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Templar Paladin (v.10)
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zelurker 2015年7月26日 1時56分 
Testing this with dracos merged pack, because this class seems too powerfull for solo play in normal difficulty, and well he still seems too powerful ! Ok, I died a few times because I went to the pirate ship too early, they must have killed me 3 times there. But after that, never anymore, and I just defeated Grel and even though he dealt a lot of damage and I had to be carefull, I think I have never beaten him that fast, and with dracos merged pack (in casual difficulty - I am not crazy there !), it's rather impressive...
Oh well he is still quite fun to play, just too powerfull. I am not sure yet how he scales when attacked by strong distant attackers, but I am not sure it would be a problem seeing the speed at which his armor improves...
Anyway, it was interesting to test ! :)
Myshkin 2015年2月7日 18時29分 
+1 thumb up. Please google "Aribeth - Paladin" and use her image for female paladin.
casual_smooth_male 2014年11月29日 18時37分 
Anyone else having a problem with this class mod? My character has no skills, as in when I open the skill menu, there are no names, icons, or descriptions for the skills; only question marks. I tested this out with other new characters and this is the only one with any problems/issues. I am using no other mods, as I wanted to test class mods out before I add others.
Roxx 2014年4月24日 19時38分 
Eraldus 2014年4月6日 1時27分 
This paladin class is pretty bad honestly... most of the skills are hardly fitting for a paladin.
dthompson1185 2013年10月27日 12時49分 
I would like to see a face made for your class (When your picking the class). Since it dose not stick out and looks the same as the ones that come with the game. Really cheapens a great mod.
Devs 2013年8月23日 9時58分 
whoop sorted it:)
Devs 2013年8月19日 14時38分 
ok im lev 23 and got the quest onward to Zerypheshi,BUT cannot go there as it wont let me down the stairs to talk to the railmaster,i have passed this stage with other chars,so is this hapepning with any one elses templar plz
Joniarty 2013年7月24日 13時17分 
Teutonic Knight and I will love you.
SirVirtuo 2013年7月24日 10時24分 
I've not found another modded, or original, character that I love more than this one. Great job! I'm only lvl 14, but I'm obsessed with this class :)
ImTheWay 2013年7月22日 13時47分 
if i install a mod and if i resume to play on an server i need to start over from level 1?
BaconFor99Cents 2013年7月21日 15時34分 
is it alright if I use this class for a character pack?
bambidarra 2013年7月11日 17時32分 
[LBFL] -BARS- 2013年7月3日 8時48分 
Also, I don't really find From the Heavens/Holy Lance/Wrath of God that useful, they really dont do that much damage for the mana they consume, but maybe since its based off weapon damage and i'm using sword/shield its more meant to be used with two handers, either way I feel like they should at least be buffed to be on par with some of the physical abilities. Shield of faith for example, costs a measly 8 mana at the rank i'm at, yet at a full charge it does way more than demon hammer, Fist of god, and wrath of god which is supposed to be an ultimate as far as I know. I can spam shield of faith and get more DPS for less mana than the offensive spells offer as a sword and board, so it really just makes me not want to go into the offensive spells that are offered because they just seem too weak to really be practical for how much mana they consume.
I know that shield of faith is based off shield armor and the spells are based off weapon damage, but it just doesnt seem even out.
[LBFL] -BARS- 2013年7月2日 8時27分 
One question I have is why the other charge bar was chosen instead of the engineers. Flame hammer and Demon hammer are almost identical, except demon hammer will use all your charge. (i'm assuming it thinks the whole bar is one charge)
It just doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me, how do the charge skills work when it thinks that the charge bar is basically one charge? I think using the engineers bar would make a bit more sense, or maybe there is something i'm missing here?
Also i'm finding repel evil not going away after 3 minutes like the tooltip, its constantly there.
DraconiusKnight  [作成者] 2013年6月26日 15時28分 
@Deaves say you have a "sword and shield equipped"....a sword, is a melee weapon. Holy lance isnt bugged...its working as intended.....Because you are using a melee weapon. Good Day.
Deaves 2013年6月23日 13時37分 
Holy lance is bugged. It says a melee weapon is required but I have a sword and shield equip other than that fun class im doing pretty well on synergies in the hardest difficulty. This makes for some long fights
[LBFL] -BARS- 2013年6月7日 17時57分 
This seems like an awesome mod, gonna try it out now. I have always loved playing hybrid support classes like paladins, and while engineer is cool and tanky this seems like it will fill that void that i've missed since playing D2 paladin:P good times
Keepsoul 2013年6月2日 19時39分 
It fixed itself lol, no prob at all now (No idea what happened)

Nice work bro, keep it up =)

DraconiusKnight  [作成者] 2013年6月2日 10時01分 
Because thats how I designed it. You wouldnt be much of a paladin if you couldnt do some form of healing, Repulse evil, etc. etc. The idea is that you have already had some Knight and Healing/Spiritual training. Now your setting out to become stronger.
ØRNULF 2013年6月2日 4時11分 
Why do I start with 4 different spells?
DraconiusKnight  [作成者] 2013年5月28日 8時50分 
@ Keepsoul can you be more specific about what you mean by the Shield Bugs with the arm? I have not seen this issue ( nor has anyone else for that matter) the shields show up fine on the outlander model as far as I can tell.
Keepsoul 2013年5月28日 7時41分 
Since you're using the Outlander Model, i think the shield "bugs" with the arm, it's just "for the looks" but still...
DraconiusKnight  [作成者] 2013年5月27日 14時09分 

Glad you like the Class :)
lilj43232 2013年5月27日 10時47分 
Now this is what I'm talking about! Great work!
DraconiusKnight  [作成者] 2013年5月25日 1時19分 
Check Out Version 10 Change Logs
Barra Nova 2013年5月23日 16時49分 
At least the artwork looks great!
Spoolie the Turtle 2013年5月21日 18時58分 
seems a little over powered
DraconiusKnight  [作成者] 2013年5月21日 17時11分 
not at this time, no.
12345swordy 2013年5月21日 17時11分 
plans for adding this to community class mod?
HarLeY DaviDsoN 2013年5月21日 12時04分 
what's the better skills of the templar sword shield?
~Ryo~ 2013年5月21日 0時22分 
That's alright, I understand. It's better to know now than way later. :)

To give warnings for future cases, could you add colored text to the scroll skills regarding respecing?
DraconiusKnight  [作成者] 2013年5月20日 22時37分 
@Ryo Kitsune, The Scroll skills I used for the Templar Paladin were originally Torchlight 1 skills that Runic converted into scrolls for Torchlight 2. When you add a point to them it is actually counted as having a higher ranking scroll essentially active giving the associated buff. Unfortunately the game does not recognize these points as refundable when you respec, so I would recommend that you dont respec. Sorry for the inconvenience, but I did not test respec with the Templar with enough invested points in the scroll skills to see what would happen. Thats what happens when you start modding a game using a Game Editing tool that has no instructions... :(
~Ryo~ 2013年5月20日 15時48分 
Whoops. I meant 'skills', not 'spells'.
~Ryo~ 2013年5月20日 14時58分 

There does seem to be a bug with the TP when you respec and have points invested in the scroll spells. You don't get back the 1-30 points, they are treated as rank 0, and you can no longer use them. It's weird.
DraconiusKnight  [作成者] 2013年5月19日 21時07分 

If you are only investing in Str and Vit you are missing key points of power for the Templar Paladin. He requires focus to be able to use his Holy powers at the Levels required for late game sustainability, if your not careful you'll find your self not able to effectively maintain ranged Damage, and or Healing and Crowd control spells, and you'll basically just turn into a Sword and Board Tank, (which the Templar Pally is still amazing at) but you will not be reaching your full potential. Also without Dex you wont crit worth a damn either. I'd Recommend 1 Str, 2 Vitality, 1 Focus, 1 Dex at each level up, or alternate them accordingly to keep yourself an all rounder. Then Gear for the Extra fill where you need it.
Blessedbudz 2013年5月19日 14時10分 
Im playing your "Casusal Apocolypse Mod" difficulty with your new Templar Paladin. wondering a solid build as the game seems to get pretty tough on this difficulty. I mean in more of a stats point perspective. i got the skils down. Should i just focus mainly on Vit and a bit of str? or what each level so far ive been doing 3 vit, 2 str.
Reinforce 2013年5月19日 12時52分 
@Witchcraft, just move your regular saves to your mod save folder
The Grimm Keaper 2013年5月19日 7時24分 
Well I love a good Pally and your mod is awesome, but for some reason it wiped those skills and they're not even refundable. I should have a made a back-up, my bad. Odd that I'm the only one though...
DraconiusKnight  [作成者] 2013年5月18日 19時49分 
@ Attlas no, nothing really important except that The Templar Paladin is designed to be used with a shield. Thanks for reviewing him. Just play him like a Pally,
DraconiusKnight  [作成者] 2013年5月18日 19時47分 
@ The Grimm Keaper, Sorry your upset, unfortunately your also the only person to claim such an issue. I'd try disabling the Templar Paladin and then loading your character and see whats what. Also, its always best practice to make back ups of any character you've spent lots of time on, to make sure nothing happens to it when you start applying mods. Hope this resolves your issue.
The Grimm Keaper 2013年5月18日 12時59分 
Um, I used this mod and then went back to play my engineer and all the skillpoints I put into the skills you renamed with the pally were wiped out and I'm not able to get those skill points back...very upset.
Sitcomedy 2013年5月18日 6時05分 
haha nice to see I started a little historical conversation. And thanks for expanding my knowledge on the topic. I didn't know the actual charges against the Templar, or of where it would be that the survivors fled, though I could have figured North America.
AveRage 2013年5月18日 1時59分 
Yer i get u on that.. The logo templar is better that historical truth - and history is written by the victors. Yer French King coveted the wealth the templars gained from usuary and took it for himself. What itches my fancy is the templars were the first to control Solomons Temple and found books under it in a vault. Only then they began the practice of usuary. (learnt from the books?) I wonder what else they found to gain such power as there were less than tweny in total full templars and they were as powerful as multiple kings of the day. Not all were killed - only a few. Some made it to North America and some to Scotland. U rulez on the mod too bro.
DraconiusKnight  [作成者] 2013年5月18日 0時27分 
@AveRage, What I have found through my research was that the Knights Templar were wrongly accused and forced out of service by a corrupt King, who above all else coveted the Templars large amount of built up wealth over many years and many battles. They started what were later to be considered the first banking institutions. The King forced the Church into renouncing the Knights Templar position and ranks, and publicly executed the leaders and any who were caught by burning them at the stake. All manner of rumors and lies were made up and the Templar's were tortured into confession by the Catholic Church, much the same as witches who were killed the same way during the Inquisition. I highly doubt men who wore Crosses on the very uniforms they fought and died in, secretly urinated on them behind closed doors.
AveRage 2013年5月17日 21時23分 
Sitcomedy response: The Knights Templar were engaged in usuary - against the biblical teaching of the day and were charged with homosexuality and urinating on the holy cross. LOL truth stranger than fiction yah?
MemberDanny? 2013年5月17日 17時03分 
Love it, pallies are my favorite class. good mod
Sitcomedy 2013年5月17日 16時02分 
Fun fact: On Friday the thirteenth of October, 1307 A.D. the Knights Templar was betrayed by the Catholic Church in a coordinated plot that led to the arrest and/or execution of many members of the Templar leaving few survivors. This is also thought to be the reasoning behind the superstition of Friday the thirteenth being an unlucky date. Also I'm subbing ^_^
RobinNyan 2013年5月17日 15時50分 
wow :o
notNa 2013年5月17日 15時30分 
Love it