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Breezehome Refurbished
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Psyduck 17 июл в 12:08 
Subscribed to the mod, but it doesn't seem to be working for me. I've tried twice to enter Breezehome and it's taking way longer to load than it should. Anyone else have this problem and has a solution? Thanks.
jaderive 2 ноя, 2014 в 17:25 
like what you did, but HECK Pleaseeeeeeeeeeee, do something with that dam stupid firepit, all house mods, and most still have that rotten , in the way, firepit in the middle of floor to trip on and pathway get caught ..... ;p
jaderive 5 авг, 2014 в 4:42 
Yes like croganis asks, is it kids room friendly ?
Shukaku 20 июл, 2014 в 20:36 
can I put kids in it?
Sønnichsen 23 июн, 2014 в 7:33 
Thanks for a nice house dude. It's Awesome. The old Breezehome was very boring Thx dude
Big Chief Tom  [автор] 11 ноя, 2013 в 11:31 
i agree, Breezehome is Breezehome, i just wanted to fancy it up a bit :D
Raven 5 ноя, 2013 в 12:39 
Thank you for adding a Breezehome mod with a *nice bed* without going all out on the architecture and a bunch of fancy weirdness. "Oh, I think I'll make the furniture nicer. While I'm at it, I think I'll add a whole crapload of extra crafting/storage stuff that no one else in Skyrim keeps in their home! Then I'll turn the entire structure into a mansion fit for the High King and add a bunch of oddball quests attached! Great idea!" Sigh, lol.
Andromea 4 июн, 2013 в 23:51 
@Tom, thank you for fixing the shields! I have moved my 'children' into another house, so I could enjoy Breezehome Refurbished without trouble ;)
Lava 4 июн, 2013 в 21:37 
Still having big trouble with books/shields and food flying off the wall like a hurricane hits when I enter the home. It happens either with or without my followers.. Got lots of stuff in there but nothing that shouldn't be used in the chests/wardrobes. I thought it was fixed, but apparantly not...or it broke again. Please advise/assist soonest
SpaceMonkeh 2 июн, 2013 в 10:44 
Okay, thanks. Sorry for my mistake! Please let me know when it is fixed :D
Big Chief Tom  [автор] 2 июн, 2013 в 3:52 
@SpaceMonkeh, i'll try and fix that but in future dont buy any luxuries, just breezehome itself and my mod will already be there
Big Chief Tom  [автор] 2 июн, 2013 в 3:51 
@Andromeda, i cannot alter hearthfire stuff because i dont have it myself, the shield thing was a problem for me at first but i fixed it, cant think why its happening again but i'll check it out :)
Big Chief Tom  [автор] 2 июн, 2013 в 3:51 
@lava, Thanks and yeah that book problem happend to me so i fixed it :)
[Nr3] Pull2open 28 мая, 2013 в 23:50 
All was good, but i had really bad fps inside the house
SpaceMonkeh 28 мая, 2013 в 22:54 
I just bought Breezehome tonight, as well as immediately paid for all of the luxuries. However, when I entered, much of the vanilla Breezehome stuff conflicted with this mod, like tables overlapping, objects blocking others and such. What should I do?
Andromea 24 мая, 2013 в 7:57 
I tried this mod, because I love Breezehome, but there were two things that didn't go as it should be:
1. When I first came into the house, my character got crushed by shields that fell from the ceiling XD
2. I've got Hearthfire and have a child's room. But there is, for example, an arcane enchanter table (or something like that) in my child's room and it's placed on the same place as my bed. Also, there is a gigantic pole in the middle of the doorway, so I can't go in my child's room.

Could you fix these problems?
Lava 23 мая, 2013 в 19:43 
Ok Tom give it a shot. I'm doing well with this mod, but not yet into Hearthfire. Still roaming Skyrim killing bandits and drauger with Lydia and Hoth.....LOL
I did have a slight bug when I entered second time, booke flew out of the front room bookshelf to the left of front door, but it is back in place again. You fix it?? ot did it reset itself??
Anyway endorsed and favorite.

ScholarlyMadman 23 мая, 2013 в 13:38 
@Tom No as you are editing a hearthfire home if you want I could do a version which is compatable, I think it might be quite easy.
Big Chief Tom  [автор] 23 мая, 2013 в 12:09 
i dont have hearthfire but is there a way i can make it DLC compatible but not have hearthfire?
Lava 22 мая, 2013 в 15:16 
Beautyful!!! Strong work... If it is possible, please do make DLC compatability i.e. Hearthfire, etc Thanks for this
ScholarlyMadman 22 мая, 2013 в 12:07 
This isn't hearthfire compatable! Noooooo!
If you want I could make a hearthfire compatable version.
bluetaurus32 20 мая, 2013 в 13:02 
I like what you did with the place,..however..., when I walked it, everything fell from the walls. It has a bit of a lag to it as well. Seems a little choppy. Thanks though.
jedidiva72 19 мая, 2013 в 8:12 
I love that you opened up the back area by taking away the wall and door, great idea!
Big Chief Tom  [автор] 19 мая, 2013 в 6:38 
I dont have hearthfire myself so i dont know
Bod 19 мая, 2013 в 5:43 
is it compatible with hearthfire
Big Chief Tom  [автор] 19 мая, 2013 в 1:23 
Yes, as it gets rid of all furniture in Breezehome and replaces it so before downloading, i'd make sure you've got valuables and decent stuff out :) i would've made sure it didnt do this but as its my first mod, i still dont know loads about creation kit
Alkline 19 мая, 2013 в 0:44 
If you have stuff already stored in the home will it delete the items if you download this?
hanr 18 мая, 2013 в 1:01 
nice! I like this
Big Chief Tom  [автор] 17 мая, 2013 в 6:35 
no problem! :D
Zombie Slapper 15 мая, 2013 в 11:40 
NIce little mod, with just the right stuff. Thanks for the work Tom!