl. 7:58am 
Can you apply to normal servers, you mean? I would imagine so. If you're asking if it will show up on any server if you join, then no; only servers running the mod will have it work. It simply edits too many aspects of the gameplay, along with adding some goodies.
MONKEY KEV 21. aug kl. 1:11pm 
Is the mod compatable with public vinilla servers?
hippocampalKitten (j) 19. aug kl. 9:51pm 
Did you follow the instructions above exactly? It's not a bug fix; it's a necessity for the mod to run.