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Snoku-Chan 11 de dez às 14:09 
Because you dident install it right, you may need to read the instructions again, and edit the RO2 file.
Democracy 11 de dez às 8:41 
Can't play MP with this and all player models in singelplayer are purple
KILLER_STEN 9 de dez às 17:30 
Help. play then climbs rogame.exe is not responding, click to close the program then climbs RedOrchestra 2 Crash Report every time. what to do?
Cute Pigs! 8 de dez às 16:33 
This would be awesome if it was compatible with Heroes of the West.
Maykhen Al-Qainza Ghainez 3 de dez às 13:44 
Are any servers running this mod?
hippocampalKitten (j) 29 de nov às 1:49 

Der Mod führt neue Uniformen (wie Tarnung), neue Waffe-Geräusche (oder Soundeffekt?), Sieg-Musik, und neue Waffen ein. Er ändert den Rückstoß der Waffen, die Auswirkungen des Niederhaltens, die Treffsicherheit, die Geschwindigkeit der Bewegung, und simuliertes Schrapnell. Er versucht, die Spiel mehr realistisch zu machen.
Snoku-Chan 27 de nov às 12:18 
Most likely not.
KB_TheDireWolf 24 de nov às 19:24 
Dose it lower FPS? This mod
[GLEN] Sir Sarcastic 24 de nov às 14:48 
Those rocket sounds are terrifying.
FabiX 23 de nov às 2:19 
Sry,aber was sin da die Unterschiede? Bin ich zu blöd dafür oder sind des nur kleinere Verbesserungen?
FW190 FAN! 18 de nov às 15:45 
This mod look incredible. Question: Are there any popular severs who are using this mod? Large battle such as 20v20 or more? Thanks
HellGhost 14 de nov às 8:43 
Salut !

Info pour ma part :

1. Ouvrez le fichier ROEngine.ini qui se trouve dans: C:\Users\<VotreNom>\Documents\My Games\RedOrchestra2\ROGame\Config

Ce point est incorrect chez moi, le fichier " ROEngine.ini" se trouve dans le dossier RedOrchestra2SP.

Question : est-il possible d'utiliser aussi le mod en Solo ?

J'écris en Français, vu que le post contient du Français, mais si on ne comprend pas, il suffit de demander, je traduirais.
Edgar Lindner 13 de nov às 12:19 
You have to add a line to the .ini file. I think at modb there is an automatic fix for it.
GulielmusTheEternal 13 de nov às 7:24 
Can I download this the same way I would download any other mod?
Or do I *have* to do it manually?
Clockwork0 12 de nov às 21:18 
Arriva huentitan !! ajajai
¡Däs Boot! 12 de nov às 13:43 
I"m very pissed. there is no active server list with servers that host this modl. where can I find this list? I have only found 5 servers and 4 of them are always empty, the only one with players is an RS server where I don't enjoy any of the real benifits of the mod.
hippocampalKitten (j) 6 de nov às 0:39 

I can't seem to find it in my Mutators page, either. However enabling it through mutators is only going to give you the single-player experience, while you'll have to join a server running the mod to actually see the effects during an online match. Downloading from Moddb might help, too.

http://www.moddb.com/mods/immersion-overhaul-mod/downloads/immersion-overhaul-mutator-v114 - IOM main files.

http://www.moddb.com/mods/immersion-overhaul-mod/news/more-servers-are-hosting-iom Texture fix (near bottom of announcement, above the Youtube video).
Valkyrja666 3 de nov às 17:37 
For some reason I cannot get this to work. I try to enable it within RO2 (workshop mutators page) and it still never works. Any help? Also I'm new to all this, so any help in general would be appreciated.
hippocampalKitten (j) 1 de nov às 2:34 

The "Texture fix" discussion thread just above the comments contains a fix.
gewehrshutze 1 de nov às 0:09 
the new skins for the germans at least to me look like white and purple marshmellow men how do i solve this problem?
Snoku-Chan 30 de out às 16:21 
Is this mod still being worked on? I fear it seems dead...
hippocampalKitten (j) 27 de out às 23:27 
@you ok

It won't. I agree the readme isn't the best at the moment, but I've had the mod installed for months now with no issues to normal server gameplay or connection.
you ok 26 de out às 13:52 
wow i feel like installing this is just gonna screw up my game and il have to reinstall it...could have a better readme also
you ok 26 de out às 13:06 
is it possible to just install the sound mod ??
Dire-flugan 26 de out às 2:17 
First of all, this mod looks great ! GJ. I have downloaded the mod, and it shows up in mutatoris in the game. And when i klick add it moves to active. But if i klick exit and check the mutators it is no longer active. Is this normal ? is the mod still active ?

Thx for help
hippocampalKitten (j) 24 de out às 22:27 

Download the mod here; it will automatically find the folder for you, Chickenpusher.


The mod only works if you play on a server with the mod enabled. Regular servers (ie with it not enabled/ supported) will just be regular servers, and the options don't negatively affect you when joining/ playing them.
ill trade you for a pokeman card 24 de out às 15:58 
i really like the mode but. if i can ask can you make a winter war mod? or something please ad finish troops in the spot of the germans i would love you foreva :D
Chickenpusher 23 de out às 4:12 
Can anyone confirm if this is the correct installation folder for the mod?:
\Steam\steamapps\common\Red Orchestra 2
Chickenpusher 23 de out às 4:07 
Guys. I can't get this to work for me. I installed it but it doesn't show in my Workshop Mutators list. Is there something I need to do to get it there?
theUSguy425 20 de out às 13:34 
So, with the fix of the engine by copying and pasting all of the code in. If I copy and paste all that stuff will it cause issues if I don't have the mutator enabled or anything like that?
xXxPRO MLGxXx M4gNuM 16 de out às 19:06 
This is how RO2 should have been ....
Dr. Sir Jesus Christ The Sex God 16 de out às 8:58 
If u no get the leggies, is no immersive.
hippocampalKitten (j) 14 de out às 14:15 
There's a fix for the texture issues on the mod's Moddb.com page; very easy to do.

As far as I know you can't use the skins on unmodded servers, unless you found a way to use them as replacers. I personally wouldn't know how to go about doing it.

All of the IOM servers are now ranked - they appear in the normal tab. The {sBc} Fight Club server is one; the [40-1] #3 No Man's Land server is another. There's a couple others but those are the two big ones. MG42 will be added in the next patch, I heard, but not totally sure.

Hope that helped!
MannyMoos3 14 de out às 10:59 
How do i find the servers running this
>everytime i go to unranked tab no servers pop up an i have no filters on
>also would like to know a server running this mod an custom maps tired of playin same maps on ranked campain servers "bridges" cough cough
>mod looks abosoltly amazing from the videos this what base game should have been
‏‏Voin18‏ 13 de out às 3:13 
классный мод
♫「Natsumi」 11 de out às 22:09 
Is it possible to make the skins work on unmodded servers?
Doktor 10 de out às 12:19 
I'm trying to find a way and play around with the code to see if I can get that mg42 in...
Vince 7 de out às 23:12 
Hello all I found the fix for the white and purple uniform textures on ModDB

To fix the texture issue overwrite your old (incompatible) ROengine.ini with the one downloaded -
It'll be in here:- C:\Users\\Documents\My Games\RedOrchestra2\ROGame\Config/ROEngine.ini

"Make shore to back up ROEngine.ini if it doesnt work but I tried it a couple of times and it works"

Now open up ROEngine.ini and copy and past over everything: "DONT COPY THE NUMBERS ON THE SIDE"


Launch the game activate the mod and enjoy!! :)
Doktor 7 de out às 12:51 
I was also wondering when this would be updated to the newest version
King Joffrey II 6 de out às 15:33 
This mod will find it difficult to get going as long as that purple uniforms remain, most people find the fix to difficult...
adolfredo96 6 de out às 2:28 
when are we gonna get the mg42 for this mod?
Pahi 6 de out às 1:45 
where is the IOM servers? Found just one or two, with 10bots :P
Destructo8191 5 de out às 19:07 
@lightbulb the mod adds more weapons
Destructo8191 5 de out às 19:06 
Could you make this compatible with Heroes of the West
rubennaatje 5 de out às 2:48 
this is awesome :P , thanks for this ;)
Boat 4 de out às 21:50 
All the player models look like this. (http://i.imgur.com/UvJX9wL.jpg) How do I make it so the uniforms don't look like unbaked pastries that a blue mean jizzed all over.
Koltman 4 de out às 8:47 
pls be just like RO1
Vasily Krysov 4 de out às 1:15 
Holy shit, after several years we might finally get what RO2 was supposed to be!
DEATH TO CAPITALS 4 de out às 0:29 
This is what the base game should have been. Awesome.
°MaKKe 3 de out às 4:55 
omg this is amazing good job!