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Half-Life 2: Capture the Flag
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Captain Luther 14 set, ore 16:45 
How do you get it im not familiar with greenlight
PortálovíkCZE 30 ago, ore 5:08 
Portal Vs Half life or what?
av28 26 ago, ore 0:14 
And it looks cool!
av28 26 ago, ore 0:13 
Is this a mod or an actul game?
Lazatoy 17 ago, ore 16:08 
looks cool.
Crazy Guy of Doom 13 ago, ore 3:16 
Hey guys, I'm making 2 different maps for this mod hoping either one or both get accepted for the official steam release. If you want to try them out and give in your feedback of the maps, I highly appreciate it. You can download the maps here:
toch that bootie 31 lug, ore 13:34 
Tranker26x 26 lug, ore 9:39 
Mihai 15 lug, ore 9:40 
o3o love dis <3
DOSH, GRAB IT ALL! 5 lug, ore 9:49 
I can tell that this game is gonna be full of hell...the BAD type of hell (just my opinion)
RAUL TERMINATOR 5 lug, ore 5:14 
very nice
Alpha 1 lug, ore 12:09 
Very nice
kingpeshko 22 giu, ore 10:28 
seems great
MATT_SPACE_HOBO 18 giu, ore 13:09 
my birthday is tomorrow i woulda love if the game got released :(
veggharb 8 giu, ore 14:52 
can't wait looks fun
Solar_flares 5 giu, ore 23:41 
I dont care if its free or not I WANT THIS GAME ON STEAM
MENthish  [autore] 1 giu, ore 0:47 
Thanks. We would really like to get as many responses from HL2CTF players as possible here over the weekend.
☣MG☣Ratchet™ 1 giu, ore 0:37 
Done the survey!
MENthish  [autore] 1 giu, ore 0:20 
Here is the short URL to the HL2CTF Player Survey that we hope everyone who voted will take. It is only 10 questions strictly about the game, nothing else:
Kitty With A Gun 4 mag, ore 12:28 
I can't wait for this mod to be out on steam. There's hardly any players on.
MENthish  [autore] 24 apr, ore 22:13 
We are testing the Linux/OSx client and so far, so good. We have no reason to believe at this point that the anything is stopping us from supporting Windows and Linux clients and SRCDS. As for open source, we will have the workshop and authoring tools built-in making custom content easier to create than ever before.
☣MG☣Ratchet™ 24 apr, ore 17:27 
Hey I've got A question, do you have plans to make this open source?
[ATTG]CheeseHead 24 apr, ore 12:47 
Any news over wether or not this is coming to OSX?
MENthish  [autore] 6 apr, ore 19:52 
We have been using the 2006 Source SDK since the beginning which never supported a Linux client. Also, when Valve updated to Steampipe, they dropped 2006 Source Dedicated Server support for Linux. This will all be solved when we release HL2CTF 2.5 under the 2013 SDK, coming very soon!
m4tthi3sek 6 apr, ore 2:10 
why is it for windows and not for linux??
☣MG☣Ratchet™ 30 mar, ore 0:46 
That's great news! :D
MENthish  [autore] 30 mar, ore 0:36 
Nothing official whatsoever here. But the current schedule looks like we can have HL2CTF 2.5 released on Steam by the end of April! Depending on any roadblocks, we should make it. Official announcements coming by mid-April.
☣MG☣Ratchet™ 29 mar, ore 22:12 
Is this still kicking?
NexploKBlack 28 mar, ore 20:02 
omg that will be awesome <3
[02ID] SourceAttack 28 mar, ore 15:56 
WOW. I've tried the mod on single player (couldn't do MP), but in multiplayer, this might be as good as Team Fortress 2 (I don't want to jinx it).
Smiley 27 mar, ore 3:54 
It's gonna be good.
MENthish  [autore] 9 mar, ore 19:14 
We're gearing up to arrange the first playtest of HL2CTF 2.5... More announcements coming soon when we have everything in place. Beta test keys will be distributed to download the beta through Steam!
David Hasselhoff 9 mar, ore 4:07 
Already played before. Really good gameplay.
SideArm7 9 mar, ore 1:49 
How long before this is downloadable
Schuss_Kaboom 16 feb, ore 10:38 
looks cool, it would be a unique addition to the half-life series
NurseBoB 15 feb, ore 21:01 
Can't wait for this game to be on steam!!!!
Mihai 14 feb, ore 2:09 
actually you can get the game from here

Systems request:
OS:Windows XP or higher
a free source SDK BASE(any)
video card
_VanyaChannelGames 12 feb, ore 2:53 
Trashman Hax (smbd) 0 8 feb, ore 19:12 
very good game
Sonicboom2177 7 feb, ore 14:02 
this looks like a very good game!Nice Work!
Dat Dondo 29 gen, ore 1:35 
MENthish  [autore] 27 gen, ore 16:16 
A small amount of time was spent to make sure HL2CTF 2.1 was back up and running this month. We have servers launched and more going online. The progress of HL2CTF 3.0 will be announced this weekend.
otie 27 gen, ore 10:24 
andrew2831 26 gen, ore 6:40 
When will this be out??

{SSR}Sesto Elemento 25 gen, ore 19:48 
amazing if only it was in gmod
Tina 25 gen, ore 3:25 
Freaky ツ 18 gen, ore 20:15 
Dean "abie" Pepler 18 gen, ore 0:22 

NOW WE HAVE TO TEST This Game out!!!!!!

While you Delay THE INEVITABLE

HALF LIFE 3 !!!!!!!!!11
Punidor 17 gen, ore 13:38 
Esse jogo fez estória :)
zlob9n 14 gen, ore 4:11