Qa'Dalili Muamko
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lee 26 сен, 2014 в 4:09 
Thanks, this makes life on Solstheim a hell of a lot easier - all athat loot an no-one to sell it to?! One thing that you might like to fix though, if it's possible: Before realising what it was, I sold all of Miraak's gear to Qa'Dalili. When I realised and went back it was gone from her inventory. Standard merchants in the game tend to keep unique items.
apple.snowsong-voice actress 13 авг, 2013 в 19:00 
Oh! I simply must have Qa'Dalili Muamko for Raven Rock in Solstheim! =^..^=Purrr Khajiit Power everywhere! Yay!
k9mouse  [автор] 15 мая, 2013 в 13:56 
To all -- Thanks for the Commnets and thumbs up! =)
k9mouse  [автор] 15 мая, 2013 в 13:55 
@Shadow -- Thanks for answer mvobtmor's question =) I was out of town and just got back...
-!SkiDD!- 14 мая, 2013 в 5:24 
Good to go, mate!
Yatzie 13 мая, 2013 в 21:24 
The inn at RavenRock, either at the top floor or the bottom
mvobtmor 13 мая, 2013 в 19:05 
were is she at in skyrim.
Mister Daniels 13 мая, 2013 в 14:00 
good mod, congratulations!
Yatzie 13 мая, 2013 в 3:35 
Nice mod i must say :D
k9mouse  [автор] 12 мая, 2013 в 19:43 
frogprincess_q4 12 мая, 2013 в 19:42 
Looks great k9mouse :)