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Bad Wolf
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FevantRumble11 2017年7月24日上午11:37 
Look For the Lower Case 'L' And You
Will Be Kissed Tomorrow:
*Now Look For The Q And Your Wish
Will Come True:
*This Is Really Hard, Now Find The 'N':
*Now Find The Mistake:
*Something You Really Want, After the
10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 Now Close Your
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Roi Evoli (Marié à Christine) 2017年1月22日下午1:50 
Azazel 2016年8月3日下午4:23 
@JKalenad you should make a mod that adds the Tenth Doctor's outfit and the 11th's too, maybe even some voiced followers that look like companions from doctor who? :3
DECEARING EGG! 2015年12月20日上午6:38 
pls make doctor who costume mod with fez and 11th and 10th doctor outfits plssssss
Ferd Co. 2015年8月13日下午8:19 
Level 100:
wolf: "Gerr im going to piss you off by appearing everywhere and biteing you to make your screen flash red!" :steammocking:
me: :steamfacepalm: (Finally goes into inventory and finds a wepon to kill wolf)

Superpyrocharged 2014年12月25日下午8:44 
teenkitten279 2014年12月20日上午11:19 
yes im a whovian yes its the best desicion iv ever made
Dank Lord Chloe 2014年11月1日上午11:07 
this was last edited on my birthday im so special
carl_jones22 2014年10月18日下午12:25 
Ninja 2014年8月22日下午12:30 
Hello Children Of Gallifrey Come Join The Time Lord Academy First 5 become a High Council Memeber!
Vrtae 2014年7月31日下午7:34 
Add the Space and Time crack!
JKalenad  [作者] 2014年7月5日下午4:17 
The TARDIS isn't in this mod, it's in a mod I link to at the top of the description.
That Bot with Feelings 2014年7月5日下午1:43 
how how
That Bot with Feelings 2014年7月5日下午1:43 
That Bot with Feelings 2014年7月5日下午1:43 
That Bot with Feelings 2014年7月5日下午1:42 
how do we find the tardis
Jadraptor 2014年6月30日下午12:28 
Okay, nvm. I thought it only renamed and buffed a wolf. My bad.
JKalenad  [作者] 2014年6月29日下午8:45 does do that, in 13 places, albeit with rocks and stuff. There's a video up in the images tab that explains where all the instances of the words are.
It also adds a book that is nothing but "Bad Wolf" repeated over and over.
Jadraptor 2014年6月29日下午8:11 
Dissappointed it's not a mod that adds the writing "Bad Wolf" in a few obscure places in skyrim... "I take the words; I scatter them in time and space"
Jelly 2014年6月1日下午7:12 
Nice i just got through the Bad wolf corperation episode
JKalenad  [作者] 2014年5月16日下午2:40 
Benyed 2014年5月16日下午12:48 
Me and Darkness 2014年4月23日下午4:10 
i like the mod but u should make your own tardis mod
Ocke 2014年4月10日上午8:58 
thank you so much for uploading it to workshop thank you
JKalenad  [作者] 2014年3月10日下午2:58 
Ah, yes. That makes even more sense. Copyright trolls.
A fellow modder who makes Zelda mods got some items banned because they thought they looked like mine. Which is silly. I ca'n't say I like how the Steam Workshop does things. *gets banned*

Thanks for clearing that up! And thanks for enjoying the mod! I'll admit I'm honored that you've commented, ShatteredSteel.
ShatteredSteel 2014年3月9日下午9:57 
Had a bit of fun finding all the instances of Bad Wolf (Only seen a handful of bad wolves though)

In light of the previous few comments, my TARDIS (which is the one linked to in the description) is on the workshop , but its been hidden in the 'incompatible' section
Ocke 2014年3月1日上午7:30 
to bad
JKalenad  [作者] 2014年2月27日下午3:14 
Less importantly, it's over twice the maximum size of files allowed on the Workshop.
JKalenad  [作者] 2014年2月27日下午3:11 
It's not my mod, so no.
Ocke 2014年2月27日上午4:17 
can you upload the tardis mod to the workshop
JKalenad  [作者] 2014年2月17日下午7:04 
It is, yes. I link to it in the description.
Fuck I broke my glasses 2014年2月17日下午6:16 
Ohhh I see now, is it on nexus then?
JKalenad  [作者] 2014年2月17日下午6:11 
The Tardis isn't in this mod, and I'm afraid I'm not the one to go to for tech support for it.
Fuck I broke my glasses 2014年2月17日下午6:07 
I'm having issues getting the tardis itself to appear in whiterun.
JKalenad  [作者] 2014年2月1日下午6:30 
I only have 13 places, on account of the 13 incarnations of The Doctor. I don't want to clog Skyrim with Bad Wolf. It's enough that there's a book and actual wolves that appear. Infinite instances that way.
I may make the book more common, though.
Ponyzaremanly 2014年2月1日下午5:13 
@JKalenad, I like what you did there with the Exterminated, or as the Cybermen say, Deleted xD. I like this mod a lot just because of the fact it has Bad Wolf's name appear at places. You should add more Bad Wolf name appearances
JKalenad  [作者] 2014年1月29日上午8:22 
They spawn with other wolves, but not Ice Wolves or Pit Wolves.. So, you're more likely to find one in places like The Rift or Whiterun Hold.
Korsall Kaiser 2014年1月29日上午12:36 
I saw a Bad Wolf... Once? And I haven't seen another in a long time... Do they have set places to appear or do they just have a chance of appearing instead of a normal wolf in any normal situation?
JKalenad  [作者] 2014年1月23日下午2:56 
ATTENTION. Any Bob comments will be exterminated. Or, as the Cybermen say, "DELETED."
IT Repair Guy 2014年1月15日下午7:15 
Rose, Is that you? blimey, how'd you turn yourself into a---wait...I left you in the other're not rose, are you...?
braisby1 2014年1月13日上午10:43 
JKalenad  [作者] 2013年12月31日上午9:31 
I don't...have a Time Lord race mod. I manually used the console to set my character as essential and use the console again to change his race and features.

I'm not the one to make a Time Lord mod. That would require a bit of scripting that I have no skills for.
Wakko 2013年12月30日下午9:43 
or how about you put ur time lord race mod on here??
thicc bricc 2013年12月25日下午8:14 
Don't Blink... Theres a Mod rec for you.
JKalenad  [作者] 2013年12月9日下午2:29 
Well, it makes sense that tough enemies would appear more often at higher difficulties.
And I definitely think the goat event was Skyrim's glitchy fault.
Sparky the Space Raccoon 2013年12月9日下午1:11 
Just a note: Bad Wolves do seem to spawn more often when you bump up the difficulty (god mode + legendary difficulty + upping all my hardly-used stats - and lockpicking - just outside Helgen so I wound up at level 41 off the bat = some very long fights!) :D

Earlier today, I was fighting one, and a goat came by. The Bad Wolf turned into the goat, dunno how that happened. Don't think it's the mod's fault, just one of those funny Skyrim glitches. I haven't gotten many of those yet (knocks wood).

TwiisTed Wraith 2013年12月9日上午11:52 
the tardis isnt comeing help
StupidSexyWizard 2013年12月8日上午9:54 
wibbly wobbly timey wimey.......stuff.
JKalenad  [作者] 2013年12月8日上午9:26 
I link to a great mod that does just that in the description.
Captain Ginger Beard 2013年12月8日上午5:10 
Could you possibly add a sonic screwdriver, or even a fez and bowtie, or even a tardis, or all for the power of three?