Tower of Persistence
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I won
FunnyFunGuy 30. syys, 2014 11.29 
Superfluous Sonata Dusk  [tekijä] 22. kesä, 2014 13.56 
Good for you! Have some cake.
pat.volk 22. kesä, 2014 13.28 
i made it to the top and did not use the button
Blue Zurbagan 8. huhti, 2014 6.40 
Очень весело и совсем не трудно, хотя по началу кажется, что невозможно.
Superfluous Sonata Dusk  [tekijä] 20. loka, 2013 11.51 
Thank you for being positive! I appreciate the feedback.
kintropy 20. loka, 2013 11.47 
That was just plain fun (and I liked the ending)
Superfluous Sonata Dusk  [tekijä] 17. syys, 2013 17.27 
Yeah, but it's fun having GLaDOS scold you for being a quitter. "You were raised better than that." ~ GLaDOS
Der HammerMeister 16. syys, 2013 21.06 
BTW I recommend getting rid of the quitters button. We can always skip manually to the next test chamber if we're so inclined to give up.
Der HammerMeister 16. syys, 2013 21.05 
Good exercise for anyone who's not entirely confident with repulsion gel.
Superfluous Sonata Dusk  [tekijä] 20. heinä, 2013 22.26 
Really? I thought they ran on magic bananas, which had so much potassium in them that it scared the planes into the air.
Ciirulean 20. heinä, 2013 22.16 
Oh, that's easy. Magic.
Superfluous Sonata Dusk  [tekijä] 20. heinä, 2013 22.04 
That, my friend, would be Level 2-worthy content.
Let's just stay on Level 1 for now and wonder how the heck airplanes stay airborne.
Ciirulean 20. heinä, 2013 19.20 
Too easy, it was just the same thing over and over again. You should have added moving platforms, etc.
★$w@ger★ 28. kesä, 2013 15.17 
XD I made it to the top! Time to hug the companion cube!
[Ps:Mel] Lpfreaky90 5. kesä, 2013 16.31 
it was all the way upstairs!
Superfluous Sonata Dusk  [tekijä] 5. kesä, 2013 16.18 
If that tip related specifically to this map, I just rechecked and none of the textures have that. Unless there's a specific one somewhere I've missed. If there is, feel free to tell me.
[Ps:Mel] Lpfreaky90 5. kesä, 2013 5.26 
A bit boring imho; also; never use textures with vgui in their name, just a small tip!
Nitrodex1 3. kesä, 2013 13.03 
THIS WAS AMAZING! that was my cube. no one can take MY BEST FRIEND and get away w/ it! REAL good job! THANKS FOR THE GOOD TIME!
Superfluous Sonata Dusk  [tekijä] 2. kesä, 2013 13.22 
Well, congratulations! You just earned +250 science points!
Bboy9451 2. kesä, 2013 11.53 
After I saw how tall the tower was, my first thought was: "How in the WORLD am I supposed to do this!?"

And then I did on my 1st try like a boss! XD

Fun map BTW!!!
The Third Man [PL] 27. touko, 2013 1.52 
Great map!
Gman I Am 24. touko, 2013 20.36 
AwesomeSuperSonic 22. touko, 2013 14.08 
That was easy
lord of the turrets 22. touko, 2013 4.45 
there are none of my soldiers!
lord of the turrets 22. touko, 2013 4.44 
like the ending
[NGD]Quadman450 18. touko, 2013 20.24 
Very nice map! I even liked the music. that was a good concept for a half-asleep idea! Keep making more!
Okami is back from NYC and Sick 18. touko, 2013 6.28 
A bit repetitive but fun, I was near the top then fell luckily I landed on a platoform a few down so I saved myself and saved the cube. Once again: Nice job! Humanoid GLaDOS approves!
Superfluous Sonata Dusk  [tekijä] 16. touko, 2013 16.02 
Maybe. *sniff* Maybe. Depends if I get an idea or not, because having good area design in mind is an important factor. Good aesthetics please the crowd. I personally like the water behind the glass designs in this map, as well as the top of the tower.
Vicenzo 16. touko, 2013 15.07 
It's got a good concept but its way too repetitive... For a 12 hour work based on a half-sleep idea... It's not bad at all... Kudos to you. But if you could put some different challenges, it'd be awesomer
Linking-Yellow 14. touko, 2013 6.52 
This was a fun little challenge. It felt a bit repetitive, but it was fun to get into that rythem when jumping up.
Superfluous Sonata Dusk  [tekijä] 13. touko, 2013 19.31 
@sean.permam Luckily, you aren't me. So go back to the watery depths of Aperture and crawl back into the vitrification door you crawled out from. Also, pick up some good grammar along the way.
austinzolo 13. touko, 2013 18.08 
I'll tell the sentient cloud sean.permam started testing early.
sean.perman 13. touko, 2013 17.53 
i wood tak this map don it i wr u
austinzolo 13. touko, 2013 17.46 
Don't mention it. It may not be perplexing like most of us are looking for, but it has a good style to it. Could you try out my Companionship test?
Superfluous Sonata Dusk  [tekijä] 13. touko, 2013 17.03 
Thank you for not being so negative like quite a few other people. I like people like you, outwardly positive.
austinzolo 13. touko, 2013 17.01 
I like it
Superfluous Sonata Dusk  [tekijä] 12. touko, 2013 22.03 
First of all, that's some horrendous grammar. Second of all, if you'd had read the description, you would see that I came with this idea in the morning while half-asleep. Third of all, you're missing the point of this map. You need to be persistent to get to the top, and that involves not being a whiny baby. Look at school exams. With multiple choice, you're repeatedly filling in various circles on a scantron. With studying for such exams, you're going over the same information again and again in your head to memorize it. So stop being a whiny baby and take the damn lemons.
sean.perman 12. touko, 2013 18.35 
rily boring... ant rily rliy ezy all u do is jup on sum things until u rech the top. it probly tok u 1 sekind to thenk of it. my test tak 1/2 waks... over all it sukt
[ᴛғɢ]Alphasupreme 12. touko, 2013 10.43 
Really good, but easy.
koldfoot 12. touko, 2013 9.56 
This is a really good chamber...
... But the music gets kind of annoying.
Mr Fraggle (UK) 12. touko, 2013 8.07 
I gave up as it was so boring.
Chaos Wright 12. touko, 2013 3.37 
that wasn't as difficult as i thought it would be but still a good map
michgen 12. touko, 2013 3.31 
Moi , en 1 coup j'ai tout fait sans cheater!
Superfluous Sonata Dusk  [tekijä] 11. touko, 2013 18.36 
That link doesn't work. Maybe try Mediafire, perhaps? That's much more linear and functional.
PsychoBR 11. touko, 2013 16.13 
Nice map! Nice concept! Very fun. Thumbs up!
I recorded my gameplay (valve DEM file format): Download []. Comments inside video.

Turrets highly explosive. Handle with care
ohiomambo 11. touko, 2013 14.59 
I also did the crouch trick, then it is easier.. man I fell down while trying to get the cube in the goal and yay confetti
Superfluous Sonata Dusk  [tekijä] 11. touko, 2013 14.34 
Wise observation, my friend! +250 science points for you.
EuroSong 11. touko, 2013 14.31 
Haha! So it wasn't infinite after all. Well it's not that hard: you don't have to bounce continually. Just press the crouch key between each jump, and take it one platform at a time.
Dafflewoctor 11. touko, 2013 10.46 
I did this on my first try :3