The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Drakul Armor
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Say Hi 11月26日 13時22分 
the armor is too good for this game...

Mikha'el 11月13日 23時41分 
I have it installed and it didn't show up....
hellfire 11月8日 14時01分 
will you be pushing these over to the SE skyrim?
melanie.moomoo 11月1日 13時54分 
best armour by far the screenshots the armour the detail how lore friendly it is this is perfect for skyrim satyr you are a god
UAZIK 10月27日 11時36分 
where find the key
Glitch Master Gaming 10月19日 6時24分 
thanks the nexus version did not work for me so thank you!
krazykat27 10月7日 12時25分 
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Vaxxie 10月2日 17時42分 
Has anybody ever answered the glowing eyes question? amazing mod through and through.

But the eyessss.
cats 150 10月1日 18時01分 
cats 150 10月1日 18時01分 
i love this armor and medusa armor well done
Stefan [GER] 9月7日 13時14分 
Perfectly for a Vampire Lord <3
Hawktopus 8月9日 9時58分 
gotta love that Bram stoker'esk helmet
[BWS]Skullinator 6月6日 6時01分 
if you can't be botherd to find the key type help space drakul (replace the space with a press of the space bar)
Петя 5月3日 1時47分 
where to find the key?
The_Purple_Witch 4月25日 10時51分 
With respect for equality, a female version would be incredibly appreciated. I'm usually a heavy armor user and this would do very well, considering my playstyle is rather ruthless and dark; tons of vampire mods. I digress; this mod is a beautiful one and a female form of this, instead of it being daedric armor, would be wholeheartedly appreciated.
gregery jonas johnson jones 4月23日 1時18分 
would be good if Lord Harkon wore it
Fokus 3月22日 15時13分 
This armor is amazing, but the cape is broken, I suggest ou to make the cape another part of armor, totally independant from the chestplate, but keep up the good work, this mod is amzing!!!
NjmTheDowell 2月14日 13時58分 
I love it but im a light armor person hrargrgrgrghghgh BUT IT LOOKS SO AMAZING
tmanubrium 2月12日 16時28分 
Works great for me. Love the detail and the hi-res!!
AcidGod 2月3日 17時18分 
make it for female to, and compatible with body mods if you can please
OZisREAL 1月8日 0時25分 
Only shows up as daedra armor for me. Oh well.
=][=Lord Inquisitor Kroenen=][= 1月2日 3時44分 
huh, it shows up as daedra armor on my character
jeccilo 2015年11月29日 1時16分 
also bins
jeccilo 2015年11月29日 1時15分 
also make the cape a seperate part like joshs skill capes so the cape doesnt look broken and cut in the lower middle plz
jeccilo 2015年11月29日 1時14分 
can you make a black version for me and my dark brotherhood family plz
NexusLeech47 2015年11月20日 8時27分 
it will go perfect with my vampire lord build
captinemolover 2015年11月9日 22時28分 
what are the console commands for this armor set i looks all around for this chest in the area you highlighted but i cant seem to find spent some time looking
Some Short Hobbit 2015年10月4日 5時53分 
Amazing armor, just i wish at the end of the gauntlets there wasnt a big peice of steel sticking out. maybe add another gauntlet without the steel sticking out?
Fragtaster 2015年9月1日 14時12分 
fuckin awesome.
St. J♠КЄЯ 2015年8月31日 8時14分 
satyr please make final fantasy 12 judges armors pleaaaaasseeee.seen lots of authors and I think your works are at level of being capable of making it.been waiting for somebody to make the judges armors.i hope youll be the one to make it !!:)))
Delaron IX 2015年8月16日 19時54分 
What is the Item id's?
Frostfire-965 2015年8月2日 19時54分 
This armor is extremely bad ass looking. Even the eyesockets.

I wish there was a bloodier set, particularly on the mouth and chest. It would look awesome if the teeth looked like they were once used to decpapitate a guy. Regardless, awesome armor.
angelapuckett80 2015年7月27日 23時09分 
Is this armor ablle to be worn by kahjiits and argonian too?
xXTheVestigeXx 2015年7月14日 1時19分 
I can't find the chest, though I found the location. Can anyone help me?
Denzel C9 2015年7月12日 23時34分 
Are there any requirements for the chest and guardians to appear?
js5lr8112 2015年7月11日 16時45分 
beau Travail
KermitIsWatching 2015年7月10日 22時28分 
This armor= VAMPIRE GOD
SCHWIFTY 2015年7月8日 9時09分 
This armour looks incredible!
DanielBezerra 2015年6月29日 15時36分 
Where's the key ???
PromiserOfDeath 2015年6月9日 16時42分 
You should make a Sun Resistance enchantment for this armor for vampires sense the armor is closed and no skin is visible to sunlight.
aTru3M0nst3r 2015年6月8日 13時34分 
This mod ... ... ... YES!
Dr-LoveMachine 2015年6月8日 5時14分 

Child,I do believe this is Zerofrost Satyr,hence the name "Satyr". Don't assume.
IrishRock1987 2015年6月7日 20時59分 
So do you just reupload stuff from Nexus Mods? Do you even ask the orginal content producers?
mTO 2015年5月27日 9時55分 
the chest dont spawn
Milkshake 2015年5月27日 9時26分 
the chest didn't spawn for me
Nedhelas 2015年5月25日 18時17分 
I would love to equip Miraak with this armor just to make him look more epic. Any idea how I can go about doing that?
EnderStep 2015年5月16日 2時46分 
how did you do to have that glowing eyes effect on some pic ? it's a really cool armor and i really want the glowing eyes :3
The 9Divines 2015年5月3日 20時22分 
i followed your map markers to a tee but cant find the chest and when i killed the chests guardian it said i got the key to the medusa armor chest
Casper 2015年5月3日 17時12分 
Very nice armor fits my vampire lord nicely, one issue in the inventory its positioning is glitched to the point that i cant see some of the items stats.