The Legend of Zelda - Giant's Knife / Biggoron's Sword
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Angery Hammer 2014年12月27日 20時38分 
Thanks, I actually listened to the video so...yeah....:|
JKalenad  [作成者] 2014年12月27日 18時53分 
Check Shimmermist Cave, Darkshade, and Gloomreach. They also have Giant's Ingots. The ingots also appear rarely in Falmer loot.
Angery Hammer 2014年12月27日 17時02分 
I need some help, I've gone through all of chillrend depths and only found one giant ingot. I've waited more than 30 days and it still hasn't respawned....what do I do? (Note I've also checked every thing I've killed in the dungen.)
Reina 2014年7月9日 16時50分 
cool :)
Superpyrocharged 2014年3月15日 13時45分 
Hey this looks so FUCKing awesome so thanks for another great Skyrim mod. :)
A moderately rich Sniper 2013年9月27日 10時27分 
@KeeGeeBee the biggoron sword is usually broken when you find it for the first time, in the trade sequences, and after the end you get the biggoron sword, fixed and very strong
"That Guy" Lee 2013年9月21日 14時01分 
How do i do the filter..
rebel100117 2013年9月13日 16時55分 
Oh, ok. Thanks :D
JKalenad  [作成者] 2013年9月13日 13時51分 
I've updated the description with this information:
Giant's ingots can be found in Falmer loot and in Falmer Hives such as Chillwind Depths and Shimmermist Grotto. It's 10 to 30 days for a respawn in Chillwind Depths.
rebel100117 2013年9月12日 20時47分 
I am ultimately confused. You are supposed to get the other 2 Giant's steel ingots, how? I waited 10 days right by the spawning spot. No results. Help.
☣๖ۣۜPa!aèиTè╤─•̪ 2013年9月12日 6時08分 
@enderhunter thats not the real Biggoron's Sword if it breaks. u have to do some running to get the real one :P like bring a mushroom medicine to a guy in the forests etc. ^^
reconender 2013年9月8日 8時31分 
in the game (zelda) when you get it it breaks as soon as you kill somthing
KeeGeeBee 2013年9月7日 14時08分 
"they say the biggoron's sword is super sharp and will never break" first picture is of a broken biggoron's sword on an anvil
JKalenad  [作成者] 2013年8月1日 18時06分 
Yeah, Giant's Ingots can rarely be found in Falmer loot. You can smelt it into two steel ingots if you already have the Biggoron's Sword.
Sheogorath 2013年8月1日 18時05分 
Is the Giant's Ingot random loot? I found one in Tovald's Gap inside Tovald's cave
JKalenad  [作成者] 2013年7月10日 21時40分 
DEvasto can, yes, and he has for his mods. He has his own work and his own limits, so I don't make a habit of bugging him about every little whim.
ɪɴᴠɪᴅɪᴀ 2013年7月10日 21時05分 
Does Devestado Make Meshes?
lycanthropy_buff 2013年6月23日 5時36分 
lol nvm
lycanthropy_buff 2013年6月23日 5時36分 
o>O what is that mod that allows you to conjure up a forge and stuffs?
JKalenad  [作成者] 2013年6月6日 22時11分 
It shouldn't. You'll still need the key, but nothing would get messed up.
TheFeistyGamer [506th IR] 2013年6月6日 21時04分 
Does it screw up anything if you just command consoled the old chest?
Naga-Boss 2013年5月29日 17時29分 
Thanks for the link and quick response :)
JKalenad  [作成者] 2013年5月29日 14時50分
That mod lets you summon crafting equipment. The armor in the video is the Light Ruby Armor from Diamond Smithing.
Naga-Boss 2013年5月29日 14時05分 
love the mod, but what mod lets you summon crafting stuff and what armor were you using in the vid, thanks :)
JKalenad  [作成者] 2013年5月27日 9時58分 
I'll do that, actually. It would be very easy to do. Plus it adds more steel to the game, and steel is always nice.
~Z~ Scatman John 2013年5月27日 1時11分 
Really cool mod, I think it's only downside is how difficult it is to find Giant's ingots without watching the video you posted or reading other people's comments. I think going off of the directions crudely written by the giants (found that pretty funny, and a unique way to lay out the quest), maybe giants metal ingots should be a rare drop from falmer, like rare enough you might get one out of a really long dungeon crawling with falmer at best.

Not sure if you can mess with loot tables or not, but that's my two cents.
JKalenad  [作成者] 2013年5月26日 9時48分 
I have a video up in the images gallery showing where it is
wingedwolf111 2013年5月26日 4時05分 
where is the key i have serched chilwind over and over but still no key
XYZ Cameron 2013年5月25日 20時09分 
we talked quite a few times but i also want to say consider the requests ive made and your a good modder so keep up the good work
JKalenad  [作成者] 2013年5月25日 18時35分 
Yes, but there are a few reasons I didn't make it that way:
First, this is Skyrim, not Ocarina of Time. This Giant's Knife is a relic, and is carried around by a giant tribe. Hence, it's literally a giant's knife.
Second, the Giant's Knife breaks. This Giant's Knife represents an already broken sword, and there is no deterioration of weapons in Skyrim like there was in Oblivion.
If I was staying as true as possible to the game, there would be four versions of the sword: The Giant's Knife, the The Broken Giant's Knife, the Broken Goron's Sword (not usable as a weapon), and the Biggoron's Sword. For the sake of simplicity, I chose to stay with two swords.
ɪɴᴠɪᴅɪᴀ 2013年5月25日 18時16分 
The Giant's knife needs to be a 2h, it was a 2h in the game.
JKalenad  [作成者] 2013年5月25日 12時44分 
Drinwa 2013年5月25日 12時33分 
kk ty looks like its time to go search all those falmer hives i've cleared.....
O o
JKalenad  [作成者] 2013年5月25日 10時59分 
I think it's 30 days if it's been cleared. 10 if it hasn't been.
Drinwa 2013年5月25日 10時49分 
How long is the respawn on the on in chill wind?
Arcen Flame 2013年5月24日 16時52分 
k thank you. :-D
JKalenad  [作成者] 2013年5月24日 16時49分 
They can be found in Falmer Hives. There's one in Chillwind Depths that respawns, and three more in other Falmer hives. I'll make a video soon showing exactly where they are.
Arcen Flame 2013年5月24日 16時04分 
Could you please tell me how to get giant's ingots I am lost. ;_; I have all the qualifiers just no ingots to forge with. please I'm begging ya. ps i love your mod...
JKalenad  [作成者] 2013年5月23日 22時55分 
Oh, whoops! I forgot to lock the chest, making it slightly easier to obtain.
RangerRogue39 2013年5月23日 22時49分 
I found it. I didn't need a key though, it was just in a box by the giant.
JKalenad  [作成者] 2013年5月23日 17時59分 
Assuming you have the newest version, that is.
JKalenad  [作成者] 2013年5月23日 17時56分 
When you enter Fallowstone Cave, there should be a bonfire. The chest is by that bonfire. You'll need the key from Chillwind Depths, though.
RangerRogue39 2013年5月23日 17時01分 
Can you post a location pic of the chest? I can't find it.
Joseph011296 2013年5月23日 10時11分 
Awesome, Downloaded and will try it out later :)
Tefery 2013年5月20日 15時24分 
JKalenad  [作成者] 2013年5月20日 15時08分 
There should already be a version on the Nexus. I forgot to link to it.

I really wish I knew anything about making quests...this stuff is hard.
Joseph011296 2013年5月20日 14時26分 
I look forward to a Nexus Edition
stovalltj 2013年5月20日 13時54分 
to answer ur question, as to why the quest would be necessary, is because theres thousands of user made weapons etc and about 90% of them you have to craft....quests are fun, its what makes skyrim worth playing for me, and it pays tribute to Ocarina of Time...thats why a quest would be cool
JKalenad  [作成者] 2013年5月19日 12時44分 
You're not crazy. The resemblance is uncanny.
HYAAAA HYAAH 2013年5月19日 12時03分 
In the Dragonborn DLC, there's a warhammer that reminds me so much of the Megaton Hammer. It's called the Champion's Cudgel. Anyone who knows what I'm talking about tell me I'm not crazy...