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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Drakul Armor
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St. J♠КЄЯ 13 小时以前 
satyr please make final fantasy 12 judges armors pleaaaaasseeee.seen lots of authors and I think your works are at level of being capable of making it.been waiting for somebody to make the judges armors.i hope youll be the one to make it !!:)))
Del9 8月16日下午7:54 
What is the Item id's?
Frostfire-965 8月2日下午7:54 
This armor is extremely bad ass looking. Even the eyesockets.

I wish there was a bloodier set, particularly on the mouth and chest. It would look awesome if the teeth looked like they were once used to decpapitate a guy. Regardless, awesome armor.
angelapuckett80 7月27日下午11:09 
Is this armor ablle to be worn by kahjiits and argonian too?
xXTheSoullessXx v2 7月14日上午1:19 
I can't find the chest, though I found the location. Can anyone help me?
Asaides 7月12日下午11:34 
Are there any requirements for the chest and guardians to appear?
js5lr8112 7月11日下午4:45 
beau Travail
cody.gisclair2 7月10日下午10:28 
This armor= VAMPIRE GOD
JDM 7月8日上午9:09 
This armour looks incredible!
DanielBezerra 6月29日下午3:36 
Where's the key ???
PromiserOfDeath 6月9日下午4:42 
You should make a Sun Resistance enchantment for this armor for vampires sense the armor is closed and no skin is visible to sunlight.
aTru3M0nst3r 6月8日下午1:34 
This mod ... ... ... YES!
Dr-LoveMachine 6月8日上午5:14 

Child,I do believe this is Zerofrost Satyr,hence the name "Satyr". Don't assume.
IrishRock1987 6月7日下午8:59 
So do you just reupload stuff from Nexus Mods? Do you even ask the orginal content producers?
mTO 5月27日上午9:55 
the chest dont spawn
♠ ๖ۣۜSaint ๖ۣۜGaming 5月27日上午9:26 
the chest didn't spawn for me
Nedhelas 5月25日下午6:17 
I would love to equip Miraak with this armor just to make him look more epic. Any idea how I can go about doing that?
[JF]Enderstep 5月16日上午2:46 
how did you do to have that glowing eyes effect on some pic ? it's a really cool armor and i really want the glowing eyes :3
The 9Divines 5月3日下午8:22 
i followed your map markers to a tee but cant find the chest and when i killed the chests guardian it said i got the key to the medusa armor chest
Casper 5月3日下午5:12 
Very nice armor fits my vampire lord nicely, one issue in the inventory its positioning is glitched to the point that i cant see some of the items stats.
[FR] Eudemonium 4月29日上午2:49 
ça marche pas j'ai une armure daedra normale ._. l'arnaque
iPixelDigital 4月25日下午4:14 
oh wait lol description
iPixelDigital 4月25日上午10:50 
i cant find kjenstag
SilverFeather 4月25日上午7:09 
it doesn't even show up, it's daedric armour when I put it on. it shows up in smithing/when you're about to take it or equip it. just not when you wear it. That's a big shame unless there's an incompatible mod that doesn't go well with it.
jamesllewellyn74 4月4日上午4:26 
but could you make it for all races and sexes cause at the moment it just looks like daedric on my elf and argonian. :)
jamesllewellyn74 4月4日上午3:26 
Well this is the most bloddy beautiful armour i have ever seen man *wipes teer from eye* i love it man!

Joker1820 3月31日上午5:37 
is it light or heavy armor
Dr.Evil 3月28日上午4:42 
good armor
+beautiful design
+brings a true theme to a vampire
-/+: those spikey bits on the gauntlets are just a bit.. irritating in 3rd person, any chance you will make a spikeless one?
FatCat3104 3月25日上午11:15 
its not there for me
Armor Piercing 3月18日下午5:55 
I'm offering a challenge to make the Guy Fox outfit from V For Vendetta to anyone how will accept it. DO NOT answer this comment I will know if you accept or not.
Your Comeuppance Has Come 3月12日下午4:41 
For some reason, my game is displaying the armor as the normal Daedric armor pieces. Any ideas for a fix?
voodoovibe 2月23日上午10:05 
@sauron: thats the evil mastermind armor set, another armor mod of the author :)
Sauron 2月19日下午10:23 
What armor is that in the screen shot where hes standing near the chest
Adam of Blades 2月8日下午9:53 
[ ] This model is for Jack of blades. This cool fable villain must be imported into armor, no one has accepted the challenge of making the model into skyrim armor. Please help by reposting this through steam or anywhere else to make my dream come true. Thank you ^-^
gregellis1998 2月5日下午5:01 
You should make an armor like this but it could be for werewolves
Warboss Spriggs 2月4日下午5:11 
This could use a female variant. Why not Carmilla?
SkeletalChunk 1月25日下午5:10 
what's the id's for the armour because the chest isn't spawning in
Deoxryze 1月21日下午1:42 
This guy makes some of the most beautiful and amazing armor mods i have seen, you have earned my respect by puting time into these armors. Thank you!
Steel 1月20日上午9:09 
Now to adopt a child XD
ScottMathews2580 1月18日下午8:26 
Exactly how far east is it?
Hatsune Miku 1月6日上午7:44 
this armor fits perfectly to the "heart breaker" mod! you rip the hearts out of the enemies while the armor makes you look/feel like an badass!!!
FrostyJay111 1月4日上午7:16 
FrostyJay111 1月4日上午7:15 
Really cool for the ultimate vampire player.
A Tapir with a PC 1月2日上午11:21 
for all you that ask the id, you type in the console "help drakul" without the " and you get all the ID's, then type in "player.additem", the id and the number one

EXAMPLE: player.additem 0000F567s 1 (this is not an id its just an example)
JD GRAZZ 2014年12月30日下午9:17 
this looks dope af cant wait to try it
talynamber 2014年12月27日上午10:52 didn't show up in my armor menu. never had a problem with your mods before. I will try again
Thug Duck Life 2014年12月26日下午2:56 
bullet_magnet 2014年12月22日上午4:02 
cant locate the armor in the crater. Its not there. What is the id number?
kriecher 2014年12月20日下午2:15 
What's the ID num?
christianjnp 2014年12月19日上午5:26 
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