Сообщество дало этой игре зеленый свет!

Сообщество выразило свой интерес к этой игре. Valve связалась с ее разработчиком и начала подготовку к ее выходу в Steam.

Half-Life 2: Capture the Flag
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derpysilver374 28 апр в 17:47 
i can't find this in the steam store. is is out yet? please forgive me. i just noticed the greenlight tab in the top of the screen and i'm not too familiar with greenlight
TheMikirog 7 апр в 6:02 
Best mode ever! Needs more players!
[CPC] rip_e 2 апр в 5:06 
A great CTF ! Please relase !
Sir Frost (Not happy) 20 мар в 15:34 
Give us this now!
Ville.L [FIN] 18 мар в 22:46 
Relase Now PLS
Catatau 6 мар в 19:37 
very anxious for the game!
MENthish  [автор] 27 фев в 18:21 
The oddity with trying to join and getting different version errors is inconsistent. It happened to me on the NY server but when reconnecting it connected without issue...
Wheatley 27 фев в 7:13 
oh cool i saw the servers but nobody is there
-EXCELLENtE* 27 фев в 4:10 
StompOnYourFace!!!! 27 фев в 2:59 
btw all the servers are empty and I can not connect to them it says there not running 2.1
MENthish  [автор] 26 фев в 20:28 
The development took a break last Fall to concentrate on ideas and giving the team a break. We are restarting development now and we have launched a number of 2.1 servers for those who are looking to play.
StompOnYourFace!!!! 21 фев в 17:22 
no one plays this game unfortunately, dis game looked cool and I wanted to play it
Wheatley 16 янв в 13:54 
|l|U† 7 янв в 7:22 
Add This
GG BenQ Trepshik_™ 2 янв в 10:00 
Very nice game
MENthish  [автор] 19 дек, 2014 в 4:16 
Development continues forward again January 2015. :)
Samuel Shrek (TPE) 17 дек, 2014 в 20:52 
people want this game badly
Абдуль 17 дек, 2014 в 8:41 
мне игра понравилась.я бы хотел чтобы она вышла поскорее
Insert user name here <----- 2 ноя, 2014 в 9:30 
▓▓▓▓▓█░░░░ Valve, ░░░█
▓▓▓▓▓█░░░Add This░░░█
▓▓▓▓▓█░░░ Please! ░░░█
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Haunted Hunter 17 окт, 2014 в 11:21 
Is this a finished game or is it in Beta.
Duality 4 окт, 2014 в 7:29 
Captain Luther 14 сен, 2014 в 16:45 
How do you get it im not familiar with greenlight
King of Perverts Get fuck :3 30 авг, 2014 в 5:08 
Portal Vs Half life or what?
av28 26 авг, 2014 в 0:14 
And it looks cool!
av28 26 авг, 2014 в 0:13 
Is this a mod or an actul game?
Lazatoy 17 авг, 2014 в 16:08 
looks cool.
Spingebill Squarebants 13 авг, 2014 в 3:16 
Hey guys, I'm making 2 different maps for this mod hoping either one or both get accepted for the official steam release. If you want to try them out and give in your feedback of the maps, I highly appreciate it. You can download the maps here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/dny50c8k9ha8v3t/AAAD-Zp-Uul5TwYuBBNmKfYaa
{insert title here} 31 июл, 2014 в 13:34 
Tranker26x 26 июл, 2014 в 9:39 
Max 15 июл, 2014 в 9:40 
o3o love dis <3
Private Creeper 5 июл, 2014 в 9:49 
I can tell that this game is gonna be full of hell...the BAD type of hell (just my opinion)
Vip_RAUL TERMINATOR_iPN 5 июл, 2014 в 5:14 
very nice
Alpha 1 июл, 2014 в 12:09 
Very nice
kingpeshko 22 июн, 2014 в 10:28 
seems great
MATT_SPACE_HOBO 18 июн, 2014 в 13:09 
my birthday is tomorrow i woulda love if the game got released :(
veggharb 8 июн, 2014 в 14:52 
can't wait looks fun
Solar_flares 5 июн, 2014 в 23:41 
I dont care if its free or not I WANT THIS GAME ON STEAM
MENthish  [автор] 1 июн, 2014 в 0:47 
Thanks. We would really like to get as many responses from HL2CTF players as possible here over the weekend.
MadnessCombat™ 1 июн, 2014 в 0:37 
Done the survey!
MENthish  [автор] 1 июн, 2014 в 0:20 
Here is the short URL to the HL2CTF Player Survey that we hope everyone who voted will take. It is only 10 questions strictly about the game, nothing else: {ССЫЛКА УДАЛЕНА}http://tinyurl.com/oohpehp
Asher 4 мая, 2014 в 12:28 
I can't wait for this mod to be out on steam. There's hardly any players on.
MENthish  [автор] 24 апр, 2014 в 22:13 
We are testing the Linux/OSx client and so far, so good. We have no reason to believe at this point that the anything is stopping us from supporting Windows and Linux clients and SRCDS. As for open source, we will have the workshop and authoring tools built-in making custom content easier to create than ever before.
MadnessCombat™ 24 апр, 2014 в 17:27 
Hey I've got A question, do you have plans to make this open source?
Chessed 24 апр, 2014 в 12:47 
Any news over wether or not this is coming to OSX?
MENthish  [автор] 6 апр, 2014 в 19:52 
We have been using the 2006 Source SDK since the beginning which never supported a Linux client. Also, when Valve updated to Steampipe, they dropped 2006 Source Dedicated Server support for Linux. This will all be solved when we release HL2CTF 2.5 under the 2013 SDK, coming very soon!
matthiasek / マチアスク 6 апр, 2014 в 2:10 
why is it for windows and not for linux??
MadnessCombat™ 30 мар, 2014 в 0:46 
That's great news! :D
MENthish  [автор] 30 мар, 2014 в 0:36 
Nothing official whatsoever here. But the current schedule looks like we can have HL2CTF 2.5 released on Steam by the end of April! Depending on any roadblocks, we should make it. Official announcements coming by mid-April.
MadnessCombat™ 29 мар, 2014 в 22:12 
Is this still kicking?
NexploK // 28 мар, 2014 в 20:02 
omg that will be awesome <3