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stavjr  [autor] 26. čvc. v 9.33 dop. 
Friendly reminder for people running SkyRe to use the ReProccer to bring all the stuff thats added in this mod in line with SkyRe stats
stavjr  [autor] 26. čvc. v 9.10 dop. 
A not that any armour in the uncraftable section will have the keyword WeaponMaterialDraugr. no issues my end but let me know if you run into any.
stavjr  [autor] 26. čvc. v 7.11 dop. 
consider it done. actualy done already, updated mod now. also threw in some Draugr weapons for kicks.
Paigon Jnr 22. čvc. v 7.05 dop. 
would likke to see Tsun's armor here, but other than that very well done on this mod m8 :D
stavjr  [autor] 19. čvc. v 3.26 dop. 
yeah not sure what happened there. i`ll see if i can dig up another copy. or i`ll just make another one.
[arka] Drakhannik666 18. čvc. v 5.29 odp. 
before have a mod the name was:Demi-God,and now it's not on steam,i have d'nt found
stavjr  [autor] 18. čvc. v 3.10 odp. 
Hehe nothing special just my own personal mods which i thought others might enjoy. glad you are :-)
[arka] Drakhannik666 18. čvc. v 1.32 odp. 
ur the best!like ur mods! thanks :)
Sylar 15. čvc. v 6.27 dop. 
@stavjr: No problem, I see it now. Thanks.
stavjr  [autor] 15. čvc. v 3.09 dop. 
@Sylar yeah it apears under steel after you have the "advanced armour" perk. sorry a bit rusty been some place els :-p
Sylar 14. čvc. v 12.31 odp. 
@stavjr: Mh, thanks for the information. Still, I can't detect it there, even after re-subscribing. It is not a problem, though, as the Wuuthrad shall suffice. Still, awesome mod, mon ami.
stavjr  [autor] 13. čvc. v 9.19 dop. 
@Sylar that would be Steel
Sylar 3. čvc. v 6.44 dop. 
Under what category does one find Wuuthrad?
stavjr  [autor] 22. čvn. v 9.56 dop. 
No DLC required
Atlas Maltael 21. čvn. v 7.11 odp. 
well i was trying to find a mod that will let me enchant the mace of molag bal with my own enchants thx!
mr.missingLEGO 18. čvn. v 11.17 odp. 
Its no big deal but when i created the executioner armor i got invisagle legs, assassin mage clothes and hood, and forsworn gauntlets, might be a bug might be somthing on my end, just lettin ya know.
Lieuwe 16. čvn. v 4.00 dop. 
is DLC required?
Or am I so retarded that I can't find it in the discription?
dylanpaul011 10. čvn. v 9.14 dop. 
Thanks Bro i spent all day 2 look 4 good stuff in the game and this mod is the one that help and thanks :)
DMDonahue 4. čvn. v 12.31 odp. 
WOah, a unenchanted Ebony Mail? Definately subbed!
BrysonTehGamer 11. kvě. v 11.44 dop. 
add skyforge weapons please
stavjr  [autor] 18. dub. v 5.02 odp. 
Thanks Sabre!
Sabre 12. dub. v 10.50 dop. 
best armor mod ive got
sublime40oz7 14. úno. v 1.58 odp. 
Thanks for adding Ebony Mail to list!
Zurcn 12. úno. v 10.53 dop. 
Slightly disappointed that all the robes are light armor with armor values
(suppose it makes it easier to dress companion in it though)
stavjr  [autor] 10. úno. v 2.49 dop. 
ok been away a wile. Ebony Mail has been added. to answer Razex and Derp all crafted items have no enchants and can be improved the usual way, enchanted and via grinding wheel ect.
Razex 2. úno. v 8.07 odp. 
are the items enchanted as they reguraly would be if you got them in game (like mehrunes razor and nightingale?)
Tdx_Kid 29. led. v 9.16 dop. 
nice :D
sublime40oz7 19. led. v 3.47 odp. 
Great mod thanks for making this! I like how you can craft, enchant and improve so many unobtainable or existing items and make them fit your playing style. I also wondered about the unique Ebony Mail armor. Is that possible to add to the already extensive list? I love the armor but would want to put my own enchantments on it if possible.
imm2 kawaii 4 u 12. led. v 6.46 odp. 
Are the daedric artifacts enchanted? Can the Ebony Blade be improved? I am asking this becuase I want to make my own version of the coolest sword IG.
claude.dickerson 29. lis. 2013 v 8.16 odp. 
well im downloading this mod now just hoping dawnbreaker isnt enchanted since i love having replica items but hate when there pre enchanted
stavjr  [autor] 5. lis. 2013 v 8.47 dop. 
Thanks Timesplitter, i`ll be sure to check it out.
Timesplitter 3. lis. 2013 v 6.30 odp. 
This mod is included in the mod collection, "Skyrim Top Of The Line RPG Experience Guaranteed: Dragonborn (FULLY UPDATED)", and I wanted to thank you for the great work on your mod. This mod collection has been fully updated with the most stable and logically balanced mods to implement into the Skyrim game and has full instructions on how to assemble the best mod collection package of all time. Also looking for a video editor to make an amazing video featuring what this mod collection has to offer. Feel free to post in the Comments section of my mod collection about any questions regarding the video featuring this mod collection if you're interested.In doing so, I will give you full rights to my mod collection and place you as the video editor for this mod collection. Also, if you truly enjoy this collection, please rate it. Thank you.
Helljumper ADB 29. říj. 2013 v 1.55 odp. 
stavjr  [autor] 28. říj. 2013 v 6.53 odp. 
Ebony Mail unique looking?
Helljumper ADB 27. říj. 2013 v 5.47 dop. 
no ebony mail?
stavjr  [autor] 18. říj. 2013 v 4.34 odp. 
Cheers Ash.
Ash 18. říj. 2013 v 12.45 odp. 
I love seeing mods people actually keep up. Have been a long time subscriber to this mod.
=[o.W.n]= SaxxyGirl ◕‿◕ 18. říj. 2013 v 12.45 odp. 
☻/ This is Bob. Copy and paste him
/▌ all over the workshop so he can take over
/ \
Berserker999 12. říj. 2013 v 7.28 odp. 
zPro2Kill 27. zář. 2013 v 5.59 dop. 
Super Shotty Bros. Mario 25. zář. 2013 v 4.56 odp. 
Is there a way to send a private message? I have some questions that I didn't want to take up space here with a block of text.
stavjr  [autor] 24. zář. 2013 v 11.55 dop. 
Enjoy mario!
Super Shotty Bros. Mario 23. zář. 2013 v 10.13 dop. 
Wow, auto DL'd and APPLIED ??? Modding has come a LOOOONG way since CS XD
Good job mod community! I'll enjoy exploring your mod. Thanks :)
Super Shotty Bros. Mario 23. zář. 2013 v 9.51 dop. 
New to the PC version of Skyrim. I'm subscribed, I'm in game, but no button is appearing for downloading of the mod. What should I do to DL ?
stavjr  [autor] 20. zář. 2013 v 2.34 odp. 
Thanks Kbruner101, any and all feedback is welcome as well as sugestions.
Smile n Fire 19. zář. 2013 v 10.44 dop. 
I started working on pretty much same mod however im switching to yours and with your say i'd like to tell everyone on my mod to use this as well. Great job
stavjr  [autor] 22. srp. 2013 v 11.21 odp. 
Ok new update is live, enjoy. any feedback is welcome.
stavjr  [autor] 22. srp. 2013 v 10.44 odp. 
Ok got some time this morning so gonna do an update.
[MrKcorp] Father Vernot Walker 18. srp. 2013 v 4.16 dop. 
Spellbreaker !
WolfWithin36 13. srp. 2013 v 2.37 odp. 
thanks great mod