Bad Wolf
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Ocke 4月10日 8時58分 
thank you so much for uploading it to workshop thank you
JKalenad  [作成者] 3月10日 14時58分 
Ah, yes. That makes even more sense. Copyright trolls.
A fellow modder who makes Zelda mods got some items banned because they thought they looked like mine. Which is silly. I ca'n't say I like how the Steam Workshop does things. *gets banned*

Thanks for clearing that up! And thanks for enjoying the mod! I'll admit I'm honored that you've commented, ShatteredSteel.
ShatteredSteel 3月9日 21時57分 
Had a bit of fun finding all the instances of Bad Wolf (Only seen a handful of bad wolves though)

In light of the previous few comments, my TARDIS (which is the one linked to in the description) is on the workshop, but its been hidden in the 'incompatible' section
Ocke 3月1日 7時30分 
to bad
JKalenad  [作成者] 2月27日 15時14分 
Less importantly, it's over twice the maximum size of files allowed on the Workshop.
JKalenad  [作成者] 2月27日 15時11分 
It's not my mod, so no.
Ocke 2月27日 4時17分 
can you upload the tardis mod to the workshop
JKalenad  [作成者] 2月17日 19時04分 
It is, yes. I link to it in the description.
Obama~Senpai 2月17日 18時16分 
Ohhh I see now, is it on nexus then?
JKalenad  [作成者] 2月17日 18時11分 
The Tardis isn't in this mod, and I'm afraid I'm not the one to go to for tech support for it.
Obama~Senpai 2月17日 18時07分 
I'm having issues getting the tardis itself to appear in whiterun.
JKalenad  [作成者] 2月1日 18時30分 
I only have 13 places, on account of the 13 incarnations of The Doctor. I don't want to clog Skyrim with Bad Wolf. It's enough that there's a book and actual wolves that appear. Infinite instances that way.
I may make the book more common, though.
PonyzareDaleks 2月1日 17時13分 
@JKalenad, I like what you did there with the Exterminated, or as the Cybermen say, Deleted xD. I like this mod a lot just because of the fact it has Bad Wolf's name appear at places. You should add more Bad Wolf name appearances
JKalenad  [作成者] 1月29日 8時22分 
They spawn with other wolves, but not Ice Wolves or Pit Wolves.. So, you're more likely to find one in places like The Rift or Whiterun Hold.
Korsall Kaiser 1月29日 0時36分 
I saw a Bad Wolf... Once? And I haven't seen another in a long time... Do they have set places to appear or do they just have a chance of appearing instead of a normal wolf in any normal situation?
JKalenad  [作成者] 1月23日 14時56分 
ATTENTION. Any Bob comments will be exterminated. Or, as the Cybermen say, "DELETED."
Ezio Auditore 1月15日 19時15分 
Rose, Is that you? blimey, how'd you turn yourself into a---wait...I left you in the other're not rose, are you...?
link64 1月13日 10時43分 
JKalenad  [作成者] 2013年12月31日 9時31分 
I don't...have a Time Lord race mod. I manually used the console to set my character as essential and use the console again to change his race and features.

I'm not the one to make a Time Lord mod. That would require a bit of scripting that I have no skills for.
Sir Totes The IV 2013年12月30日 21時43分 
or how about you put ur time lord race mod on here??
KazuHiro 2013年12月25日 20時14分 
Don't Blink... Theres a Mod rec for you.
JKalenad  [作成者] 2013年12月9日 14時29分 
Well, it makes sense that tough enemies would appear more often at higher difficulties.
And I definitely think the goat event was Skyrim's glitchy fault.
isengrim 2013年12月9日 13時11分 
Just a note: Bad Wolves do seem to spawn more often when you bump up the difficulty (god mode + legendary difficulty + upping all my hardly-used stats - and lockpicking - just outside Helgen so I wound up at level 41 off the bat = some very long fights!) :D

Earlier today, I was fighting one, and a goat came by. The Bad Wolf turned into the goat, dunno how that happened. Don't think it's the mod's fault, just one of those funny Skyrim glitches. I haven't gotten many of those yet (knocks wood).

ghostsamways 2013年12月9日 11時52分 
the tardis isnt comeing help
DigitalBacon 2013年12月8日 9時54分 
wibbly wobbly timey wimey.......stuff.
JKalenad  [作成者] 2013年12月8日 9時26分 
I link to a great mod that does just that in the description.
Noah Ezell 2013年12月8日 5時10分 
Could you possibly add a sonic screwdriver, or even a fez and bowtie, or even a tardis, or all for the power of three?
lonemonkey1980 2013年12月4日 10時35分 
Thank you :)
JKalenad  [作成者] 2013年12月4日 10時19分 
The 50th anniversary version is all you need. The Optional files are just that: optional.
lonemonkey1980 2013年12月3日 23時36分 
Which version do i need? can i just get the 50th anniversary edition or do i need any of the optional files for it to work?
lonemonkey1980 2013年12月3日 23時30分 
Thank you JKalenad i will try that :)
curlydelaney 2013年12月3日 19時39分 
This is fantastic! xD
JKalenad  [作成者] 2013年12月3日 16時07分 
If nothing else, maybe try the Nexus version of Bad Wolf? That's the only other thing I can think of that may help.
lonemonkey1980 2013年12月3日 15時03分 
Is there any other way i can get your "bad Wolf" mod into my game? i would really like it. As for Martha and Rose, it wasn't really a request, i probab;y should have said it was a suggestion for another mod for you to try, I can imagine the work involved in creating such a thing would be a huge task. But just randomly seeing martha the redguard wanderer around skyrim fighting allsorts would have been quite cool. And a Rose daedric questline is quite another thing altogether lol I would still love to have your Bad Wolf mod to work though, i will keep trying it, who knows maybes one day those crumbs will fall into the right place :)
JKalenad  [作成者] 2013年12月3日 14時24分 
Steam Workshop is very clunky, so I imagine the download got messed up? I don't know. I don't think it's something I can fix.

Also, I don't actually do requests for mods (especially quests), so your suggestion, while not impossible, is just a bit unlikely.
lonemonkey1980 2013年12月3日 13時48分 
ok. i would love this if it worked, it fails to load the data files :( big sad face.... do you know why? any ideas. i would really love this in my game. Huge Dr Who fan :)
lonemonkey1980 2013年12月3日 11時05分 
Great idea!!!! Thank You!! Can you make a wanderer.... Martha, Fully tanked with weapons ready to battle the world, essential of course. And maybe a Rose, who is spectral, like them flying spectral horses we see, a quest maybe, where you find roses or petals, like she was azura or something.???
JKalenad  [作成者] 2013年11月24日 17時56分 
Doctor Who has.
Vampire Woona 2013年11月24日 17時03分 
50th anniversary? xD of what? your mod hasnt been here for that long.. SKYRIM hasnt been here for that long...
JKalenad  [作成者] 2013年11月24日 14時58分 
In honor of the 50th Anniversary, I added a book and a new instance of "Bad Wolf"
Vampire Woona 2013年11月24日 14時12分 
whutcha update? O:
Gabbernaut 2013年11月6日 22時39分 
Oh! That's great. Because I already found one of the crates. But no bad wolves so far. Ok, i'll keep playing.
JKalenad  [作成者] 2013年11月6日 9時42分 
Oh, no, the Bad Wolves don't replace wolves, they add to them. Keep playing and you'll run into one.
Gabbernaut 2013年11月6日 7時15分 
Uhm, so I downloaded it, activated, but wolves are still wolves, they're weak and not bad at all. Maybe I did something wrong?
JKalenad  [作成者] 2013年11月5日 15時42分 
There is no Tardis in this mod. It's far too big on the inside to fit in this mod.
The Tardis mod is on the Nexus, as I link in the description.
evansbeauhall 2013年11月5日 15時22分 
Also how do you get the tardis?
in this mod?
evansbeauhall 2013年11月5日 15時22分 
"2/10 Not Call of Duty" -IGN 2013年11月3日 14時02分 
JKalenad  [作成者] 2013年11月3日 13時44分 
I made a video explaining all 11 locations. It's in the image box up there, but I'll link to it in the description.
"2/10 Not Call of Duty" -IGN 2013年11月3日 13時35分 
The first time i encountered one of these, it completely owned me (I had just started a new game). The next time, I barely made it out. The third time, it basically insta killed Lydia, and I had to to run away and kill it. So great job. The first dragon fight was easier than this.

I can't find any of the instances of "Bad Wolf" written, so could you help me with that?